2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... Add ossl_inline
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... add -unref option to
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... In look in directories under ssl/
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... remove unused error code
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... make update
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... unload modules in ssltest
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... make errors
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... SSL configuration module docs
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... Demo server using SSL_CTX_config
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... Add ssl configuration support to s_server and s_client
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... Load module in SSL_library_init
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... Add ssl_mcnf.c to Makefile
2015-12-22 Dr. Stephen... SSL library configuration module.
2015-12-22 Rich SalzCleanup CRYPTO_{push,pop}_info
2015-12-22 Rich SalzRename *_realloc_clean to *_clear_realloc
2015-12-22 Kurt RoeckxAlso change the non-debug versions to use size_t
2015-12-22 David BenjaminFix memory leak in DSA redo case.
2015-12-22 Andy PolyakovConfigure: refine 'reconf' logic.
2015-12-22 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/bn-c64xplus.asm: update commentary.
2015-12-21 Andy Polyakovsha/asm/ one of "universal" flags combi...
2015-12-19 Matt CaswellFix URLs mangled by reformat
2015-12-19 Richard LevitteFix the etags action line, as etags doesn't take -R
2015-12-19 Dr. Stephen... Remove fixed DH ciphersuites.
2015-12-19 Dr. Stephen... delete unused context
2015-12-18 Rich SalzRemove some L<asdf|asdf> which crept back in.
2015-12-18 Rich SalzRemove err and prime demo's
2015-12-18 Richard LevitteRemove the "eay" c-file-style indicators
2015-12-17 Matt CaswellAdd SSL_CIPHER_description() for Chacha20/Poly1305
2015-12-17 Richard LevitteModify the lower level memory allocation routines to...
2015-12-17 Rich Salzmem-cleanup, cont'd.
2015-12-17 Rich SalzRename sec_mem to mem_sec, like other files.
2015-12-16 Rich SalzFix typo.
2015-12-16 Rich SalzProvide better "make depend" warning.
2015-12-16 Ben LaurieFix no-dgram.
2015-12-16 Rich SalzRename some BUF_xxx to OPENSSL_xxx
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... fix for no-ec
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... make update
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... Use EVP_PKEY for client side EC.
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... Use EVP_PKEY for server EC.
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... Add ECDH/DH utility functions.
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... remove unnecessary key copy
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... Constify EC_KEY in ECDH_compute_key.
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... Remove ECDH client auth code.
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... Remove SSL_OP_SINGLE_ECDH_USE code.
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... Use EC_KEY_key2buf and EC_oct2key in libssl.
2015-12-16 Dr. Stephen... New EC functions.
2015-12-15 Matt CaswellFix build on Solaris
2015-12-15 Matt CaswellFix updating via
2015-12-15 Matt CaswellDon't export internal symbols
2015-12-15 Richard LevitteBetter splitting regexp for test_ordinals
2015-12-15 Rich SalzRemove GMP engine.
2015-12-15 Matt CaswellFix s_server problem with no-ec
2015-12-15 Matt CaswellFix no-psk compile failure
2015-12-15 Matt CaswellFix compile failure with no-srp
2015-12-14 Dr. Stephen... Update EVP_PKEY documentation.
2015-12-14 Dr. Stephen... make update
2015-12-14 Dr. Stephen... New function X509_get0_pubkey
2015-12-14 Dr. Stephen... Add EVP_PKEY_get0_* functions.
2015-12-14 Dr. Stephen... Extend EVP_PKEY_copy_parameters()
2015-12-14 Emilia KasperFix a ** 0 mod 1 = 0 for real this time.
2015-12-14 Andy Polyakovcrpyto/ add FPU probe and fix OPENSSL_rdtsc.
2015-12-14 Andy Polyakovcrypto/ppccap.c: add SIGILL-free processor capability...
2015-12-14 Hongze Zhuadd malloc fail check & fix memory leak
2015-12-14 Viktor DukhovniFix erroneous SO suffix in darwin64-debug-test-64-clang...
2015-12-14 Ben KadukFix typo
2015-12-14 Viktor DukhovniFix option value parsing in crl2pkcs7 -certfile
2015-12-14 Viktor DukhovniAvoid erroneous "assert(private)" failures.
2015-12-13 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: tune clang version detection...
2015-12-13 Andy PolyakovConfigure: add framework for ChaCha and Poly1305 assembly.
2015-12-13 Andy PolyakovConfigure: 'reconf' to respect CROSS_COMPILE and CC.
2015-12-13 Ben LaurieDon't use EC when no-ec.
2015-12-13 Ben LaurieRemove no longer existant structure member and direct...
2015-12-13 Ben LaurieFix (incorrect) uninitialised variable warning.
2015-12-13 Dr. Stephen... fix warning
2015-12-13 Dr. Stephen... remove ancient SSLeay bug workaround
2015-12-13 tjmaoAllow ChaCha20-Poly1305 in DTLS
2015-12-13 Rich SalzRevert "Allow ChaCha20-Poly1305 in DTLS"
2015-12-13 Rich SalzUse SHA256 not MD5 as default digest.
2015-12-12 Ben LaurieSupport ccache.
2015-12-12 Matt CaswellFix compile failure with no-threads
2015-12-12 Dr. Stephen... Add extension utility documentation.
2015-12-12 Dr. Stephen... add X509_up_ref() documentation
2015-12-12 Dr. Stephen... extension documentation
2015-12-12 Kurt RoeckxUse OPENSSL_NO_DTLS instead of OPENSSL_NO_DTLS1
2015-12-11 Matt CaswellFix compile failure
2015-12-11 Andy Polyakovevp/e_chacha20_poly1305.c: TLS interop fixes.
2015-12-11 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: fix typos in mingw/cygwin...
2015-12-11 Rich SalzAllow ChaCha20-Poly1305 in DTLS
2015-12-11 Ben LaurieMake no-dh work, plus other no-dh problems found by...
2015-12-11 Richard Levittemake update, missed file
2015-12-11 Rich SalzUse SHA256 not MD5 as default digest.
2015-12-11 Richard Levittemake update
2015-12-11 Richard LevitteAdapt EVP tests to the opaque EVP_ENCODE_CTX
2015-12-11 Richard LevitteAdapt PEM routines to the opaque EVP_ENCODE_CTX
2015-12-11 Richard LevitteAdapt BIO_f_base64 to the opaque EVP_ENCODE_CTX
2015-12-11 Richard LevitteMake EVP_ENCODE_CTX opaque
2015-12-11 Matt CaswellFix OCB link
2015-12-10 Rob StradlingSupport the TLS Feature (aka Must Staple) X.509v3 exten...
2015-12-10 Viktor DukhovniRestore full support for EVP_CTX_create() etc.
2015-12-10 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.1.0-pre2-dev