VMS on Alpha passed
[openssl.git] / STATUS
2000-03-24 Richard LevitteVMS on Alpha passed
2000-03-23 Ulf MöllerTest results.
2000-03-23 Richard LevitteUpdate status
2000-03-21 Ulf Möllermore failures
2000-03-21 Ulf MöllerMore failures.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteUlf M\81öller reports OpenBSD-x86 and solaris-sparcv9...
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteJaenick Lutz reports that hpux-parisc-cc with +02 passed.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteRef: Message-ID: <20000320070111.A90876@wiz.Sendmail...
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteI just got a not very pleasant report.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteNew status
2000-03-06 Ulf Möllerbug fix release planned
2000-02-28 Ulf MöllerShared library support for Solaris and HPUX
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteTagging has been done, time to switch to 0.9.6-dev.
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteTime for a release
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteA few more tests were reported.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteMore platforms passed the test.
2000-02-27 Andy PolyakovMore tests passed.
2000-02-27 Ulf Möllerworks on solaris
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteUpdate the OpenVMS/VAX status
2000-02-27 Andy PolyakovIRIX6* tests passed.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteWorks with gcc 2.8.0 as well.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteAIX and HP-UX are passing the tests.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteOpenSSL doesn't compile well on OpenVMS/VAX, it seems.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteOne test passed for VMS.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteA new beta has been released, and one test is documented.
2000-02-27 Dr. Stephen HensonFix so Win32 assembly language works with MASM.
2000-02-25 Richard LevitteAnother test passed
2000-02-25 Richard LevitteStatus update
2000-02-25 Ulf MöllerVC++ problem
2000-02-24 Ulf Möllersome test results.
2000-02-24 Ulf Möllerremove some (apparently) obsolete entries.
2000-02-14 Richard LevitteTime ran away...
2000-02-06 Richard LevitteA proposed freeze and release time has come up.
1999-12-05 Dr. Stephen HensonMerge in my S/MIME library and utility.
1999-11-11 Dr. Stephen HensonFix a couple of outstanding issues: update STATUS file...
1999-10-30 Ulf Möller*** empty log message ***
1999-10-07 Ulf MöllerMore patches.
1999-10-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix for base64 BIO decoding bug
1999-09-30 Ulf MöllerHPUX 11 flags.
1999-09-21 Ulf MöllerMore patches.
1999-09-20 Ulf Möllernote a few things that need to be done
1999-08-14 Ulf MöllerUndo base64 decoding change (was not a bug fix).
1999-08-09 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport for parsing of certificate extensions in PKCS...
1999-08-09 Ralf S. EngelschallBump after tarball rolling.
1999-08-09 Ralf S. EngelschallOk, I'll do a few more final platform tests and then...
1999-08-08 Dr. Stephen Henson*** empty log message ***
1999-08-08 Bodo Möller0.9.4
1999-08-08 Ralf S. EngelschallLet us prepare for tomorrow...
1999-08-08 Ralf S. EngelschallI don't think this is a real showstopper. Our internal...
1999-08-05 Bodo MöllerNew function DSA_dup_DH, and fixes for bugs that were...
1999-08-05 Bodo MöllerAdd a wish.
1999-07-27 Dr. Stephen HensonNew RSA flag RSA_FLAG_EXT_PKEY, to always call rsa_mod_exp.
1999-07-25 Ralf S. EngelschallFirst cut for a proposed code freeze and release dates...
1999-06-08 Ulf Möllercrypt(), demos patched.
1999-05-31 Bodo Möller"BTW, I no longer have a wish for this. This was solved...
1999-05-31 Bodo MöllerComplain about deficiency of internal_verify.
1999-05-30 Bodo MöllerBSD/OS 4.x support (bsdi-elf-gcc)
1999-05-30 Ralf S. EngelschallPuhhh... today is a very hot day.
1999-05-20 Ulf MöllerBignum library bug fix. IRIX 6 passes "make test" now!
1999-05-18 Ralf S. EngelschallDon't forget that it's freeze time now...
1999-05-17 Ulf MöllerBC now compiles crypto/des
1999-05-17 Bodo MöllerClarification.
1999-05-14 Bodo Möller*** empty log message ***
1999-05-14 Bodo MöllerDelete a wish.
1999-05-12 Ulf MöllerCaldera OpenLinux passes test now.
1999-05-11 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious PKCS#7 related fixes,tidies and comments.
1999-05-10 Ulf MöllerUpdate.
1999-05-10 Ralf S. EngelschallOk, give us more time....
1999-05-10 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious PKCS#7 fixes to properly (maybe!) handle PKCS...
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerOAEP bug fix.
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerSupport INSTALL_PREFIX for packagers.
1999-04-27 Ulf Möller*** empty log message ***
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerNew Configure option no-<cipher> (rsa, idea, rc5, ...
1999-04-27 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd PKCS#12 documentation and new option in x509 to...
1999-04-26 Ulf MöllerLast week I proposed to increase the version number...
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-21 Dr. Stephen HensonSuppport for CRL distribution points extension. Also...
1999-04-21 Ulf MöllerMove all autogenerated header file parts to crypto...
1999-04-16 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd initial support for r2i RAW extensions which can...
1999-04-16 Ulf MöllerAnother bug.
1999-04-14 Ralf S. EngelschallStart with some plans...
1999-04-13 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-13 Ulf MöllerNew Configure option "rsaref".
1999-04-08 Ulf MöllerBugs.
1999-04-08 Bodo MöllerNew "open issue" (ERR_...).
1999-04-08 Bodo MöllerBe more optimistic about the availability of termios...
1999-04-07 Ulf Möllerbn_div_words has been added to alpha.s (Hannes Reinecke...
1999-04-07 Ulf MöllerMore assembler problems; new OCSP patch; obsolete patch...
1999-03-29 Dr. Stephen HensonInclude pkcs12 program as part of openssl. This complet...
1999-03-29 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious PKCS#12 related tidies and fixes: it might...
1999-03-23 Ralf S. EngelschallUpdate after release...
1999-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove some references which called malloc and free...
1999-03-10 Ralf S. EngelschallUpdate
1999-03-10 Ralf S. EngelschallUpdate platform test list
1999-03-10 Ralf S. EngelschallTwo more things we should look at before release
1999-03-09 Ralf S. EngelschallUpdate to current state...
1999-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonComment out two unimplemented functions from bio.h...
1999-03-08 Ben Laurietest.
1999-03-08 Ralf S. EngelschallSolaris 2.6 makes still problems.
1999-03-08 Ralf S. Engelschalltypo