Remove references to o_time.h
[openssl.git] / crypto / asn1 / a_strex.c
2012-09-24 Bodo MöllerFix Valgrind warning.
2011-01-03 Dr. Stephen HensonFix escaping code for string printing. If *any* escapin...
2008-11-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate obsolete email address...
2007-02-21 Lutz JänickeFix incorrect handling of special characters
2006-01-29 Nils Larschadd additional checks + cleanup
2005-08-28 Nils Larschfix warnings when building openssl with the following...
2005-05-17 Andy PolyakovMove cryptlib.h prior bio.h. Actually it makes sense...
2003-11-10 Dr. Stephen HensonPrint out GeneralizedTime and UTCTime in ASN1_STRING_pr...
2003-05-21 Richard LevitteFix sign bugs.
2002-11-13 Ben LaurieSecurity fixes brought forward from 0.9.7.
2002-08-30 Dr. Stephen HensonFix ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8: remove non sensical !*out...
2002-06-13 Lutz JänickeAdd missing prototypes.
2001-04-16 Ben LaurieFix warning.
2001-03-15 Dr. Stephen HensonOverhaul the display of certificate details in
2000-10-04 Dr. Stephen HensonGlobal DirectoryString mask fix.
2000-09-09 Richard LevitteMore VMS synchronisation
2000-08-24 Dr. Stephen HensonNew option to to sign request using CA extensions.
2000-08-22 Dr. Stephen HensonFixes to d2i_ASN1_OBJECT, ASN1_INTEGER_to_BN and a_strex.c
2000-07-30 Dr. Stephen HensonDocument the new DN printing options.
2000-07-28 Dr. Stephen HensonNew ASN1_STRING_print_ex() and X509_NAME_print_ex()