Step 14 of move of engines: Final step, document the change.
[openssl.git] / CHANGES
2002-10-11 Richard LevitteStep 14 of move of engines: Final step, document the...
2002-10-11 Bodo Möllersynchronize with 0.9.7-stable version of this file
2002-10-11 Richard LevitteMove the shared library construction stuff to Makefile...
2002-10-10 Richard LevitteRFC 2712 redefines the codes for use of Kerberos 5...
2002-10-04 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd version info to Win32 DLLs.
2002-10-03 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious enhancements to PKCS#12 code, new
2002-10-03 Dr. Stephen HensonPreliminary streaming ASN1 encode support.
2002-09-26 Bodo Möllerfix more race conditions
2002-09-25 Bodo Möllerreally fix race conditions
2002-09-23 Bodo Möllerreally fix race condition
2002-09-19 Bodo Möllerthere is no minimum length for session IDs
2002-09-19 Bodo Möllerfix race condition
2002-09-10 Bodo MöllerLet 'openssl req' fail if an argument to '-newkey'...
2002-09-02 Bodo Möller-nameopt fix has been moved to 0.9.7
2002-09-02 Bodo Möllermention EC_get_builtin_curves()
2002-08-22 Dr. Stephen HensonMake -nameopt work in req and add support for -reqopt
2002-08-16 Lutz JänickeReorder cleanup sequence in SSL_CTX_free() to leave...
2002-08-16 Dr. Stephen HensonFix block_size field for CFB and OFB modes: it should...
2002-08-15 Bodo MöllerSimplify handling of named curves: get rid of EC_GROUP_...
2002-08-14 Bodo Möllermove a TODO from CHANGES to STATUS
2002-08-14 Bodo Mölleradd 'TODO' items
2002-08-14 Dr. Stephen HensonFix typo in OBJ_txt2obj which incorrectly passed the...
2002-08-12 Bodo Mölleradd 0.9.6g information
2002-08-09 Bodo MöllerECC ciphersuite support
2002-08-09 Bodo MöllerAdd ECDH support.
2002-08-08 Richard Levitte0.9.6f is released
2002-08-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix the ASN1 sanity check: correct header length
2002-08-02 Bodo Möllerdisable Sun divison algorithm by default
2002-08-02 Bodo MöllerLet BN_rand_range() abort with an error after 100 itera...
2002-08-02 Bodo MöllerChange BN_mod_sqrt() so that it verifies that the input...
2002-08-02 Bodo MöllerRename implementations of method functions so that...
2002-08-02 Bodo Möllertypos
2002-08-02 Bodo Mölleradd support for elliptic curves over binary fields
2002-08-02 Bodo MöllerBinary field arithmetic contributed by Sun Microsystems.
2002-08-02 Bodo MöllerAdd more WAP/WTLS elliptic curve OIDs.
2002-08-02 Bodo Möllerget rid of OpenSSLDie
2002-07-30 Lutz JänickeOpenSSL Security Advisory [30 July 2002]
2002-07-23 Richard LevitteDocument the recent DJGPP-related changes
2002-07-22 Bodo Mölleradd an explanation and fix a typo
2002-07-19 Lutz JänickeNew cipher selection options COMPLEMENTOFALL and COMPLE...
2002-07-16 Richard LevitteFor those wanting to build for several platforms with...
2002-07-14 Bodo MöllerReplace 'ecdsaparam' commandline utility by 'ecparam'
2002-07-10 Lutz JänickeCiphers with NULL encryption were not properly handled...
2002-07-04 Bodo MöllerAES cipher suites are now official (RFC3268)
2002-06-26 Bodo Möllerupdate an entry on EVP changes
2002-06-21 Geoff ThorpeMake sure any ENGINE control commands make local copies...
2002-06-18 Bodo MöllerImplement handling of EC parameter seeds (new functions
2002-06-14 Bodo MöllerNew option SSL_OP_DONT_INSERT_EMPTY_FRAGMENTS for disab...
2002-06-12 Lutz JänickeMake change uniqueIdentifier -> x500UniqueIdentifier...
2002-06-12 Bodo Möllertypo
2002-06-12 Bodo Möllersimplify asn1_flag
2002-06-11 Ben LaurieHandle read errors.
2002-06-10 Bodo Möllermove ECC ASN1 that is not specific to ECDSA into crypto...
2002-05-31 Richard LevitteDocument the AES changes.
2002-05-30 Bodo MöllerNew functions EC_POINT_point2bn(), EC_POINT_bn2point...
2002-05-16 Bodo Möllerfix EVP_dsa_sha macro
2002-05-15 Dr. Stephen HensonZero cipher_data in EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup
2002-05-10 Dr. Stephen HensonFallback to normal multiply if n2 == 8 and dna or dnb...
2002-05-08 Bodo MöllerChange internals of the EC library so that the functions
2002-05-07 Bodo Möllerrefer to latest draft for AES ciphersuites
2002-05-05 Bodo Möllerupdate
2002-04-30 Lutz JänickeFix escaping when using the -subj option of "openssl...
2002-04-26 Bodo MöllerFix crypto/asn1/a_sign.c so that 'parameters' is omitte...
2002-04-17 Bodo Möllercheck return values
2002-04-15 Lutz JänickeDocument OID changes.
2002-04-15 Lutz JänickeSome more OID enhancements.
2002-04-15 Lutz JänickeFix CRLF problem in BASE64 decode.
2002-04-13 Bodo MöllerImplement known-IV countermeasure.
2002-04-12 Bodo Möllerlooks like a typo
2002-04-12 Bodo Möllerclean up and synchronize with 0.9.6-stable
2002-04-10 Lutz JänickeSynchronize with 0.9.7-stable branch
2002-04-09 Bodo Mölleradd usage examples
2002-04-04 Lutz JänickeFix buggy object definitions (Svenning Sorensen <sss...
2002-03-26 Lutz JänickeMake short names of objects RFC2256-compliant.
2002-03-26 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to enable olde des support, not...
2002-03-20 Bodo Möllerfix DH_generate_parameters for general 'generator'
2002-03-19 Lutz JänickeMap new X509 verification errors to alert codes (Tom...
2002-03-18 Bodo MöllerFix bugs and typos.
2002-03-15 Bodo Möllerfix ssl3_pending
2002-03-14 Lutz JänickeAdd missing strength entries.
2002-03-07 Bodo MöllerAdd more curves.
2002-03-06 Dr. Stephen HensonENGINE module additions.
2002-03-06 Bodo Mölleradd SECG OIDs
2002-03-06 Bodo Möllerreference counting for EC_GROUP structures is not neede...
2002-03-05 Bodo Möllermore X9.62 OIDs
2002-02-28 Richard LevitteDocument the added modes for AES
2002-02-28 Bodo MöllerAdd 'void *' argument to app_verify_callback.
2002-02-27 Geoff ThorpeThis adds a new ENGINE to support IBM 4758 cards, contr...
2002-02-26 Lutz JänickeMake sure to remove bad sessions in SSL_clear() (found...
2002-02-23 Dr. Stephen HensonNew OPENSSL_LOAD_CONF define to load openssl.cnf
2002-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonConfig code updates.
2002-02-21 Dr. Stephen HensonConfig file updates from stable branch
2002-02-20 Bodo Möllertypo
2002-02-14 Richard LevitteAt Corinna Vinschen's request, change CygWin32 to Cygwin
2002-02-13 Bodo MöllerECDSA support
2002-02-13 Richard LevitteModify the main trunk version to 0.9.8-dev.
2002-02-13 Richard LevitteUpdate the configuration of CygWin32 to use the new...
2002-02-10 Lutz JänickeMake removal from session cache more robust.
2002-02-08 Lutz JänickeDo not store unneeded data.
2002-02-07 Richard LevitteAdd notes on the added support for aep and sureware...