AES_set_[en|de]crypt_key for s390x.
[openssl.git] / TABLE
2007-05-28 Andy PolyakovAES_set_[en|de]crypt_key for s390x.
2007-05-15 Andy PolyakovThrow in ppccpuid module.
2007-05-15 Andy PolyakovAdd alphacpuid.s
2007-05-04 Andy PolyakovEngage SHA for sparcv9.
2007-04-30 Andy PolyakovTypo in s390x_asm.
2007-04-30 Andy PolyakovEngage s390x assembler modules.
2007-04-02 Andy PolyakovRC4_set_key for x86_64 and Core2 optimization.
2007-04-01 Andy PolyakovReserve for assembler implementation of RC4_set_key...
2007-03-25 Andy PolyakovAllow shared builds for aix[64]-gcc targets.
2007-03-25 Andy Polyakovaix[64]-cc config lines update.
2007-03-20 Andy PolyakovVarious PowerPC config updates.
2006-12-08 Andy PolyakovEngage alpha-mont module. Actually verified on Tru64...
2006-10-23 Andy PolyakovSwitch Win32/64 targets to Winsock2. Updates to ISNTALL...
2006-10-17 Andy PolyakovFurther synchronizations with md32_common.h update.
2006-07-31 Andy PolyakovEngage assembler in solaris64-x86_64-cc.
2006-07-02 Andy PolyakovPrepare playground for AES experimental code.
2006-06-05 Andy PolyakovAdd module.
2006-06-01 Dr. Stephen HensonFix error code. make update
2006-05-12 Richard Levittemake update
2005-12-19 Andy PolyakovAs SPARCV9 CPU flavor is [expected to be] detected...
2005-12-16 Andy PolyakovUnify sparcv9 assembler naming and build rules among...
2005-12-16 Andy PolyakovMake framework for Whirlpool assembler flexible.
2005-12-16 Andy PolyakovMake room for Whirlpool assembler in Configure.
2005-12-15 Andy PolyakovSwitch 64-bit sparcv9 platforms from bn(64,64) to bn...
2005-12-10 Andy PolyakovEngage AES for UltraSPARC in sparcv9 targets.
2005-10-25 Andy PolyakovFix typos in macos x targets.
2005-10-22 Andy PolyakovIntegrate into UltraSPARC builds.
2005-10-19 Andy PolyakovAdd rudimentary aix64-gcc target.
2005-10-09 Andy PolyakovThrow in bn/asm/ Montgomery multiplication...
2005-10-07 Andy PolyakovThrow in Montgomery multiplication assembler for x86_64.
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovType in OSF1 platform name.
2005-07-26 Geoff Thorpe"make update"
2005-07-24 Andy PolyakovEngage SHA-256/-512 x86_64 assembler module.
2005-07-20 Andy PolyakovSyncronize BSD-ia64 with other IA64-based platforms.
2005-07-19 Andy PolyakovEngage MD5 assembler module.
2005-07-05 Andy PolyakovCHANGES and TABLE sync with 0.9.8.
2005-06-26 Andy PolyakovUnify some SCO targets.
2005-06-26 Andy PolyakovMinimum requirement for Solaris x86 was always Pentium...
2005-06-22 Andy PolyakovTABLE was out-of-sync.
2005-06-12 Nils Larschreplace the deprecated "-m486" gcc option with "-march...
2005-05-31 Andy PolyakovPlatform update from 8-stable.
2005-05-18 Andy PolyakovEngage Applink in mingw. Note that application-side...
2005-05-17 Andy PolyakovDisclaim 16-bit support.
2005-05-15 Andy PolyakovSimplify shared rules, link run-path into applications...
2005-05-03 Andy PolyakovEngage md5-x86_64 assembler module.
2005-05-03 Andy PolyakovRename amd64 modules to x86_64 and update RC4 implement...
2005-04-26 Bodo Möllermake update
2005-04-25 Bodo Möllermake update
2005-04-13 Andy PolyakovAddenum to
2005-04-13 Andy PolyakovParameterize do_solaris rules in Makefile.shared.
2005-04-07 Andy PolyakovHarmonize cygwin/mingw and VC targets.
2005-04-04 Andy PolyakovExtend Solaris x86 support to amd64.
2005-03-12 Andy PolyakovCygwin to use DSO_FLFCN and mingw to use DSO_WIN32.
2005-03-02 Bodo MöllerIn addition to RC5, also exclude MDC2 from compilation...
2005-02-22 Bodo MöllerChange ./Configure so that certain algorithms can be...
2005-02-06 Andy PolyakovThis patch was "ignited" by OpenBSD 3>=4 support. They...
2005-01-24 Andy PolyakovFold a bunch of linux and *BSD targets into [linux...
2005-01-21 Andy Polyakovlinux-arm target update.
2005-01-20 Andy Polyakovlinux-parisc update.
2005-01-18 Andy PolyakovThrow in AES CBC assembler, up to +40% on aes-128-cbc...
2005-01-18 Andy PolyakovReserve for AES CBC assembler implementation...
2005-01-13 Andy Polyakov"Monolithic" x86 assembler replacement for aes_core...
2005-01-09 Andy PolyakovPermit "monolithic" AES assembler implementations,...
2005-01-04 Andy PolyakovDJGPP update.
2004-12-26 Andy PolyakovEngage AES x86 assembler module for COFF and a.out...
2004-12-23 Andy PolyakovEngage AES x86 assembler module on ELF platforms.
2004-12-20 Andy PolyakovRefine PowerPC platform support.
2004-12-09 Andy PolyakovEngage SHA1 IA64 assembler on IA64 platforms.
2004-11-26 Andy PolyakovEngage RC4 IA-64 assembler module.
2004-11-21 Andy PolyakovRC4 tune-up for Intel P4 core, both 32- and 64-bit...
2004-08-29 Andy PolyakovTABLE OpenBSD-i386 update
2004-08-01 Andy PolyakovClean-up GAS targets: get rid of "cpp" stuff and replac...
2004-07-26 Andy PolyakovAdd framework for yet another assembler module dubbed...
2004-07-23 Andy PolyakovTABLE update.
2004-07-23 Andy PolyakovVC-NT was taken away by mistake, putting it back...
2004-07-23 Andy PolyakovWin64 placeholder targets. This is merely naming sugges...
2004-07-18 Andy PolyakovType in Configure and TABLE update.
2004-07-11 Andy PolyakovIntegration of RC4 AMD64 module.
2004-07-10 Richard Levittemake update
2004-06-17 Geoff ThorpeDeprecate unused cruft, and "make update".
2004-05-29 Andy PolyakovTypo in linux-ppc64 target.
2004-05-28 Andy PolyakovUnified hpux-shared rule. Verified with both 32- and...
2004-04-27 Andy PolyakovImproved PowerPC support. Proper ./config support for...
2004-03-28 Dr. Stephen HensonMake {i2v,v2i}_ASN1_BIT_STRING global.
2004-03-23 Richard Levittemake update
2004-01-29 Andy PolyakovHP/UX PA-RISC 2 targets update.
2003-11-30 Geoff ThorpeAdd more debugging to my Configure target, and "make...
2003-11-20 Andy Polyakovhpux64-parisc2-gcc target added. Once it is verified...
2003-10-29 Geoff Thorpemake update
2003-10-28 Geoff ThorpeAdd my own debug config target.
2003-10-28 Geoff Thorpemake update
2003-09-28 Richard LevitteSynchronise util/libeay.num with the 0.9.7-stable one.
2003-06-26 Richard Levittemake update
2003-06-19 Richard Levittemake update
2003-06-11 Richard Levittemake update
2003-04-10 Richard Levittemake update
2003-03-20 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2003-02-16 Bodo MöllerRemove "+Olibcalls" option from HPUX targets.
2003-02-14 Bodo Möllermake update
2003-01-30 Richard Levittemake update