Check for overlows and error return from ASN1_object_size()
[openssl.git] / crypto / asn1 / tasn_typ.c
2016-05-17 Rich SalzCopyright consolidation 08/10
2016-01-26 Rich SalzRemove /* foo.c */ comments
2015-03-13 Dr. Stephen HensonAllocate string types directly.
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2008-11-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate obsolete email address...
2006-11-16 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial, incomplete support for typesafe macros without...
2002-10-03 Dr. Stephen HensonPreliminary streaming ASN1 encode support.
2002-06-14 Lutz JänickeSome more prototype fixes.
2002-06-13 Lutz JänickeAdd missing prototypes.
2001-07-09 Richard LevittePatches from Vern Staats <> to...
2000-12-08 Dr. Stephen HensonMerge from the ASN1 branch of new ASN1 code