Add HMAC ECC ciphersuites from RFC5289. Include SHA384 PRF support and
[openssl.git] / MacOS /
2009-02-14 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1835
2003-12-27 Richard LevitteAdd a newline at the end of the last line.
2002-11-13 Richard LevitteConstification needed.
2001-02-06 Ulf Möllerformat strings
2000-02-29 Andy PolyakovMacOS pseudo-random entropy collector.
2000-02-27 Andy PolyakovMacOS tidbits. Add new files to the project, update...
2000-02-19 Bodo MöllerAllow for higher granularity of entropy estimates by...
2000-01-05 Andy PolyakovFurther work on MacOS port. See INSTALL.MacOS for details.
1999-12-26 Andy PolyakovMacOS updates. Initial support for GUSI (MacOS socket...
1999-12-19 Andy PolyakovEven more late break-in MacOS tidbits (last for today)...
1999-12-19 Andy PolyakovLate break-in patch for MacOS support.
1999-12-19 Andy PolyakovInitial support for MacOS is now available