2018-02-13 Matt CaswellUpdate last release letter for CHANGES and NEWS
2018-02-13 Dr. Matthias... Fix whitespace issues in CHANGES and NEWS
2018-02-13 Dr. Matthias... Document new random generator in NEWS and CHANGES
2018-02-12 Matt CaswellUpdate NEWS file for new release
2018-02-12 Matt CaswellSome minor tweaks following TLSv1.3 becoming default
2018-02-12 Bernd EdlingerRemove code that prints "<SPACES/NULS>" in hexdumps
2018-02-12 Andy Polyakovsha/asm/ add hardware-assisted SHA512...
2018-02-12 Andy Polyakovcrypto/armcap.c: detect hardware-assisted SHA512 support.
2018-02-12 Matt CaswellThe function ssl_get_min_max_version() can fail
2018-02-12 Matt CaswellDon't overestimate the ticket age
2018-02-11 Daniël van... Fix include in manpage of X509_check_host
2018-02-10 Rich SalzCopy name string in BIO_meth_new
2018-02-10 Viktor DukhovniAvoid leaking peername data via accept BIOs
2018-02-09 Bernd EdlingerSwap the check in ssl3_write_pending to avoid using
2018-02-09 Matt CaswellFixes for no-tls1_2 and no-tls1_2-method
2018-02-09 Nick MathewsonRun "make update"
2018-02-09 Nick MathewsonIn err_all.c, include the *err.h headers.
2018-02-09 Nick MathewsonImprove #include structure of pem{,2}.h
2018-02-09 Nick MathewsonRemove redundant declarations of ERR_load_*_strings()
2018-02-09 Matt CaswellDon't calculate the Finished MAC twice
2018-02-09 Richard LevitteConfiguration: move the handling of zlib_include to...
2018-02-09 Richard LevitteTurn off printf format checking for BIO_printf et al...
2018-02-09 FdaSilvaYYSmall simplification in
2018-02-09 Richard LevitteVMS: take care of includes
2018-02-09 PauliFix glibc version detection.
2018-02-09 Richard LevitteFix check of cpuid_asm_src config attribute
2018-02-09 Richard LevitteRevert ".travis.yml: remove osx from build matrix."
2018-02-09 Dr. Matthias... CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once.pod: fix typo and punktuation
2018-02-08 Matt CaswellFix no-chacha and no-poly1305
2018-02-08 Richard Levitteutil/ use better array in search of 'DEPRECATE...
2018-02-08 Richard LevitteWith nmake, invoking $(MAKE) needs /$(MAKEFLAGS)
2018-02-07 Matt CaswellDon't run tls13encryptiontest on a shared Windows build
2018-02-07 Matt CaswellFix some undefined behaviour in ossltest engine
2018-02-07 Matt CaswellFix clienthellotest with TLSv1.3
2018-02-07 Matt CaswellEnable TLSv1.3 by default
2018-02-07 Richard LevitteRevert "Modify test/afalgtest to fail if the afalg...
2018-02-07 Richard Levittemake update ERROR_REBUILD=-rebuild
2018-02-07 Richard When writing internal FOOerr.h, pay attention...
2018-02-07 Richard LevitteMake all private functions in e_afalg.c static
2018-02-07 Richard Levittetest/recipes/30-test_afalg.t: set OPENSSL_ENGINES correctly
2018-02-07 Richard LevitteModify test/afalgtest to fail if the afalg engine could...
2018-02-07 PauliFix glibc specific conditional for Mac OS/X
2018-02-07 PauliUnify timer code
2018-02-07 PauliMake OPENSSL_rdtsc universally available.
2018-02-07 PauliMake the OPENSSL_CPUID_OBJ define internal.
2018-02-06 Richard LevitteCode cleanup: remove benchmark code from internal tests
2018-02-06 Rich SalzRemove unused file
2018-02-06 Patrick Steuercrypto/evp/e_aes.c: add comments to s390x aes gcm imple...
2018-02-06 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: add KMAC code path for aes-ccm
2018-02-06 Richard Levitteutil/ Trust
2018-02-05 Dr. Matthias... Use RAND_DRBG_bytes() for RAND_bytes() and RAND_priv_by...
2018-02-05 Dr. Matthias... Fix size limitation of RAND_DRBG_bytes()
2018-02-05 Dr. Matthias... drbg_bytes: remove check for DRBG_UNINITIALIZED state
2018-02-05 Matt CaswellAdd MiddleboxCompat option to SSL_CONF_cmd man page
2018-02-02 Tatsuhiro TsujikawaMake sure that exporting keying material is allowed
2018-02-02 Tatsuhiro TsujikawaRemove generation of exporter master secret on client...
2018-02-02 Tatsuhiro TsujikawaGenerate exporter_master_secret after server Finished
2018-02-02 Richard LevitteHave also display the contents of %target
2018-02-02 Matt CaswellDocument SSL_OP_ENABLE_MIDDLEBOX_COMPAT
2018-02-01 Richard LevitteFix of prefix bio filter (bf_prefix.c): rely on the...
2018-02-01 David BenjaminFix timing leak in BN_from_montgomery_word.
2018-02-01 David BenjaminDon't leak the exponent bit width in BN_mod_exp_mont_co...
2018-02-01 David BenjaminMake BN_num_bits_word constant-time.
2018-02-01 Michael RichardsonAdd OPENSSL_VERSION_AT_LEAST
2018-02-01 Rich SalzShorten output by a line
2018-02-01 Richard LevitteVMS: MMS wants a space before the target / dependecies...
2018-02-01 Todd ShortFix some minor code nits
2018-02-01 Todd ShortFix doc nits
2018-02-01 Todd ShortFree pha_dgst in SSL_clear()
2018-02-01 Todd ShortAdd TLSv1.3 post-handshake authentication (PHA)
2018-02-01 Todd ShortRemove bad comments
2018-02-01 Matt CaswellFix some instances of the wrong alert type being sent
2018-02-01 Richard Levitteocsp.c doesn't free the whole output chain, maybe causi...
2018-02-01 Richard LevitteMake sure that apps/openssl prefixes its output with...
2018-02-01 Richard LevitteAdd an apps internal BIO filter for prefixing output...
2018-01-31 Richard LevitteAdd missing \n in some testutil output
2018-01-31 Richard LevitteMake test/uitest depend on the private apps support...
2018-01-31 Richard LevitteApps: divide the modules in direct command modules...
2018-01-31 Richard Levitteapps: Don't include progs.h in apps.h
2018-01-31 Andy Polyakovtest/asn1_time_test.c: fix pre-C90 warning.
2018-01-31 Andy Polyakovpoly1305/poly1305_ieee754.c: add support for MIPS.
2018-01-31 Benjamin KadukRestore clearing of init_lock after free
2018-01-31 Benjamin KadukRevert the crypto "global lock" implementation
2018-01-31 Richard LevitteRemove "dummy" BIO create and destroy functions
2018-01-31 Richard LevitteBIO: at the end of BIO_new, declare the BIO inited...
2018-01-31 Dr. Matthias... crypto/rand/rand_lib.c: fix undefined reference to...
2018-01-31 Peter Meerwald... Configure: Fix shorthand for --dump,...
2018-01-30 Richard LevitteFix small typo (parenthesis missing)
2018-01-30 Richard LevitteConfigure: when checking user input, check both %user...
2018-01-30 Richard LevitteConfigure: add configure command line C flags after...
2018-01-30 Matt CaswellMove decisions about whether to accept reneg into the...
2018-01-30 Richard LevitteAdd a 'reconfigure' make target
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteRestore perl variables for ENGINESDIR and OPENSSLDIR
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteFix typo in Windows makefile template: quotify, not...
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteTo make it less surprising and confusing, leave a messa...
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteMake Travis and Appveyor display the configuration...
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteDocument the use of as a script
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteMove the display of disabled features to configdata...
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteHave the build files use the executable
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteMake runnable and move all display of...