2020-03-04 Vladimir Panteleev.gitignore: Add /apps/progs.{c,h}
2020-03-03 Shane LontisAdd Serializers for EC
2020-03-03 Tomas MrazCorrect two small documentation issues
2020-03-03 Dmitry BelyavskiyDocumenting newly added CMS modification
2020-03-03 Dmitry BelyavskiyImplementation of Russian GOST CMS
2020-03-03 Dr. Matthias... doc: document that 'openssl rand' is cryptographically...
2020-03-03 Philippe AntoineFix build with clang assembler
2020-03-03 Shane LontisAdd pairwise consistency self tests to asym keygenerators
2020-03-02 Richard Levitte.travis.yml: Remove NOUPDATE support
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteRemove apps/progs.c and apps/progs.h
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteConfigure: Diverse cleanups
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteBuild: Generate apps/progs.c and apps/progs.h in build...
2020-03-02 Richard Implement simply substitutions in variable...
2020-03-02 Richard Make it possible to have more than one...
2020-03-02 Richard LevittePROV: Add a OP_keymgmt_match() function to our DH,...
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteEVP: Add support for copying provided EVP_PKEYs
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Add a keydata copy function
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteEVP: Add support for comparing provided EVP_PKEYs
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Add a keydata matching function
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteEVP: Adapt EVP_PKEY_missing_parameters() for provider...
2020-03-02 Richard Levittecrypto/perlasm/ detect GNU as to deal...
2020-02-29 André KlitzingFix drop of const qualifier
2020-02-29 Richard LevitteDOCS: Add and modify docs for internal EVP_KEYMGMT...
2020-02-29 Richard LevitteDOCS: Add internal docs for EVP_PKEY and the export...
2020-02-29 Richard LevitteEVP: Add evp_pkey_upgrade_to_provider(), for EVP_PKEY...
2020-02-29 Richard LevitteRethink the EVP_PKEY cache of provider side keys
2020-02-29 Dr. Matthias... man: openssl-ocsp: separate client and server options
2020-02-28 Nikolay Morozovx509v3 subjectSignTool extention support
2020-02-28 Richard LevitteFix util/ to use the new VERSION information
2020-02-27 Scott ArciszewskiFix comment placement in
2020-02-27 Richard LevitteDeprecate ASN1_sign(), ASN1_verify() and ASN1_digest()
2020-02-27 Matt CaswellImplement the ECX Serializers
2020-02-27 Richard LevitteReplace util/ with util/ in diverse...
2020-02-27 Richard LevitteBuild file templates: don't set OPENSSL_{ENGINES,MODULES}
2020-02-27 Richard LevitteTEST: add util/ and use it
2020-02-27 Richard LevitteVMS: mitigate for the C++ compiler that doesn't underst...
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: add a fancy CHANGES entry to celebrate the new...
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: revamp the SUPPORT file
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: revamp the INSTALL file
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: add missing CHANGES entries for all versions ...
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: add missing NEWS entries for all versions >= 1.0.0
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: revamp the README file
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: add OpenSSL logo
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: introduce some minimalistic markdown without essen...
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: convert standard project docs to markdown
2020-02-26 Rich SalzUse a wrapper for pod2html
2020-02-26 Bastian Germannapps x509: restrict CAkeyform option to OPT_FMT_PDE
2020-02-26 Asfak Rahmanbugfix in cmac calculation example
2020-02-26 Tomas MrazAvoid arm64 builds timeout due to silent make taking...
2020-02-26 Paulisecmem: ignore small minsize arguments to CRYPTO_secure...
2020-02-26 Paulisec_mem: add note about the minimum size parameter.
2020-02-26 Davide GalassiMem-sec small code adjustment
2020-02-26 H.J. Lux86_64: Replace .asciz "GNU" with .byte
2020-02-25 Dr. Matthias... Check that the DRBG's internal state has been zeroized...
2020-02-25 Dr. Matthias... DRBG: delay initialization of DRBG method until instant...
2020-02-25 Matt Turnerconfig: Drop linux-alpha-gcc+bwx
2020-02-23 Richard LevitteFix default provider merge glitch
2020-02-22 Richard LevitteRefactor evp_pkey_make_provided() to do legacy to provi...
2020-02-22 Richard LevitteDSA: More conforming names in crypto/dsa/dsa_aid.c
2020-02-22 Richard Levittedoc/man3/EVP_PKEY_CTX_ctrl.pod: cleanup
2020-02-22 Richard LevittePROV: Avoid MDC2 in the RSA signature implementation...
2020-02-22 Richard Levittetest/recipes/30-test_evp_data/evppkey.txt
2020-02-22 Richard Levittetest/evp_extra_test.c: adapt for RSA signature tests
2020-02-22 Richard Levittersa_get0_all_params(): Allow zero CRT params
2020-02-22 Richard LevittePROV: add RSA signature implementation
2020-02-21 Dr. David von... Don't exclude quite so much in a no-sock build
2020-02-21 Matt CaswellIntroduce the provider property
2020-02-21 Shane LontisAdd DRBG self tests
2020-02-21 Paulipkey: additional EC related options
2020-02-21 Paulipkey: update command line tool examples in light of...
2020-02-21 Pauliapps: distinguish between a parameter error and an...
2020-02-21 Paulipmeth_lib: detect unsupported OSSL_PARAM.
2020-02-21 PauliParams: add argument to the _from_text calls to indicat...
2020-02-20 Matt CaswellAdd *.d.tmp files to .gitignore
2020-02-20 PauliDeprecate the low level Diffie-Hellman functions.
2020-02-20 PauliDH: add CHANGES entry listing the deprecated DH functions.
2020-02-20 PauliDH: fix header file indentation
2020-02-20 PauliDeprecate the low level RSA functions.
2020-02-20 Paulirsa: document deprecated RSA command line apps
2020-02-20 Paulirsa: document deprecated low level functions
2020-02-20 PauliNEWS: DH, DSA, ECDH, ECDSA and RSA public key function...
2020-02-20 Paulirsa.h: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-02-20 Dane (4cad... Remove unneeded switch statement to fix warning
2020-02-19 Simon CornishHandle max_fragment_length overflow for DTLS
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[PROV][EC] Update documentation
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[BN] harden `BN_copy()` against leaks from memory accesses
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[EC] harden EC_KEY against leaks from memory accesses
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[PROV][KEYMGMT][EC] Import/export of priv_key as padded...
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[PROV][KMGMT][KEXCH][EC] Implement EC keymgtm and ECDH
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[CMS] Test decryption of a ciphertext encrypted from...
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[EC] Constify internal EC_KEY pointer usage
2020-02-18 Nicola Tuveri[PROV][KEYMGMT][DH][DSA] use BN_clear_free for secrets
2020-02-18 H.J. Lux86_64: Don't assume 8-byte pointer size
2020-02-18 Alex BobocDOC:Fix typos in x509v3_config.pod
2020-02-18 Alex BobocDOC:Fix typos in man5/config.pod
2020-02-18 Alex BobocDOC:Fix typos in + openssl.pod
2020-02-18 Alex BobocDOC:Fix typos in ossl_cmp_print_log.pod
2020-02-18 Alex BobocDOC:Fix typos in ossl_param_bld_init
2020-02-18 PauliDeprecate EC command line apps.
2020-02-18 Richard LevitteTEST: Optionally silence OpenSSL::Test::setup()