Replace EVP_CTRL_OCB_SET_TAGLEN with EVP_CTRL_SET_TAG for consistency with
[openssl.git] / crypto / evp / e_aes.c
2015-01-28 Matt CaswellReplace EVP_CTRL_OCB_SET_TAGLEN with EVP_CTRL_SET_TAG...
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2015-01-04 Andy PolyakovRemove inconsistency in ARM support.
2014-12-08 Dr. Stephen Hensonremove OPENSSL_FIPSAPI
2014-12-08 Dr. Stephen Hensonremove FIPS module code from crypto/evp
2014-12-08 Matt CaswellAdded OPENSSL_NO_OCB guards
2014-12-08 Matt CaswellAdd EVP support for OCB mode
2014-08-21 Emilia KasperFix build when BSAES_ASM is defined but VPAES_ASM is not
2014-07-20 Andy PolyakovEngage GHASH for PowerISA 2.0.7.
2014-07-18 Dr. Stephen HensonRFC 5649 support.
2014-07-17 Dr. Stephen HensonMake *Final work for key wrap again.
2014-07-17 Dr. Stephen HensonSanity check lengths for AES wrap algorithm.
2014-06-30 Dr. Stephen HensonFix copy for CCM, GCM and XTS.
2014-06-29 ZNVMake EVP_CIPHER_CTX_copy work in GCM mode.
2014-06-16 Andy add CTR mode.
2014-06-04 Andy Polyakovevp/e_aes.c: add erroneously omitted break;
2014-06-02 Andy Polyakovevp/e_aes.c: populate HWAES_* to remaning modes.
2014-06-01 Andy PolyakovEngage POWER8 AES support.
2014-06-01 Andy PolyakovEngage ARMv8 AES support.
2013-12-18 Andy Polyakovevp/e_[aes|camellia].c: fix typo in CBC subroutine.
2013-12-18 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack update addendum.
2013-11-27 Andy PolyakovTake vpaes-ppc module into loop.
2013-09-20 Ben LaurieMerge remote-tracking branch 'trevp/pemfix' into trev...
2013-09-15 Ard BiesheuvelAdded support for ARM/NEON based bit sliced AES in...
2013-08-05 Dr. Stephen HensonAlgorithm parameter support.
2013-08-03 Andy Polyakovcrypto/evp/e_aes.c: fix logical pre-processor bug and...
2013-07-17 Dr. Stephen HensonEVP support for wrapping algorithms.
2013-04-23 Andy add bsaes_cbc_encrypt and bsaes_ctr32_e...
2013-04-04 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: reserve for future extensions.
2013-03-29 Andy PolyakovAdd AES-NI GCM stitch.
2012-11-24 Andy PolyakovAES for SPARC T4: add XTS, reorder subroutines to impro...
2012-10-18 Dr. Stephen Hensonfix error code
2012-10-16 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't require tag before ciphertext in AESGCM mode
2012-10-06 Andy PolyakovAdd SPARC T4 AES support.
2012-09-15 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: uninitialized variable in aes_ccm_init_key.
2011-11-15 Andy PolyakovConfigure, e_aes.c: allow for XTS assembler implementation.
2011-11-12 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: additional sanity check in aes_xts_cipher.
2011-11-10 Andy add bsaes_xts_[en|de]crypt.
2011-11-06 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: fold aesni_xts_cipher and [most importantly...
2011-10-30 Andy add CBC decrypt and engage it in e_aes.c.
2011-10-24 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: fold even aesni_ccm_cipher.
2011-10-23 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: prevent potential DoS in aes_gcm_tls_cipher.
2011-10-23 Dr. Stephen HensonNo need for custom flag in XTS mode: block length is 1.
2011-10-18 Andy Polyakovevp/e_aes.c: fold AES-NI modes that heavily rely on...
2011-10-17 Andy PolyakovEngage, bit-sliced AES.
2011-10-14 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: fix bug in aesni_gcm_tls_cipher.
2011-09-15 Andy PolyakovIntegrate Vector Permutation AES into build system.
2011-09-05 Bodo MöllerFix error codes.
2011-08-11 Dr. Stephen Hensonaesni TLS GCM support
2011-08-03 Dr. Stephen HensonExpand range of ctrls for AES GCM to support retrieval...
2011-06-06 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: move AES-NI run-time switch and implement...
2011-05-30 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: fix typo.
2011-05-30 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: fix aes_cfb1_cipher.
2011-05-30 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: integrate AESNI directly into EVP.
2011-05-11 Dr. Stephen HensonRename FIPS_mode_set and FIPS_mode. Theses symbols...
2011-05-02 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2499
2011-04-18 Dr. Stephen HensonFix EVP CCM decrypt. Add decrypt support to algorithm...
2011-04-18 Dr. Stephen HensonOverride flag for XTS length limit.
2011-04-18 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial untested CCM support via EVP.
2011-04-18 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't need separate tag buffer for GCM mode: use EVP_CI...
2011-04-15 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd length limitation from SP800-38E.
2011-04-15 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd algorithm driver for XTS mode. Fix several bugs...
2011-04-13 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove duplicate flag.
2011-04-12 Dr. Stephen HensonProvisional AES XTS support.
2011-02-19 Dr. Stephen HensonMove gcm128_context definition to modes_lcl.h (along...
2011-02-15 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd FIPS flags to AES ciphers and SHA* digests.
2011-02-09 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd GCM IV generator. Add some FIPS restrictions to...
2011-02-08 Dr. Stephen HensonLink GCM into FIPS module. Check return value in EVP...
2011-02-07 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial *very* experimental EVP support for AES-GCM...
2011-02-03 Dr. Stephen HensonTransfer error redirection to fips.h, add OPENSSL_FIPSA...
2011-01-26 Dr. Stephen HensonFIPS mode EVP changes:
2010-07-28 Dr. Stephen HensonMake ctr mode behaviour consistent with other modes.
2010-07-09 Andy PolyakovRework framework for assembler support for AES counter...
2010-03-07 Dr. Stephen Hensonalthough AES is a variable length cipher, AES EVP metho...
2010-03-07 Dr. Stephen Hensonoops, make EVP ctr mode work again
2010-02-24 Dr. Stephen Hensonprevent warning
2010-02-23 Andy PolyakovAdd AES counter mode to EVP.
2004-01-28 Richard LevitteAdd the missing parts for DES CFB1 and CFB8.
2003-03-20 Richard LevitteMake sure we get the definition of OPENSSL_NO_AES.
2002-05-31 Richard LevitteFor CFB and OFB modes, always create the encryption...
2002-02-16 Richard LevitteThe AES modes OFB and CFB are defined with 128 feedback...
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteBecause Rijndael is more known as AES, use crypto/aes...
2001-09-25 Dr. Stephen HensonFix AES CBC mode EVP_CIPHER structures: the IV length...
2001-07-30 Ben LaurieReally add the EVP and all of the DES changes.
2001-04-08 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to have AES removed in Windows...
2001-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonChange the EVP_somecipher() and EVP_somedigest()
2001-02-07 Dr. Stephen HensonFix AES code.