gcm128.c: fix bug in OPENSSL_SMALL_FOOTPRINT decrypt.
[openssl.git] / crypto / modes / gcm128.c
2011-02-06 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: fix bug in OPENSSL_SMALL_FOOTPRINT decrypt.
2010-08-23 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: fix typo in CRYPTO_gcm128_encrypt_ctr32 name.
2010-08-02 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: add CRYPTO_gcm128_[en|de]crypt_ctr32.
2010-07-26 Dr. Stephen HensonWIN32 build fix.
2010-07-09 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: API modification and readability improvements,
2010-05-26 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: P.-M. Hager has tipped about possibility...
2010-05-23 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: commentary update.
2010-05-13 Andy PolyakovGCM "jumbo" update:
2010-05-04 Andy Polyakov"Jumbo" update for crypto/modes:
2010-05-01 Ben LaurieMissing declarations, no assembler in PEDANTIC.
2010-04-14 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c and assembler modules: change argument order...
2010-04-10 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: commentary and formatting updates.
2010-03-08 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: add option for streamed GHASH, simple benchma...
2010-03-02 Andy PolyakovInitial version of Galois Counter Mode implementation...