Add debugging info to new ASN1 code to trace memory leaks.
[openssl.git] / CHANGES
2001-01-24 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd debugging info to new ASN1 code to trace memory...
2001-01-23 Bodo MöllerEVP_add_digest_alias additions to SS_library_init
2001-01-23 Ulf MöllerThere is no C version of bn_div_3_words
2001-01-21 Ulf MöllerMention the ./config script fixes.
2001-01-20 Dr. Stephen HensonFix to stop X509_time_adj() using GeneralizedTime.
2001-01-19 Dr. Stephen HensonFixes to various ASN1_INTEGER routines for negative...
2001-01-19 Bodo MöllerFix openssl passwd -1
2001-01-19 Dr. Stephen HensonAdditional functionality in ocsp utility: print summary
2001-01-18 Dr. Stephen HensonImplement remaining OCSP verify checks in
2001-01-17 Richard LevitteMake the change log on the RAND_poll change a bit more...
2001-01-17 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial OCSP certificate verify. Not complete,
2001-01-15 Bodo MöllerNew '-extfile' option for 'openssl ca'.
2001-01-14 Dr. Stephen HensonChange PKCS#12 key derivation routines to cope with
2001-01-13 Dr. Stephen HensonNew OCSP utility. This can generate, parse and print
2001-01-12 Bodo MöllerNew 'openssl ca -status <serial>' and 'openssl ca ...
2001-01-11 Bodo MöllerNew -newreq-nodes option to
2001-01-11 Richard LevitteAdd configuration for GNU Hurd.
2001-01-11 Dr. Stephen HensonOCSP basic response verify. Very incomplete
2001-01-10 Bodo MöllerAfter discussion with Richard, change the new API for...
2001-01-10 Bodo MöllerAdd SSLEAY_DIR argument code for SSLeay_version.
2001-01-10 Bodo MöllerFix C code generate by 'openssl dsaparam -C'.
2001-01-10 Richard LevitteAs response to a user request to be able to use externa...
2001-01-10 Dr. Stephen HensonFix uni2asc() so it can properly convert zero length
2001-01-09 Lutz JänickeAdd automatic query of EGD sockets to RAND_poll()....
2001-01-09 Geoff ThorpeIt was correctly pointed out to me that my CHANGES...
2001-01-09 Geoff ThorpeMove all the existing function pointer casts associated...
2001-01-08 Richard LevitteChange RAND_poll for Unix to try a number of devices...
2001-01-08 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd set of OCSP client functions. All experimental
2001-01-05 Dr. Stephen HensonModify OCSP API to more closely reflect
2001-01-04 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate OCSP API.
2000-12-31 Dr. Stephen HensonFix the S/MIME code so it now works again and
2000-12-31 Dr. Stephen HensonRewrite PKCS#12 code and remove some of the old
2000-12-31 Richard LevitteDocument.
2000-12-30 Dr. Stephen HensonASN1_ITEM versions of ASN1_d2i_{fp, bio} and replacement of
2000-12-29 Dr. Stephen HensonReplace the old ASN1_dup() with ASN1_item_dup() and
2000-12-29 Richard LevitteEnhancements to
2000-12-28 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd NO_ASN1_OLD to remove some old style functions:
2000-12-28 Dr. Stephen HensonASN1_ITEM versions of sign, verify, pack and unpack.
2000-12-28 Dr. Stephen HensonNew OCSP extension functions.
2000-12-26 Bodo MöllerFinish SSL_peek/SSL_pending fixes.
2000-12-25 Bodo MöllerFix SSL_peek and SSL_pending.
2000-12-24 Dr. Stephen HensonNew function X509V3_add_i2d() this is used for
2000-12-20 Bodo MöllerSplit a CHANGES entry so that one of the halves matches the
2000-12-20 Dr. Stephen HensonFixes to OCSP print code.
2000-12-19 Bodo MöllerDon't hold CRYPTO_LOCK_RSA during time-consuming operat...
2000-12-18 Bodo MöllerImport s2_pkt.c wbuf fixes from OpenSSL_0_9_6-stable...
2000-12-18 Bodo MöllerObtain lock CRYPTO_LOCK_RSA before creating BN_MONT_CTX
2000-12-16 Dr. Stephen HensonMake parse some ASN1 IMPLEMENT macros.
2000-12-15 Bodo MöllerLocking issues.
2000-12-15 Dr. Stephen HensonImplement some standard OCSP extensions in the v3 code...
2000-12-14 Geoff ThorpeMake a note of the new engine.
2000-12-14 Dr. Stephen HensonNew function X509V3_extensions_print() this removes...
2000-12-14 Bodo MöllerFirst step towards SSL_peek fix.
2000-12-14 Dr. Stephen HensonNew function X509_signature_print() to remove some...
2000-12-13 Dr. Stephen HensonChange the PKCS7 structure to use SEQUENCE OF for the
2000-12-13 Dr. Stephen HensonReplace the old style OCSP ASN1 module.
2000-12-13 Dr. Stephen HensonRewrite the extension code to use an ASN1_ITEM structure
2000-12-08 Dr. Stephen HensonMerge from the ASN1 branch of new ASN1 code
2000-12-07 Bodo MöllerFix some things that look like bugs.
2000-12-07 Bodo MöllerSign-related fixes (and tests).
2000-12-06 Bodo MöllerBN_mod_sqrt documentation/comment
2000-12-06 Bodo MöllerFaster BN_mod_sqrt algorithm for p == 5 (8).
2000-12-04 Bodo MöllerImprove formatting.
2000-12-04 Geoff ThorpeMake a note of the LHASH changes.
2000-12-02 Ulf MöllerNote the bntest change.
2000-12-01 Richard LevitteCorrect a mail address...
2000-12-01 Richard LevitteDocument the addition of Kerberos stuff.
2000-12-01 Ulf MöllerBorland C fix.
2000-12-01 Ulf Möllertypo
2000-11-30 Bodo MöllerFix BN_rshift, which caused lots of trouble.
2000-11-30 Richard LevitteNew format for the FAQ. We now have different sections...
2000-11-30 Richard LevitteChanges to c_zlib.c to make ZLIB.DLL dynamically loadab...
2000-11-30 Bodo MöllerBN_mod_sqrt
2000-11-29 Geoff ThorpeAmend the original CHANGES log entry. The ex_data handl...
2000-11-29 Lutz JänickeLog security relevant change.
2000-11-29 Bodo MöllerBN_bin2bn did *not* contain an off-by-one error;
2000-11-29 Bodo MöllerExpand expspeed.c to make BN_kronecker timings.
2000-11-29 Bodo MöllerImplement BN_kronecker test.
2000-11-29 Bodo MöllerImprove BN_mod_inverse performance.
2000-11-28 Bodo MöllerNote that SSL_peek has been disabled.
2000-11-27 Bodo MöllerFix BN_is_... macros.
2000-11-26 Geoff ThorpeIt was a small change, but it *could* conceivably affec...
2000-11-26 Bodo MöllerMore BN_mod_... functions.
2000-11-26 Bodo Möllermodular arithmetics
2000-11-18 Richard LevitteRemove two bn_wexpand() from BN_mul(), which is a step...
2000-11-17 Bodo MöllerImprove usability of 'openssl passwd' by including
2000-11-08 Richard LevitteRemove references to RSAref. The glue library is but...
2000-11-08 Bodo MöllerBN_CTX-related fixes.
2000-11-07 Richard Levitteshl_load() also needs to load along a path given through an
2000-11-06 Richard LevitteDocument recent constifications.
2000-11-06 Richard LevitteAs a consequence of the BIGNUM constification, the...
2000-11-06 Richard LevitteMake all engines available in the openssl application.
2000-11-06 Richard LevitteConstify the BIGNUM routines a bit more. The only...
2000-11-06 Richard LevitteMake sure that shared libraries get the internal name...
2000-11-02 Richard LevitteChange the engine library so the application writer...
2000-11-02 Richard Levitte'openssl engine' can now list engine capabilities....
2000-11-02 Richard LevitteBetter error reporting in 'openssl engine'
2000-11-02 Bodo MöllerNever call load_dh_param(NULL) because this leads to...
2000-11-01 Richard LevitteAdd application to enumerate, list and test engines...
2000-11-01 Richard LevitteAdd support for shared libraries under Irix.