1999-04-30 Bodo MöllerHopefully improved compatibility with earlier versions...
1999-04-30 Bodo MöllerRemove extra brace.
1999-04-29 Dr. Stephen... Fix a couple of cases where an attempt is made to lock...
1999-04-29 Ulf Möller$perl should never be empty.
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerTypo.
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerSuperseded by
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerUnused file.
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerOAEP bug fix.
1999-04-29 Bodo Möllerignore
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerSupport INSTALL_PREFIX for packagers.
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerBug fix.
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerClose files.
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerNew Configure options "threads" and "no-threads".
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerCompare with BN_mod_exp_simple, too.
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerIgnore
1999-04-29 Ulf Möllerexptest dumps core. Optimizer bug?
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerMissing "else".
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerPass PERL to sub-Makefiles during "make links".
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerObey $(PERL) when running util/
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerFix make target "install".
1999-04-28 Bodo MöllerTypo fixed.
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerChange error message for consistency.
1999-04-28 Bodo MöllerUse util/ instead of util/
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerAutogenerated files.
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerIgnore autogenerated assembler files.
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerDecrypt test vector data even if previous decryption...
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerPass $PERL on make dclean.
1999-04-28 Bodo MöllerA faster (and more general, and better documented)...
1999-04-28 Bodo MöllerInstall various scripts to $(OPENSSLDIR)/misc instead...
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerLinux shared libraries (now in Makefile.ssl).
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerLinux shared libraries.
1999-04-28 Ulf MöllerDo make rehash automatically at make test.
1999-04-28 Ben LaurieDon't shadow.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerRemove autogenerated file.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerTypo.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerMore portable blowfish macros.
1999-04-27 Bodo MöllerA new comment.
1999-04-27 Ulf Möller*** empty log message ***
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerUpdate NO_* macros.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerUndo.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerMessage digest stuff.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerNew Configure option no-<cipher> (rsa, idea, rc5, ...
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerAdd missing DEPFLAG.
1999-04-27 Dr. Stephen... Oops ... fix warning.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerNew Configure option no-<cipher> (rsa, idea, rc5, ...
1999-04-27 Dr. Stephen... Add PKCS#12 documentation and new option in x509 to...
1999-04-26 Ulf MöllerRemove NOPROTO-related macros.
1999-04-26 Ulf MöllerLast week I proposed to increase the version number...
1999-04-26 Ulf MöllerIgnore autogenerated file.
1999-04-26 Ulf MöllerRemove NOPROTO definitions and error code comments.
1999-04-26 Dr. Stephen... Extensively changed the DEF file generator
1999-04-25 Dr. Stephen... Fixes so it will compile again under Win32.
1999-04-25 Dr. Stephen... Various header consistency fixes.
1999-04-25 Dr. Stephen... Fix to find functions returning function point...
1999-04-25 Ulf MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-25 Bodo MöllerFixed a typo.
1999-04-25 Bodo MöllerComment changed.
1999-04-25 Ulf Möllerexit on error.
1999-04-25 Bodo MöllerRemoved traces of cryptall.h, and did a "make depend".
1999-04-24 Ulf Möller*** empty log message ***
1999-04-24 Ulf MöllerNew Configure option --openssldir to replace
1999-04-24 Ulf MöllerNew Configure option --openssldir to replace util/ssldi...
1999-04-24 Bodo Möllercryptall.h is not needed for anything and cannot even...
1999-04-24 Bodo MöllerFix header files so that any one can be included first.
1999-04-24 Ulf MöllerReplaced by
1999-04-24 Bodo MöllerSome instructions for how to handle the <foo.h> =...
1999-04-24 Dr. Stephen... Change the command line options of so -static...
1999-04-24 Bodo Möller"perl util/ -static -recurse -rebuild" because...
1999-04-24 Bodo MöllerRemoved superfluous reference to ERRC.
1999-04-24 Bodo MöllerRestore ERRC definitions that are needed to compile...
1999-04-24 Bodo MöllerAvoid "incomprehensible" errors when required definitio...
1999-04-24 Dr. Stephen... Delete the unnecessary ERR and ERRC lines in makefiles...
1999-04-24 Bodo MöllerC indentation style definition for Emacs.
1999-04-24 Ulf MöllerANSIfy, fix typo in error message, and remove redundant...
1999-04-24 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-24 Dr. Stephen... Complete rewrite of the error code generation script...
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-23 Bodo Möller"make depend"
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-23 Ulf MöllerRemove header files from .cvsignore.
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerChange #include filenames from <foo.h> to <openssl.h>.
1999-04-23 Ulf Möller*.org files are gone for good.
1999-04-23 Ulf MöllerAndy Polyakov points out that BF_PTR2 is slower than...
1999-04-23 Ulf MöllerUndo evil cast! <g>
1999-04-23 Ulf MöllerFunction didn't get ANSIfied because of unusual formatting.
1999-04-23 Ulf MöllerRecognize CPU version on NetBSD and FreeBSD.
1999-04-23 Ben LaurieWork with -pedantic!
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by:
1999-04-22 Ulf MöllerRemove references to .org header file names.
1999-04-22 Ulf MöllerPass the $PROCESSOR variable through.
1999-04-22 Ulf MöllerSet the 386 flag automatically when building on i386.
1999-04-22 Ulf MöllerBe more specify about system requirements.
1999-04-22 Ulf MöllerUltrix compatibility.
1999-04-22 Bodo MöllerCVS confusion?
1999-04-22 Bodo MöllerDon't return 0 from ssl2_read when a packet with empty...