rsa: add ossl_ prefix to internal rsa_ calls.
[openssl.git] / crypto / evp / pmeth_lib.c
2020-10-06 Paulirsa: add ossl_ prefix to internal rsa_ calls.
2020-10-05 Pauliffc: add _ossl to exported but internal functions
2020-09-25 jwalchen EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_rsa_keygen_pubexp() BIGNUM management
2020-09-25 Matt CaswellRemove some dead SM2 code
2020-09-23 Shane LontisFix CID 1466714 : Null pointer dereference in EVP_PKEY_...
2020-09-22 Paul YangAdd SM2 signature algorithm to default provider
2020-09-19 Shane LontisAdd KEM (Key encapsulation mechanism) support to providers
2020-09-16 Shane LontisAdd self tests for rsa encryption
2020-09-12 Richard LevitteEC: Reimplement EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_ec_param_enc() to...
2020-09-08 Richard LevitteEVP: Move the functions and controls for setting and...
2020-09-08 Richard LevitteEVP: Expand the use of EVP_PKEY_CTX_md()
2020-09-08 Richard LevitteEVP: Add support for delayed EVP_PKEY operation parameters
2020-09-08 Richard LevitteEVP: Preserve the EVP_PKEY id in a few more spots
2020-08-29 Matt CaswellDelete unused PKEY MAC files
2020-08-29 Matt CaswellExtend the provider MAC bridge for CMAC
2020-08-29 Matt CaswellExtend the provider MAC bridge for Poly1305
2020-08-29 Matt CaswellExtend the provider MAC bridge for SIPHASH
2020-08-29 Matt CaswellConvert EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_mac_key() into a function
2020-08-29 Matt CaswellMake the provider side EVP PKEY MAC bridge available...
2020-08-22 Shane LontisAdd Explicit EC parameter support to providers.
2020-08-12 Shane LontisAdd public API for gettables and settables for keymanag...
2020-08-11 Shane LontisAdd dh_kdf support to provider
2020-08-10 Matt CaswellDelete old KDF bridge EVP_PKEY_METHODS
2020-08-10 Matt CaswellExtend the EVP_PKEY KDF to KDF provider bridge to also...
2020-08-10 Matt CaswellExtend the EVP_PKEY KDF to KDF provider bridge to also...
2020-08-10 Matt CaswellImplement a EVP_PKEY KDF to KDF provider bridge
2020-08-06 Pauligettables: core changes to pass the provider context.
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_CTX_[get|set]_group_name work for DH too
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_CTX_[get|set]_ec_paramgen_curve_name...
2020-06-04 Aaron ThompsonFix missed fields in EVP_PKEY_meth_copy.
2020-05-28 Matt CaswellFail if we fail to fetch the EVP_KEYMGMT
2020-05-26 Shane LontisUpdate core_names.h fields and document most fields.
2020-05-23 Richard LevitteRe-introduce legacy EVP_PKEY types for provided keys
2020-05-14 Richard LevitteEVP: Refactor the RSA-PSS key generation controls for...
2020-05-07 Shane LontisRemove gen_get_params & gen_gettable_params from keygen...
2020-04-28 Richard LevitteRename FIPS_MODE to FIPS_MODULE
2020-04-23 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-04-17 Paulipkey: free key manager on error path
2020-04-15 Shane LontisAdd DH keygen to providers
2020-04-15 Shane LontisAdd DSA keygen to provider
2020-04-15 Richard LevitteEC: Refactor EVP_PKEY_CTX curve setting macros for...
2020-04-15 Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Add functions to get param/key generation...
2020-04-10 Richard LevitteEVP: legacy_ctrl_to_param() to handle provider side...
2020-03-27 Matt CaswellIgnore some fetch failures
2020-03-25 Richard LevitteEVP: Clarify the states of an EVP_PKEY
2020-03-21 Richard LevitteEVP: fetch the EVP_KEYMGMT earlier
2020-03-15 Richard LevitteFix legacy_ctrl_to_param() to pay better attention...
2020-03-12 Richard LevittePROV: Add RSA functionality for key generation
2020-03-12 Richard LevitteEVP: Add new domparams and key generation functionality
2020-03-03 Shane LontisAdd Serializers for EC
2020-03-03 Dmitry BelyavskiyImplementation of Russian GOST CMS
2020-02-29 Richard LevitteRethink the EVP_PKEY cache of provider side keys
2020-02-22 Richard LevittePROV: add RSA signature implementation
2020-02-21 Paulipmeth_lib: detect unsupported OSSL_PARAM.
2020-02-21 PauliParams: add argument to the _from_text calls to indicat...
2020-02-20 PauliDeprecate the low level Diffie-Hellman functions.
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[PROV][KMGMT][KEXCH][EC] Implement EC keymgtm and ECDH
2020-02-06 PauliParams: change UTF8 construct calls to avoid explicit...
2020-02-04 Richard LevitteDon't pass a digest-size to signature implementations
2020-02-04 Richard LevitteDecentralize legacy_ctrl_str_to_param()
2020-01-31 Paulievp_pmeth: free the MD reference correctly.
2020-01-29 Shane LontisAdd RSA key validation to default provider
2020-01-27 Matt CaswellModify EVP_PKEY_CTX_new_from_pkey() to add a propquery...
2020-01-23 Shane LontisAdd DH key exchange to fips provider
2020-01-15 Dmitry BelyavskiyRestoring correct check for legacy PKEY
2020-01-12 Shane LontisAdd dsa signature alg to fips provider
2020-01-09 Richard LevitteEVP: Adapt KEYEXCH, SIGNATURE and ASYM_CIPHER to handle...
2020-01-06 Richard LevitteEVP: Fix method to determine if a PKEY is legacy or not
2019-12-17 Richard LevitteEVP: make it possible to init EVP_PKEY_CTX with provide...
2019-11-17 Anthony HuAdd missing EVP_PKEY_METHOD accessors for digestsign...
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellMove RSA Asym cipher code to the default provider
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellImplement provider support for Asym Ciphers
2019-11-06 Matt CaswellEnsure EVP_get_digestbyname() and EVP_get_cipherbyname...
2019-11-05 Richard LevitteEVP: Make the KEYEXCH implementation leaner
2019-11-03 Richard LevitteChange EVP_PKEY_CTX_new_provided() to take a library...
2019-11-03 Richard LevitteMake EVP_PKEY_CTX initialization more precise
2019-10-31 Richard Levitteevp_pkey_ctx_free_old_ops(): Make sure to assign NULL...
2019-10-21 Richard Levittecrypto/evp/pmeth_lib.c: Fix copy'n'paste error
2019-10-16 Richard LevitteAdd EVP_PKEY_CTX_new_provided()
2019-10-09 Rich SalzExplicitly test against NULL; do not use !p or similar
2019-09-28 Dr. Matthias St... Reorganize local header files
2019-09-28 Dr. Matthias St... Reorganize private crypto header files
2019-09-25 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: accelerate X25519, X448, Ed25519...
2019-09-09 Matt CaswellMove EVP_PKEY algorithm implementations into a union
2019-09-09 Matt CaswellRevise EVP_PKEY param handling
2019-09-09 Matt CaswellAdd support for verify/verify_recover functions to...
2019-09-09 Matt CaswellImplement DSA in the default provider
2019-09-09 Matt CaswellAdd the ability to perform signatures in a provider
2019-09-05 Shane LontisChange provider params from int to size_t
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdapt DH to use with KEYMGMT
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteAdapt int_ctx_new() to use with providers
2019-07-19 Matt CaswellFix no-dh
2019-07-16 Matt CaswellAdd the ability to set PKCS#3 DH padding in providers
2019-07-16 Matt CaswellMake the EVP Key Exchange code provider aware
2019-03-06 David von Oheimbconstify *_dup() and *i2d_*() and related functions...
2018-12-06 Richard LevitteFollowing the license change, modify the boilerplates...
2018-09-13 Paul YangMake some return checks consistent with others
2018-09-07 Paul YangUpdate document for SM2 stuffs
2018-09-07 Paul YangSupport setting SM2 ID
2018-09-07 Paul YangSupport pmeth->digest_custom