Fix tarball production to keep test/bctest and util/pod2mantest
[openssl.git] /
2015-12-14 Richard LevitteFix tarball production to keep test/bctest and util...
2015-12-08 Richard LevitteNot all 'find's know -xtype, use -type instead
2015-12-08 Richard LevitteMake it possible to affect the way dists are made
2015-12-07 Richard LevitteChange tar owner and group to just 0
2015-12-07 Richard LevitteDo not add symlinks in the source release
2015-12-07 Richard LevitteSmall changes to creating dists
2015-11-23 Andy add LC_ALL=C to unify error [and other...
2015-07-10 Richard LevitteSet numeric IDs for tar as well
2015-07-10 Richard LevitteStop using tardy
2015-06-21 Rich SalzRT1688: Add dependencies for parallel make
2015-06-10 Richard LevitteAdd and rearrange building of libraries
2015-05-23 Richard LevitteMissed a couple of spots in the update change
2015-05-23 Richard LevitteFix the update target and remove duplicate file updates
2014-10-15 Bodo MoellerOop: revert unintentional change committed along with
2014-10-15 Bodo MoellerSupport TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV.
2014-09-21 Andy PolyakovConfigure: add configuration for crypto/ec/asm extensions.
2014-08-30 Rich SalzRT2820: case-insensitive filenames on Darwin
2014-08-29 Jim ReidRT2880: HFS is case-insensitive filenames
2014-05-12 Mike FrysingerHave the .pc files depend on each other rather than...
2014-02-28 Andy fix syntax error on Solaris.
2014-02-27 Andy mask touch's exit code
2014-02-03 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd quotes as CC can contain spaces.
2013-11-11 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo.
2013-11-10 Andy make FIPS build work with BSD make.
2013-10-14 Andy PolyakovAdd support for Cygwin-x86_64.
2013-10-05 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable' into pre-aead
2013-10-04 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable' into agl-1.0.2aead
2013-10-04 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable' into agl-1.0.2aead
2013-10-01 Adam Langleychacha20poly1305
2012-12-13 Ben LaurieMake verify return errors.
2012-04-22 Dr. Stephen Hensoncheck correctness of errors before updating them so...
2012-04-19 Andy clear yet another environment variable...
2012-03-21 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2012-02-12 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2713
2011-12-27 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake error code checking strict
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovConfigure, etc.: engage additional assembler modules.
2011-06-18 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't add trailing slash to FIPSDIR: it causes problems...
2011-06-14 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2011-06-14 Dr. Stephen HensonUse include dir when copiling fips_premain_dso.
2011-06-03 Dr. Stephen HensonBackport CMAC support from HEAD.
2011-05-26 Dr. Stephen HensonUse || instead of && so build doesn't fail.
2011-05-26 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport shared library builds of FIPS capable OpenSSL...
2011-05-26 Dr. Stephen HensonThe first of many changes to make OpenSSL 1.0.1 FIPS...
2011-03-16 Ben LaurieAdd SRP.
2010-06-16 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2010-01-27 Dr. Stephen HensonSome shells print out the directory name if CDPATH...
2010-01-16 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2135
2009-10-15 Dr. Stephen HensonFixes to CROSS_COMPILE, don't override command line...
2009-08-26 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2015
2009-08-10 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2003
2009-08-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from HEAD.
2009-04-23 Dr. Stephen HensonMake no-gost work properly.
2009-04-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1890
2009-04-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1899
2009-04-05 Dr. Stephen HensonFix error codes.
2009-03-31 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2009-02-19 Richard LevitteMake STORE an experimental feature.
2009-02-10 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd error checking to and add command line...
2008-12-30 Andy PolyakovStyling update to makefiles: eliminate redundant pipes.
2008-12-29 Andy PolyakovStyling update to makefiles: $() to denote make substit...
2008-12-23 Andy PolyakovEngage crypto/modes.
2008-10-26 Ben LaurieAdd JPAKE.
2008-06-04 Ben LaurieMore type-checking.
2008-04-17 Lutz JänickeApply mingw patches as supplied by Roumen Petrov an...
2008-03-12 Dr. Stephen HensonAnd so it begins...
2008-01-11 Andy PolyakovUnify x86 perlasm make rules.
2008-01-05 Andy PolyakovCompensate for BSDi shell bug.
2007-09-07 Dr. Stephen HensonChange safestack reimplementation to match 0.9.8.
2007-08-28 Andy PolyakovMake naming more consistent.
2007-08-28 Andy PolyakovMake room for Camellia assembler.
2007-06-04 Dr. Stephen HensonAvoid use of function pointer casts in pem library...
2007-04-23 Bodo MöllerAdd SEED encryption algorithm.
2006-10-24 Andy PolyakovFurther mingw build procedure updates.
2006-10-21 Andy PolyakovMake c_rehash more platform neutral and make it work...
2006-10-21 Andy PolyakovRudimentary support for cross-compiling.
2006-06-09 Bodo MöllerCamellia cipher, contributed by NTT
2006-04-19 Richard LevitteMake sure obj_xref.h is updated during a "make update"
2006-04-11 Ulf Möllermanual pages as HTML
2006-04-11 Ulf Möllerimprove make dclean to remove files generated during...
2006-02-12 Ulf MöllerRFC 3161 compliant time stamp request creation, respons...
2006-02-10 Richard LevitteDocument the building macros.
2006-02-10 Richard LevitteAs an effect of revisions 1.261, BUILD_CMD was changed...
2006-01-03 Bodo MöllerMake sure that after the change from revision 1.261,
2005-12-16 Andy PolyakovEngage Whirlpool assembler and mention Whirlpool in...
2005-12-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 0.9.8-stable.
2005-11-28 Andy PolyakovWhirlpool hash implementation. The fact that subdirecto...
2005-10-25 Andy PolyakovFix install problems on MacOS X and HP-UX.
2005-07-05 Richard LevitteAdd libcrypto.pc and libssl.pc, and install them along...
2005-06-26 Andy PolyakovMinor (final?) Makefiles polish.
2005-06-23 Andy PolyakovHP-UX specific updates to and Makefile...
2005-06-23 Andy PolyakovJumbo Makfiles update.
2005-06-20 Richard LevitteAdd crypto/bn/bn_prime.h to the collection of generated...
2005-06-19 Richard LevitteWith DJGPP, it seems like the return code from grep...
2005-06-06 Richard LevittePass INSTALL_PREFIX in BUILDENV.
2005-05-21 Richard LevittePatches for Cygwin, provided by Corinna Vinschen <vinsc...
2005-05-16 Andy PolyakovFurther BUILDENV refinement, further fool-proofing...
2005-05-16 Andy PolyakovFurther BUILDENV clean-up, 'make depend' is operational...
2005-05-15 Andy PolyakovConsolidate BUILDENV [idea is to keep all variables...
2005-05-09 Bodo MöllerUpdate util/ script, and have it run automati...
2005-04-30 Andy PolyakovCygwin/mingw sync with stable.