Update source files for pre-3.0 deprecation
[openssl.git] / apps /
2019-11-07 Richard LevitteUpdate source files for deprecation at 3.0
2019-11-04 Paul YangFix no-sm2 issue
2019-11-03 Richard LevitteAdd -CAstore and similar to all openssl commands that...
2019-10-30 Pavel Karagodinapps/dgst.c: allocate a new signature buffer
2019-10-28 Matt CaswellFix an s_server arbitrary file read issue on Windows
2019-10-28 Johannes BauerCleanup hardcoded cipher suite codepoints in s_server
2019-10-18 agnosticdevUpdate dgst.c to show a list of message digests
2019-10-17 Rich SalzReplace BUF_ string function calls with OPENSSL_ ones
2019-10-17 Richard Levitte'openssl list' and 'openssl provider': adapt display...
2019-10-16 Andreas SchnebingerFix typo and create compatibility macro
2019-10-14 Rich SalzRemove duplicated line in 'openssl list' output
2019-10-14 Kurt RoeckxAdd BN_check_prime()
2019-10-12 Viktor DukhovniIgnore empty ALPN elements in CLI args
2019-10-09 Rich SalzExplicitly test against NULL; do not use !p or similar
2019-10-09 Rich SalzRefactor -passin/-passout documentation
2019-10-06 Paul YangSupport SM2 in apps/speed
2019-10-06 Rich SalzAlso mention -- flag and ignore if undocumented
2019-10-05 Rich SalzAdd missing help text for some options
2019-09-30 Paul YangFix a bundle of mischecks of return values
2019-09-30 Paul YangFix a return value bug in apps/speed.c
2019-09-27 PauliConsistent naming for context gettable param queries .
2019-09-29 Paul YangFix a double free issue when signing SM2 cert
2019-09-28 Dr. Matthias St... Fix header file include guard names
2019-09-28 Dr. Matthias St... Reorganize public header files (part 1)
2019-09-25 Matt CaswellMake EVP_MD_CTX_[gettable|settable]_params() take an...
2019-09-24 Rich SalzFix bugs in "info" commands flags
2019-09-23 raja-ashokAdd TLS version options to s_time
2019-09-19 Jon SpillettAdd option grouping capability to apps
2019-09-17 Jon Spillettapps/pkcs12: print multiple PKCS#12 safeBag attribute...
2019-09-15 Shane LontisAdd fips module integrity check
2019-09-06 PauliApp updates for KDF provider conversion.
2019-09-04 Richard LevitteMove libapps.a source to apps/lib
2019-09-04 Billy BrawnerSuppress 'No server certificate CA names sent' message
2019-09-04 Richard LevitteNew function EVP_CIPHER_free()
2019-09-04 Richard LevitteNew function EVP_MD_free()
2019-09-03 PauliFix Coverity 1453452: Control flow issues (DEADCODE)
2019-09-02 Bernd EdlingerAdd CPU info to the speed command summary
2019-08-30 Matt CaswellFix pkeyutl -verifyrecover
2019-08-29 PauliAllow an output indentation of zero in apps.
2019-08-28 Richard Levitteopenssl provider: New sub-command, for provider discovery
2019-08-28 Richard LevitteMove print_param_types() to libapps, and give it indent...
2019-08-27 Richard LevitteCoverty fixes for MACs
2019-08-27 Richard LevitteOPENSSL_info(): add the item OPENSSL_INFO_SEED_SOURCE...
2019-08-24 Shane LontisAdd app for fips installation
2019-08-22 Richard Levitteopenssl dgst, openssl enc: check for end of input
2019-08-19 Dmitry BelyavskiyGet rid of using deprecated function isascii
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteRe-implement 'openssl list -mac-algorithms'
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdapt apps/mac.c to use provider based MACs
2019-08-15 Richard LevittePrepare EVP_MAC infrastructure for moving all MACs...
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteModify 'openssl list' to give more verbose descriptions
2019-08-06 Matt CaswellMake the EC code available from inside the FIPS provider
2019-08-02 Rich SalzReplace FUNCerr with ERR_raise_data
2019-07-24 Dr. Matthias St... Remove HEADER_X509_H and HEADER_SSL_H include detectors...
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteRe-implement the cipher and digest listings for 'openss...
2019-07-22 Bernd EdlingerChange DH parameters to generate the order q subgroup...
2019-07-22 Rich SalzDeprecate SYSerr, add new FUNCerr macro
2019-07-22 Rich SalzAdd ERR_put_func_error, and use it.
2019-07-16 Pauliremove end of line spaces
2019-07-16 PauliRemove tab characters from C source files.
2019-07-16 Viktor DukhovniActually silently ignore GET / OCSP requests
2019-07-16 Rich SalzRemove function name from errors
2019-07-11 PauliCoverity #1451595: use correct free function.
2019-07-15 Richard LevitteMove the code for 'openssl list' to its own translation...
2019-07-15 Richard LevitteRefactor apps/progs.* to be generate with 'make update'
2019-07-08 Dmitry BelyavskiyAvoid NULL pointer dereference. Fixes #9043.
2019-07-02 Antoine CœurFix Typos
2019-07-01 Rich SalzRemove NextStep support
2019-07-01 Matt CaswellChange RC5_32_set_key to return an int type
2019-07-01 Antoine CœurFix Typos
2019-06-28 Paul YangSupport SM2 certificate signing
2019-06-20 PauliPrint thread IDs nicely.
2019-06-20 Richard Levittetest/testutil/init.c, apps/openssl.c: add trace cleanup...
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove uplink file information to build.info files
2019-06-12 Tomas Mrazts: Use sha256 as default digest for TS query
2019-06-11 Shane LontisFix app opt compile failure due to missing <inttypes.h>
2019-06-05 Shane LontisCoverity fixes
2019-05-29 FdaSilvaYYCAdES: Fix SignerInfo attribute construction order.
2019-05-26 Daniël van EedenUse fixed length for formatting standard cipher names
2019-05-23 Bernd EdlingerFix a crash in the speed command with wrap ciphers
2019-05-23 PauliAvoid trailing space in "openssl version -o".
2019-05-23 PauliAlways show application and library versions in "openss...
2019-05-08 Lorinczy ZsigmondSquashed commit of the following:
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444950: Control flow issues
2019-05-02 Klotz, TobiasUse vxRandLib for VxWorks7
2019-05-02 Dr. Matthias St... openssl cms: add error message if operation option...
2019-05-01 Philip Prindevillegendsa: dsaparam: introduce -verbose option to enable...
2019-05-01 Philip Prindevillegenrsa: introduce -verbose option to enable output
2019-04-24 Shane LontisAdded app for EVP_KDF
2019-04-23 Richard LevitteAdd a way for the application to get OpenSSL configurat...
2019-04-23 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to display and use MODULESDIR
2019-04-18 Richard Levitteasn1parse: avoid double free
2019-04-12 Matt CaswellDeprecate AES_ige_encrypt() and AES_bi_ige_encrypt()
2019-04-12 Bernd EdlingerAdd CMAC speed measurements
2019-04-11 Shane Lontisadded code to validate EC named curve parameters
2019-04-10 Jakub WilkFix typos
2019-04-09 Paul YangMake X509_set_sm2_id consistent with other setters
2019-04-08 Dan Campbells_client starttls: fix handling of multiline reply
2019-04-08 Shane Lontiscoverity resource leak fixes in apps/pkeyutl
2019-04-03 Todd ShortModify OCSP to use alt MD for cert IDs in responses
2019-04-01 Boris Pismennyapps: print Kernel receive side TLS in s_client and...