First cut for a very conservative source tree cleanup:
authorRalf S. Engelschall <>
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:26:08 +0000 (08:26 +0000)
committerRalf S. Engelschall <>
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:26:08 +0000 (08:26 +0000)
First cut for a very conservative source tree cleanup:

1. merge various obsolete readme texts into doc/ssleay.txt
   where we collect the old documents and readme texts.

2. remove the first part of files where I'm already sure that we no longer need
   them because of three reasons: either they are just temporary files which
   were left by Eric or they are preserved original files where I've verified
   that the diff is also available in the CVS via "cvs diff -rSSLeay_0_8_1b"
   or they were renamed (as it was definitely the case for the crypto/md/

We've still a horrible mess under crypto/bn/asm/.  There for a lot of files
I'm sure whether we need them or not. So, when someone knows it better, feel
free to cleanup there.
34 files changed:
crypto/asn1/a_bitstr.orig.c [deleted file]
crypto/asn1/x [deleted file]
crypto/bf/bf_locl [deleted file]
crypto/bn/DSA [deleted file]
crypto/bn/alpha.s [deleted file]
crypto/des/des [deleted file]
crypto/md/.cvsignore [deleted file]
crypto/md/Makefile.ssl [deleted file]
crypto/md/md2.c [deleted file]
crypto/md/md2.h [deleted file]
crypto/md/ [deleted file]
crypto/md/md2_dgst.c [deleted file]
crypto/md/md2_one.c [deleted file]
crypto/md/md2test.c [deleted file]
crypto/md/md5.c [deleted file]
crypto/md/md5.h [deleted file]
crypto/md/md5_dgst.c [deleted file]
crypto/md/md5_locl.h [deleted file]
crypto/md/md5_one.c [deleted file]
crypto/md/md5test.c [deleted file]
crypto/rsa/rsa_enc.c [deleted file]
crypto/x509/attrib [deleted file]
crypto/x509/f [deleted file]
crypto/x509/x509.doc [deleted file]
crypto/x509/x509v3.doc [deleted file]
ms/f.bat [deleted file]
shlib/ [deleted file]
shlib/ [deleted file]
ssl/KEYS [deleted file]
ssl/bio_ssl.orig.c [deleted file]
ssl/build [deleted file]
ssl/changes.ssl [deleted file]
ssl/readme [deleted file]