Adjust the configuration target name from Cygwin-i686 to Cygwin-x86
[openssl.git] / config
2016-01-18 Richard LevitteAdjust the configuration target name from Cygwin-i686...
2016-01-18 Corinna VinschenFix configuration system to support different architect...
2015-05-13 Matt CaswellRemove remaining Kerberos references
2015-05-01 Ben LaurieFix build on MacOS.
2015-03-23 Richard LevitteRemove PREFIX, as it's not used any more.
2015-03-17 Richard LevitteCorrect the request of debug builds
2015-01-12 Rich SalzRT3548: Remove some unsupported platforms.
2014-12-28 Rich SalzRT3548: Remove unsupported platforms
2014-12-25 Rich SalzRT3548: unsupported platforms
2014-10-23 Andy PolyakovConfigure: add ios64 target.
2014-06-01 Andy PolyakovAdd linux-aarch64 taget.
2014-02-24 Andy Polyakovconfig: recognize ARMv8/AArch64 target.
2013-11-12 Andy PolyakovConfigure: add linux-ppc64le target.
2013-09-05 Veres Lajosmisspellings fixes by
2013-06-30 Andy Polyakovconfig: fix executable format detection on latest FreeBSD.
2012-10-21 Andy Polyakovlinux-pcc: make it more robust and recognize KERNEL_BIT...
2012-09-19 Andy Polyakovconfig: detect linux-mips* targets.
2011-11-08 Andy Polyakovconfig: KERNEL_BITS envrionment variable to control...
2011-11-08 Andy Polyakovconfig: KERNEL_BITS envrionment variable to control...
2011-11-08 Andy PolyakovConfigure: initial support for iOS.
2011-10-23 Andy Polyakovconfig: in cross-compile case interrogate cross-compile...
2011-10-15 Andy PolyakovAdd android-x86.
2011-10-14 Dr. Stephen HensonAllow override of GCCVER and noexecstack checking from...
2011-09-05 Andy Polyakovconfig: don't add -Wa options with no-asm.
2011-07-17 Andy PolyakovARM assembler pack: add platform run-time detection.
2011-07-13 Andy Polyakovconfig: detect if assembler supports --noexecstack...
2011-06-27 Dr. Stephen Hensonauto detect configuration using KERNEL_BITS and CC
2011-06-24 Dr. Stephen Hensonallow KERNEL_BITS to be specified in the environment
2011-05-01 Dr. Stephen HensonSome changes to support VxWorks in the validted module.
2011-04-01 Andy PolyakovARM assembler pack: profiler-assisted optimizations...
2010-11-29 Andy Polyakovs390x assembler pack: adapt for -m31 build, see comment...
2010-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2186
2009-10-07 Dr. Stephen HensonAllow uname values to be overridden by the environment
2009-07-01 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 1.0.0-stable
2009-06-17 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1958
2009-01-18 Ben LaurieAllow CC to be overridden.
2008-10-28 Andy PolyakovFix typo in ./config.
2007-12-18 Andy PolyakovEngage x86 assembler in Mac OS X build.
2007-09-27 Andy PolyakovYet another ARM update. It appears to be more appropria...
2007-09-27 Andy PolyakovMove -march=armv4t to ./config.
2007-09-27 Andy PolyakovARMv4 assembler pack.
2007-08-31 Andy PolyakovOffer darwin64-x86_64-cc as option.
2007-08-01 Andy PolyakovTypos in ./config.
2007-07-31 Andy PolyakovProper support for shared build under MacOS X.
2007-06-19 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2007-05-04 Andy PolyakovDetect UltraSPARC T1 in ./config.
2007-04-30 Andy PolyakovEngage s390x assembler modules.
2007-04-23 Bodo MöllerAdd SEED encryption algorithm.
2007-03-20 Andy PolyakovVarious PowerPC config updates.
2007-02-21 Lutz JänickeAdd automatic detection for Linux on SuperH
2007-02-21 Lutz JänickeAdd support for m68k linux
2006-06-09 Bodo MöllerCamellia cipher, contributed by NTT
2006-05-12 Dr. Stephen HensonStop warnings about deprecated -mcpu option.
2006-05-06 Ulf Möllerbug fix.
2006-04-11 Ulf MöllerAdd BeOS support.
2006-03-01 Nils Larschforce C locale when using [a-z] in sed expressions
2005-09-20 Andy PolyakovFix typo: "powepc" vs "powerpc." G-r-r-r-r.
2005-09-20 Andy PolyakovRefine AIX support.
2005-08-11 Andy PolyakovEliminate reference to removed platform line.
2005-06-26 Andy PolyakovUnify some SCO targets.
2005-06-20 Andy PolyakovRefine ELF detection on BSD platforms.
2005-06-05 Andy PolyakovUnify BSDi target.
2005-05-31 Andy PolyakovFix typo in ./config.
2005-05-31 Andy PolyakovPlatform update from 8-stable.
2005-05-21 Andy PolyakovDefault to no-sse2 on selected platforms.
2005-04-07 Andy PolyakovRecognize MSYS/MINGW environment.
2005-04-04 Andy PolyakovExtend Solaris x86 support to amd64.
2005-03-30 Ben LaurieDon't debug.
2005-03-30 Ben LaurieBlow away Makefile.ssl.
2005-02-06 Andy PolyakovReliable BSD-x86-elf detection in ./config.
2005-01-26 Andy PolyakovRespect the fact that most interactive shells don't...
2005-01-24 Andy PolyakovFold a bunch of linux and *BSD targets into [linux...
2005-01-21 Andy Polyakovlinux-arm target update.
2005-01-20 Andy Polyakovlinux-parisc update.
2004-12-27 Andy PolyakovRemove CPU detect for IRIX targets. Performance gain...
2004-12-20 Andy PolyakovRefine PowerPC platform support.
2004-07-18 Andy PolyakovAdd anchors for AES, SHA-256/-512 assembler modules...
2004-06-28 Richard LevitteChanges for VOS, submitted by Paul Green <Paul.Green...
2004-04-27 Andy PolyakovOops! Typo in ./config...
2004-04-27 Andy PolyakovImproved PowerPC support. Proper ./config support for...
2004-01-29 Andy PolyakovHP/UX PA-RISC 2 targets update.
2003-11-20 Andy Polyakov./config failed to correctly detect if gcc uses 64...
2003-03-20 Richard LevitteSome shells (ksh in this case) don't say 'command not...
2003-03-20 Richard Levittehinv may generate more than one line (1 line per CPU).
2003-02-14 Richard LevitteAdd support for IA64.
2003-01-19 Andy PolyakovSuggestion was to change ${MACHINE} to i586 in lines...
2003-01-19 Andy PolyakovOops! Missed closing quote... Didn't have time to verif...
2003-01-18 Andy PolyakovCaldera/SCO targets erroneously limit themselves to...
2003-01-18 Andy PolyakovFix for AIX shared build, see RT#463.
2003-01-13 Bodo Möllertypo
2003-01-12 Richard LevitteAdd better support for FreeBSD on non-x86 machines.
2003-01-04 Andy PolyakovFix a typo.
2003-01-03 Andy PolyakovSupport for ILP32 on HPUX-IA64.
2002-12-05 Andy Polyakovlinux64-sparcv9 support finally debugged and tested.
2002-12-04 Richard LevitteAdd support for x86_64.
2002-11-14 Richard LevitteAdd Tandem OSS target.
2002-11-14 Richard LevitteThe directory 'rijndael' doesn't exist any more, let...
2002-08-16 Richard Levitteisalist was less trustable than I thought (or rather...
2002-08-15 Richard LevitteIt seems like sun4u doesn't always have a sparcv9 insid...
2002-08-09 Richard LevitteParse version numbers prefixed with text (egcs does...