2005-09-20 Andy PolyakovProper solution to nasm compilation problems in Borland...
2005-09-19 Andy PolyakovMention BN_sqr failure on x86 platforms in ./RPOBLEMS.
2005-09-19 Andy PolyakovAnother missing space in [from 0.9.8].
2005-09-19 Andy PolyakovMissing space in
2005-09-19 Andy PolyakovOops-type typo.
2005-09-19 Andy Polyakovbswapl usage should be masked by I386_ONLY.
2005-09-19 Nils Larschcleanup doxygen comments
2005-09-19 Nils Larschadd some doxygen comments
2005-09-16 Dr. Stephen... Change openssl.cnf to use UTF8Strings by default and...
2005-09-16 Dr. Stephen... Fix for Win32.
2005-09-15 Nils Larschfix typos
2005-09-12 Bodo Möllercorrect+extend publication info
2005-09-09 Nils Larschbugfix: register engine as default engine in ENGINE_set...
2005-09-05 Richard LevitteRemove warnings about signed vs. unsigned...
2005-09-05 Richard LevitteSynchronise VMS build with Unixly build.
2005-09-03 Nils Larschfix function name in error
2005-09-03 Dr. Stephen... Update print macro properly this time...
2005-09-03 Dr. Stephen... Update ASN1 print implement macro.
2005-09-03 Dr. Stephen... Update asn1t.h too for ASN1 print.
2005-09-03 Dr. Stephen... Update to ASN1 printing code.
2005-09-02 Dr. Stephen... Two new verify flags functions.
2005-09-02 Nils Larschfix typo in sbgp names
2005-09-02 Nils Larschdon't try to load cert/key when the "-nocert" option...
2005-09-01 Dr. Stephen... Extend callback function to support print customization.
2005-09-01 Dr. Stephen... Return 2 from X509_NAME printing routine to add newline.
2005-09-01 Dr. Stephen... Update ASN1 printing code and add a -print option to...
2005-09-01 Richard LevitteSynchronise with Unixly build.
2005-09-01 Dr. Stephen... Initial support for ASN1 print code.
2005-08-31 Dr. Stephen... Integrated support for PVK files.
2005-08-30 Richard LevitteLast synchronisationn with Unixly build. I hope...
2005-08-28 Nils Larschfix warnings when building openssl with the following...
2005-08-28 Richard LevitteMore synchronisation with the Unixly build.
2005-08-27 Ben LaurieFix warnings.
2005-08-27 Richard LevitteSynchronise with Unix changes.
2005-08-25 Nils LarschKeep cipher lists sorted in the source instead of sorti...
2005-08-23 Ben LaurieGenerate primes, too.
2005-08-23 Bodo Möllerrecent DH change does not avoid *all* possible small...
2005-08-23 Bodo Mölleravoid potential spurious BN_free()
2005-08-21 Nils Larschinitialize cipher/digest methods table in SSL_library_i...
2005-08-21 Nils Larschadd missing file
2005-08-21 Ben LaurieMake D-H safer, include well-known primes.
2005-08-21 Ben LaurieFix warning.
2005-08-21 Dr. Stephen... Use correct date and filename.
2005-08-21 Dr. Stephen... Command line support for RSAPublicKey format.
2005-08-20 Dr. Stephen... Delete old ASN1_METHOD files.
2005-08-20 Dr. Stephen... Add file which includes new ASN1 NETSCAPE format for...
2005-08-20 Dr. Stephen... Update from stable branch.
2005-08-20 Dr. Stephen... Remove ASN1_METHOD code replace with new ASN1 alternative.
2005-08-20 Dr. Stephen... New version of ASN1 print code, still not compiled...
2005-08-14 Nils LarschLet the TLSv1_method() etc. functions return a const...
2005-08-11 Andy PolyakovEliminate reference to removed platform line.
2005-08-11 Andy PolyakovPedantic polish to WCE-specific #if clause in ectest.c
2005-08-11 Andy PolyakovFix typo in WCE section in
2005-08-10 Andy PolyakovMention wcecompat update INSTALL.WCE.
2005-08-10 Andy PolyakovFix Intel assembler warnings.
2005-08-09 Andy PolyakovSuppress "deprecated" warnings introduced in VC8.
2005-08-09 Andy PolyakovAdd support for more recent WCE SDK.
2005-08-08 Nils Larscha ssl object needs it's own instance of a ecdh key...
2005-08-08 Nils Larschremove unused internal foo_base_method functions
2005-08-07 Andy PolyakovFinal(?) WinCE update.
2005-08-06 Nils Larschavoid infinite recursion if dynamic engine isn't loaded
2005-08-05 Dr. Stephen... Initialize SSL_METHOD structures at compile time. This...
2005-08-05 Nils Larschfix potential memory leak + improved error checking
2005-08-04 Dr. Stephen... Allow PKCS7_decrypt() to work if no cert supplied.
2005-08-04 Andy Polyakov3-4 times better RSA/DSA performance on WIN64A target...
2005-08-03 Andy PolyakovWCE update, mostly typos.
2005-08-03 Andy PolyakovPIC-ify SPARC assembler in alternative manner to elimin...
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovAbstain from GUI calls in rand_win.c in NT service...
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovWCE-specific update for
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovWCE-specific fix for cryptlib.c.
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovKeep disclaiming 16-bit support.
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovOptimize for space on embedded WCE.
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovStick to -DWCE_PLATFORM_$wceplatf, as that's what is...
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovEliminate bogus #if WCEPLATFORM!=MS_HPC_PRO [which...
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovType in OSF1 platform name.
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovImplement complementary LoadLibraryA shim under WCE.
2005-07-30 Andy PolyakovEliminate dependency on 3rd party wcedefs.mak.
2005-07-30 Andy PolyakovFix #if _MSC_VER clause in aes_locl.h
2005-07-29 Nils Larschadd comment
2005-07-27 Nils Larschremove unused variable
2005-07-26 Nils Larschimproved error checking and some fixes
2005-07-26 Dr. Stephen... Handle case where it==NULL
2005-07-26 Dr. Stephen... Update ASN1 printing code. Highly experimental, not...
2005-07-26 Dr. Stephen... Add declaration for IDP ASN1 functions.
2005-07-26 Richard Levittebytes_to_long_long isn't used anywhere any more, so...
2005-07-26 Richard LevitteI'm reversing this change, as it seems the error is...
2005-07-26 Geoff ThorpeSilence two more generated files.
2005-07-26 Geoff Thorpeadd a .cvsignore
2005-07-26 Geoff Thorpe"make update"
2005-07-26 Geoff ThorpeChange my debug build for amd64.
2005-07-26 Geoff ThorpeFix compilation when HAVE_LONG_LONG isn't defined.
2005-07-26 Geoff ThorpeFix signed/unsigned warnings.
2005-07-26 Geoff ThorpeFix PEDANTIC compilation, using the same trick as elsew...
2005-07-26 Geoff ThorpeFix 64-bit compilation when PQ_64BIT_IS_INTEGER isn...
2005-07-25 Nils Larschfix BN_mod_word and give a more reasonable return value...
2005-07-25 Dr. Stephen... Add support for setting IDP too.
2005-07-25 Dr. Stephen... Don't use @syntax for extended CRLDP format.
2005-07-25 Dr. Stephen... Allow setting of all fields in CRLDP. Few cosmetic...
2005-07-25 Dr. Stephen... Typo which prevents mult valued RDNs being created.
2005-07-25 Andy PolyakovCommentary section update in