PPC assembly pack: make new .size directives profiler-friendly.
[openssl.git] / crypto / aes / asm / aes-ppc.pl
2013-10-15 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: make new .size directives profiler...
2013-10-14 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: add .size directives.
2012-01-13 Andy Polyakovaes-ppc.pl, sha512-ppc.pl: comply even with Embedded...
2011-07-20 Andy Polyakovaes-ppc.pl: minor optimization favoring embedded proces...
2011-05-28 Andy Polyakovaes-ppc.pl: handle unaligned data on page boundaries.
2011-05-27 Andy PolyakovPPC assembler pack: adhere closer to ABI specs, add...
2010-04-10 Andy Polyakovaes-ppc.pl: 10% performance improvement on Power6.
2008-09-12 Andy PolyakovAIX build updates.
2008-02-06 Andy PolyakovMicro-profiling assisted "optimization" for Power6...
2008-01-13 Andy PolyakovUnify ppc assembler make rules.
2007-09-27 Andy Polyakov10% performance tweak in 64-bit mode.
2007-07-19 Andy PolyakovLppc_AES_[en|de]crypt_compact: size optimization.
2007-07-13 Andy PolyakovVarious minor updates to AES assembler modules.
2007-05-19 Andy PolyakovTypo in aes-ppc.pl.
2007-05-19 Andy PolyakovInitial draft of AES for PPC.