Initial, incomplete support for typesafe macros without using function
[openssl.git] / crypto / conf / conf_mall.c
2003-01-30 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to build without the ENGINE framework.
2002-02-23 Dr. Stephen HensonNew OPENSSL_LOAD_CONF define to load openssl.cnf
2002-02-21 Dr. Stephen HensonConfig file updates from stable branch
2002-01-24 Bodo MöllerNew functions
2002-01-22 Ben LaurieMake no config file not an error. Move /dev/crypto...
2002-01-21 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial ENGINE config module, docs to follow.
2002-01-18 Bodo Möllerdisable broken code
2002-01-18 Ben LaurieStupid apps should die, not fail silently.
2002-01-05 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental configuration code.