2002-05-29 Richard LevitteThere is a chance that the input string is larger than...
2002-05-28 Lutz JänickeRemove item listed twice <>.
2002-05-27 Ulf MöllerCygnus correction. (I thought I had tested that...)
2002-05-24 Bodo Möllerfix Cygwin (remove extra colons)
2002-05-24 Ulf MöllerUse assembler implementations with Cygwin.
2002-05-23 Richard LevitteRecover from errors
2002-05-23 Richard Levittemake update
2002-05-23 Richard LevitteMake sure short aliases are used where required.
2002-05-23 Richard LevitteDefine a short alias for another long EC symbol.
2002-05-23 Richard LevitteMake sure ECDSA is built and tested on VMS.
2002-05-23 Richard LevitteMake sure ECDSA is built and tested on VMS.
2002-05-22 Richard LevitteAllow the use of the TCP/IP stack keyword TCPIP and...
2002-05-22 Richard LevitteUse OPENSSL_SYS_VMS instead of just VMS
2002-05-21 Bodo Mölleraccept NULL in 'free' functions
2002-05-19 Dr. Stephen... Reorganise -subj option code, fix buffer overrun.
2002-05-19 Dr. Stephen... Fix Mingw32 asm build: use the Unix
2002-05-18 Dr. Stephen... Add missing EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init call.
2002-05-16 Lutz JänickeFix incorrect =over 4 location.
2002-05-16 Bodo Möllerfix EVP_dsa_sha macro
2002-05-16 Lutz JänickeUse the indirect way to the actual request tracker...
2002-05-16 Bodo Möllerupdate
2002-05-15 Dr. Stephen... Zero cipher_data in EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup
2002-05-14 Bodo Möllermake b_print.c consistent with the rest of OpenSSL:
2002-05-12 Lutz JänickeAdd missing '"'
2002-05-12 Lutz JänickeRecognize PPC64 target.
2002-05-11 Dr. Stephen... EVP_SealFinal should return a value.
2002-05-11 Ulf Möllervalues were reset for no reason.
2002-05-11 Ulf Möllerupdated Mingw32 instructions.
2002-05-10 Dr. Stephen... Add config entry debug-steve-linux-pseudo64. This...
2002-05-10 Dr. Stephen... Fallback to normal multiply if n2 == 8 and dna or dnb...
2002-05-10 Dr. Stephen... Avoid gcc warning: BN_DEC_CONV when SIXTY_FOUR_BIT...
2002-05-09 Richard LevitteUpdating status for 0.9.6d
2002-05-09 Richard LevitteSynchronise the FAQ
2002-05-09 Richard LevitteMake the huge buffer smaller, so the size becomes reaso...
2002-05-09 Richard LevitteOne place where VMS wasn't changed to OPENSSL_SYS_VMS...
2002-05-09 Richard LevitteMove an assert() to avoid core dumps when a static...
2002-05-08 Richard LevitteSmall documentation fix for EVP_CipherFinal or EVP_Ciph...
2002-05-08 Richard LevitteGenerate an error if rewinding wasn't possible.
2002-05-08 Bodo MöllerChange internals of the EC library so that the functions
2002-05-07 Lutz JänickeAdd missing ";" after fi
2002-05-07 Bodo Möllerin SignerInfo, use ecdsa-with-SHA1 OID for ECDSA (not...
2002-05-07 Bodo MöllerFix ciphersuite list to enforce low priority for RC4.
2002-05-07 Bodo Möllerensure that, for each strength, RC4 ciphers have least...
2002-05-07 Bodo Möllerrefer to latest draft for AES ciphersuites
2002-05-06 Bodo Möllerfix warning
2002-05-05 Bodo Möllerupdate
2002-05-05 Bodo Möllerimprove wNAF generation
2002-05-05 Bodo Möllerdisable AES ciphersuites unless explicitly requested
2002-05-05 Bodo Möllerfix casts
2002-05-02 Richard LevitteMake sure that date is run under the C locale, so dates...
2002-05-01 Dr. Stephen... Add apps_startup and bio_err init code to smime.c
2002-04-30 Lutz JänickeFix escaping when using the -subj option of "openssl...
2002-04-29 Lutz JänickeAdd information about -nameopt option for x509.
2002-04-29 Bodo Möllerundo nonsense patch (r *is* signed or we have signednes...
2002-04-29 Richard LevitteFix unsigned vs. signed clash
2002-04-29 Richard LevitteSynchronise with 0.9.7-stable.
2002-04-29 Richard LevitteSynchronise with 0.9.7-stable.
2002-04-26 Bodo MöllerFix crypto/asn1/a_sign.c so that 'parameters' is omitte...
2002-04-25 Lutz JänickeAdd generationQualifier OID (proposed by Fiel Cabral).
2002-04-25 Richard LevittePotential memory leak removed. Notified by <threaded...
2002-04-25 Bodo Möllernew items for 0.9.7
2002-04-25 Bodo Mölleroops
2002-04-25 Bodo MöllerAlgorithmIdentifier bugs
2002-04-23 Bodo Möllerfix usage (no 'key')
2002-04-23 Richard LevitteUhmmm, if we use && after having tested for the presenc...
2002-04-22 Lutz JänickeERR_file_name is no longer being used.
2002-04-21 Lutz JänickeAdd cygwin build script (Corinna Vinschen <vinschen...
2002-04-20 Richard LevitteMake sure ec and ecdsa is properly handled in Windows.
2002-04-20 Richard LevitteSignedness mismatch.
2002-04-20 Richard LevitteThe callback must have (void) as argument list.
2002-04-20 Richard LevitteNo point constifying an int.
2002-04-20 Richard LevitteDo not free p if it hasn't been used yet.
2002-04-18 Richard LevitteMake sure the opened directory is closed on exit.
2002-04-18 Lutz JänickeMissing "Configure" entry (Jean-Marc Desperrier <jean...
2002-04-18 Lutz JänickeOptimize: better shortcut evaluation ("Howard Chu"...
2002-04-18 Lutz JänickeHandle headings uniformly to allow automatic processing.
2002-04-17 Bodo Möller'version' is not optional in the encoding
2002-04-17 Bodo Möller'version' is not optional in the encoding
2002-04-17 Bodo Möllercheck return values
2002-04-15 Bodo Möllerget rid of some assignments that have become obsolete
2002-04-15 Lutz JänickeDocument OID changes.
2002-04-15 Lutz JänickeUse the "mail" short name according to RFC2798 (Michael...
2002-04-15 Lutz JänickeSome more OID enhancements.
2002-04-15 Lutz JänickeFix CRLF problem in BASE64 decode.
2002-04-14 Bodo Möllerremove disabled code
2002-04-14 Bodo Möllerfix length field we create when converting SSL 2.0...
2002-04-13 Bodo MöllerImplement known-IV countermeasure.
2002-04-13 Richard LevitteAvoid emacs backup files when making a snapshot
2002-04-13 Ulf Mölleranother error discovered by Karsten Braaten. The number...
2002-04-12 Bodo Möllerlooks like a typo
2002-04-12 Bodo Möllerclean up and synchronize with 0.9.6-stable
2002-04-12 Bodo MöllerECDSA representation bugfixes
2002-04-11 Richard LevitteCheck error code from a2d_ASN1_OBJECT().
2002-04-11 Richard LevitteChange the date to XX xxx XXXX in development versions.
2002-04-11 Lutz JänickeSynchronize with 0.9.7-stable.
2002-04-10 Lutz JänickeSynchronize with 0.9.7-stable branch
2002-04-10 Lutz JänickeKeep my own specially optimized HP-UX shared library...
2002-04-09 Bodo Möllerharmonize capitalization
2002-04-09 Bodo Möllerfix ECDSA handling
2002-04-09 Bodo Mölleradd usage examples