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2003-01-30 Richard LevitteFor VC++7 and up, the file is VSVARS32.BAT.
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2003-01-12 Andy PolyakovOpenBSD FAQ update. Apparently gas from binutils-2...
2002-12-30 Richard LevitteMerge in changes from 0.9.7-stable.
2002-12-30 Andy PolyakovMy English is definitely not good as my assembly skills...
2002-12-30 Andy PolyakovIt probably belongs in PROBLEMS, but it's more likely...
2002-12-27 Andy PolyakovFAQ addenum as discussed in RT#417.
2002-12-18 Andy PolyakovBetter wording?
2002-12-09 Andy PolyakovBN_sqr test failure entry.