Update copyright; generated files.
[openssl.git] / crypto / bn / asm /
2016-04-20 Rich SalzCopyright consolidation: perl files
2016-04-07 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: remove branch hints.
2016-03-15 Emilia KasperOn Windows, page walking is known as __chkstk.
2016-03-15 Emilia KasperExplain *cough*-dows
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteFix some assembler generating scripts for better unific...
2016-03-08 Andy PolyakovSPARCv9 assembly pack: unify build rules and argument...
2016-03-07 Richard LevitteUnified - adapt the generation of bignum assembler...
2016-03-07 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86[_64]-mont*.pl: complement alloca with page...
2016-03-02 David BenjaminConsistently use arm_arch.h constants in armcap assembl...
2016-03-01 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: unify gather procedure in hardl...
2016-03-01 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/x86_64-mont5.pl: constant-time gather procedure.
2016-03-01 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsaz-avx2.pl: constant-time gather procedure.
2016-03-01 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsax-x86_64.pl: constant-time gather procedure.
2016-02-05 FdaSilvaYYGH601: Various spelling fixes.
2015-12-22 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/bn-c64xplus.asm: update commentary.
2015-12-13 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: tune clang version detection...
2015-12-07 Andy PolyakovARMv4 assembly pack: allow Thumb2 even in iOS build,
2015-12-03 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: fix carry propagating bug ...
2015-11-23 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: tune clang version detection.
2015-11-16 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ppc64-mont.pl: adapt for little-endian.
2015-11-16 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/s390x.S: improve performance on z196 and z13...
2015-10-23 Alessandro GhediniFix typos
2015-09-30 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/armv4-mont.pl: boost NEON performance.
2015-09-25 Andy PolyakovARMv4 assembly pack: implement support for Thumb2.
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteConversion to UTF-8 where needed
2015-05-24 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: fix valgrind error.
2015-05-20 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/vis3-mont.pl: fix intermittent EC failures on...
2015-05-13 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/armv8-mont.pl: boost performance.
2015-04-20 Andy PolyakovAdd assembly support for 32-bit iOS.
2015-04-20 Andy PolyakovAdd ARMv8 Montgomery multiplication module.
2015-01-24 Rich SalzRemove unused eng_rsax and related asm file
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2015-01-22 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-gcc.cL make it indent-friendly.
2015-01-13 Andy PolyakovAdd Broadwell performance results.
2015-01-08 Andy PolyakovFix for CVE-2014-3570 (with minor bn_asm.c revamp).
2015-01-04 Andy PolyakovRemove inconsistency in ARM support.
2014-12-30 Tim Hudsonmark all block comments that need format preserving...
2014-11-28 Rich SalzRemove all .cvsignore files
2014-10-01 Rich SalzRT3549: Remove obsolete files in crypto
2014-09-11 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/asm/x86_64-mont*.pl: add missing clang detection.
2014-08-20 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsaz-*.pl: allow spaces in Perl path name.
2014-07-09 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: improve masm support.
2014-06-29 Rich SalzMerge branch 'master' of git.openssl.org:openssl
2014-06-28 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: refine clang detection.
2014-06-27 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsaz-avx2.pl: fix occasional failures.
2014-06-26 Andy Polyakovbn_exp.c: move check for AD*X to rsaz-avx2.pl.
2014-06-24 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: addendum to last clang commit.
2014-06-24 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: allow clang to compile AVX code.
2014-06-06 Andy PolyakovARM assembly pack: get ARMv7 instruction endianness...
2014-05-04 Andy PolyakovC64x+ assembly pack: make it work with older toolchain.
2014-04-24 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/armv4-gf2m.pl, modes/asm/ghash-armv4.pl: faster...
2014-01-09 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: fix compilation error on Solaris.
2013-12-09 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: add MULX/AD*X code path.
2013-12-04 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/armv4-mont.pl: add NEON code path.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: comply with Win64 ABI.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/asm/rsaz-x86_64.pl: make it work on Win64.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/rsaz*: fix licensing note.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsaz-x86_64.pl: fix prototype.
2013-11-27 Andy Polyakovppc64-mont.pl: eliminate dependency on GPRs' upper...
2013-10-25 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont.pl: minor optimization [for Decoded...
2013-10-14 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: add .size directives.
2013-10-14 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/*x86_64*.pl: correct assembler requirement for...
2013-10-13 Andy PolyakovMIPS assembly pack: get rid of deprecated instructions.
2013-10-10 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsax-avx2.pl: minor optimization [for Decoded...
2013-10-02 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont*.pl: add MULX/ADCX/ADOX code path.
2013-10-02 Andy Polyakovrsaz-x86_64.pl: add MULX/ADCX/ADOX code path.
2013-09-09 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/asm/x86_64-mont.pl: minor optimization.
2013-09-05 Veres Lajosmisspellings fixes by https://github.com/vlajos/misspel...
2013-08-03 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/asm/rsax-x86_64.pl: make it work on Darwin.
2013-07-12 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsaz-avx2.pl: Windows-specific fix.
2013-07-12 Ben Lauries/rsaz_eligible/rsaz_avx2_eligible/.
2013-07-05 Andy PolyakovAdd RSAZ assembly modules.
2013-07-05 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_86-mont.pl: optimize reduction for Intel...
2013-06-18 Andy PolyakovOptimize SPARC T4 MONTMUL support.
2013-06-18 Andy PolyakovPA-RISC assembler pack: switch to bve in 64-bit builds.
2013-06-04 Adam LangleyAdd volatile qualifications to two blocks of inline...
2013-03-01 Andy Polyakovx86_64-gf2m.pl: fix typo.
2013-03-01 Andy Polyakovx86_64-gf2m.pl: add missing Windows build fix for ...
2013-02-02 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: keep making Windows build more...
2013-01-22 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: make Windows build more robust.
2013-01-22 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/mips.pl: hardwire local call to bn_div_words.
2012-11-28 Andy PolyakovC64x+ assembly pack: improve EABI support.
2012-11-19 Andy Polyakovx86_64-gcc.c: resore early clobber constraint.
2012-11-17 Andy PolyakovSupport for SPARC T4 MONT[MUL|SQR] instructions.
2012-10-25 Andy PolyakovSPARCv9 assembly pack: harmonize ABI handling (so that...
2012-10-20 Andy PolyakovAdd VIS3-capable sparcv9-gf2m module.
2012-10-20 Andy PolyakovAdd VIS3 Montgomery multiplication.
2012-08-29 Andy PolyakovAdd linux-x32 target.
2012-08-17 Andy PolyakovMIPS assembly pack: assign default value to $flavour.
2012-06-27 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: make it possible to compile with...
2012-04-18 Andy PolyakovC64x+ assembler pack. linux-c64xplus build is *not...
2011-12-12 Andy Polyakovmodexp512-x86_64.pl: Solaris protability fix.
2011-12-09 Andy Polyakovx86-mont.pl: fix bug in integer-only squaring path.
2011-12-01 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/mips.pl: fix typos.
2011-11-05 Andy Polyakovarmv4cpuid.S, armv4-gf2m.pl: make newest code compilabl...
2011-11-05 Andy Polyakovppc.pl: fix bug in bn_mul_comba4.
2011-10-19 Andy PolyakovRemove superseded MIPS assembler modules.
2011-10-17 Andy Polyakovbn_exp.c: further optimizations using more ideas from
2011-10-17 Andy Polyakovx86_64-mont.pl: minor optimization.
2011-10-13 Bodo MöllerFix OPENSSL_BN_ASM_MONT5 for corner cases; add a test.