1999-06-08 Bodo MöllerDon't make assumptions on what the path looks like.
1999-06-08 Dr. Stephen... Complete support for PKCS#5 v2.0. Still needs extensive...
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerFix for BIO pairs.
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerUse locking in a way that makes more sense.
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerUse the same path to perl in all #! lines in util.
1999-06-07 Dr. Stephen... This is the main PKCS#5 v2.0 key generation function...
1999-06-07 Bodo Möllertreat init properly
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerDon't mix real tabs with tabs expanded as 8 spaces...
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerIntroduce "BIO pairs", which (when finished) will relay...
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerMention
1999-06-07 Bodo Möllermkdir -p is not fully portable (according to Marc Crispin,
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerUse only -O, not -O3 for NeXTstep:
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerComments added.
1999-06-07 Bodo Möllerlinux-sparc
1999-06-07 Bodo Möller"linux-sparc" configuration.
1999-06-07 Bodo MöllerMore general definition for S_ISDIR (needed not only...
1999-06-06 Dr. Stephen... More PKCS#5 v2.0 development. Add a function to setup...
1999-06-06 Dr. Stephen... Change PBE handling a bit more: now the key and iv...
1999-06-06 Dr. Stephen... Rewrite PBE handling read to support PKCS#5 v2.0 and...
1999-06-05 Dr. Stephen... Change so PEM private key read routines can handle...
1999-06-05 Dr. Stephen... More PKCS#8 stuff. Support for unencrypted forms of...
1999-06-05 Ben Laurieconst/type fixes.
1999-06-05 Dr. Stephen... Add d2i,i2d bio and fp functions for PKCS#8 and add...
1999-06-05 Dr. Stephen... Add a 'pkcs8' application for initial PKCS#8 support...
1999-06-04 Dr. Stephen... The rest of the PKCS#5, PKCS#8 patch I forgot before :-)
1999-06-04 Dr. Stephen... Add PKCS#5 v1.5 compatible algorithms and initial PKCS...
1999-06-04 Bodo MöllerUpdate.
1999-06-04 Ben LaurieAha! That's how pkcs12 got missed from stackification.
1999-06-04 Ben LaurieSome constification and stacks that slipped through...
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerSupport the EBCDIC character set and BS2000/OSD-POSIX...
1999-06-04 Bodo Möllerremove conflict indicator ...
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerSupport the EBCDIC character set and BS2000/OSD-POSIX...
1999-06-04 Bodo Möller"linux-sparc64-gcc" configuration
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerSupport the EBCDIC character set and BS2000/OSD-POSIX...
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerGenerate no-xxx options for missing ciphers.
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerTest apps.
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerHint about unresolved symbols when mixing compilers.
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerAvoid type conflict on Unix with DEC C.
1999-06-04 Ulf MöllerDefine a macro to avoid name conflicts.
1999-06-04 Ulf Möllergcc dumps core on HPUX.
1999-06-03 Ben LaurieMore evil cast removal.
1999-06-03 Ben LaurieMake samples compile.
1999-06-02 Ben Lauriestack
1999-06-02 Ben LaurieEvil cast extermination.
1999-06-02 Ben Lauriestack.
1999-06-02 Ben LaurieMove stack implementations to more natural places.
1999-06-02 Ben LaurieStack.
1999-06-01 Ulf MöllerRemove redundant line.
1999-06-01 Bodo MöllerLabels longer than eight characters might cause problems.
1999-06-01 Ulf MöllerBorland C fix.
1999-05-31 Bodo Möllermore typesafe stacks ...
1999-05-31 Bodo MöllerMore consistency.
1999-05-31 Ben Lauriestack.
1999-05-31 Ben LaurieStack.
1999-05-31 Bodo Möller"BTW, I no longer have a wish for this. This was solved...
1999-05-31 Bodo MöllerComplain about deficiency of internal_verify.
1999-05-31 Ben LaurieMore stack.
1999-05-31 Bodo MöllerAdjust bsdi-elf-gcc to look more like FreeBSD-elf,...
1999-05-30 Bodo MöllerBSD/OS 4.x support (bsdi-elf-gcc)
1999-05-30 Ben LaurieYet another stack.
1999-05-30 Ben LaurieAnother stack.
1999-05-30 Ben LaurieAnother safe stack.
1999-05-30 Ben LaurieAnother safe stack.
1999-05-30 Ben LaurieMore safe stack.
1999-05-30 Ralf S. EngelschallPuhhh... today is a very hot day.
1999-05-29 Ben LaurieAnd carry on with development...
1999-05-29 Ben LaurieOops! OpenSSL_0_9_3a
1999-05-29 Ben LauriePrepare to release 0.9.3a
1999-05-29 Ben LaurieUpdate dependencies.
1999-05-28 Bodo MöllerPass INSTALL_PREFIX to subdirectories of crypto
1999-05-28 Bodo MöllerSome assembler-related clean-ups.
1999-05-28 Bodo Möllersco5-gcc configuration.
1999-05-28 Bodo MöllerInclude <stdio.h>.
1999-05-27 Bodo MöllerUpdated C++ SSL demos.
1999-05-27 Bodo MöllerUpdated some demos.
1999-05-27 Bodo Möller*** empty log message ***
1999-05-27 Bodo MöllerChange function call according to current API.
1999-05-27 Bodo MöllerIgnore directories created by "make -f".
1999-05-27 Dr. Stephen... Free up 'out' before exiting pkcs12 application.
1999-05-27 Bodo Möllerder_chop is now generated from
1999-05-27 Bodo MöllerI386_ONLY is defined in opensslconf.h, so we need to...
1999-05-26 Bodo MöllerCircument egcs bug.
1999-05-26 Dr. Stephen... Fix for memory leak.
1999-05-26 Dr. Stephen... Update md5 assembly source for Win32.
1999-05-25 Bodo MöllerSet #!... path to Perl in apps/der_chop automatically.
1999-05-25 Bodo MöllerAdd closing parenthesis to usage output.
1999-05-25 Bodo MöllerTemporary workaround for IRIX64 build.
1999-05-24 Bodo MöllerLast minute VMS updates for 0.9.3.
1999-05-24 Bodo MöllerUpdate for 0.9.3.
1999-05-24 Bodo MöllerFinal version for 0.9.3.
1999-05-24 Ben LaurieMove on to 0.9.4.
1999-05-24 Ben LaurieHere we go: prepare to roll 0.9.3. OpenSSL_0_9_3
1999-05-24 Dr. Stephen... Fix URL for perl in INSTALL.W32
1999-05-23 Ben LaurieMove to beta 3.
1999-05-23 Ben LauriePrepare for final(?) beta. OpenSSL_0_9_3beta2
1999-05-23 Bodo MöllerDon't use NULL-pointer :-/
1999-05-23 Bodo MöllerDetect linux-mips.
1999-05-23 Bodo MöllerComment about bug.
1999-05-23 Bodo MöllerLet ssl_get_prev_session reliably work in multi-threade...
1999-05-23 Dr. Stephen... Set ext_list to NULL after use.