2013-10-20 Dr. Stephen... Don't use RSA+MD5 with TLS 1.2
2013-10-19 Ben LaurieMore cleanup.
2013-10-19 Ben LaurieCleanup.
2013-10-19 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'no_gmt_unix_time' of git://
2013-10-13 Andy PolyakovMIPS assembly pack: get rid of deprecated instructions.
2013-10-12 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/ update from master.
2013-10-09 Nick MathewsonControl sending time with SSL_SEND_{CLIENT,SERVER}RANDO...
2013-10-09 Nick MathewsonRefactor {client,server}_random to call an intermediate...
2013-10-03 Andy Polyakovevp/e_des3.c: fix typo with potential integer overflow...
2013-10-01 Ben LaurieConstification.
2013-09-30 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2013-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Disable Dual EC DRBG.
2013-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning.
2013-09-16 Nick MathewsonDo not include a timestamp in the ServerHello Random...
2013-09-16 Nick MathewsonDo not include a timestamp in the ClientHello Random...
2013-09-16 Rob StradlingUpdate CHANGES.
2013-09-16 Rob StradlingTidy up comments.
2013-09-16 Rob StradlingUse TLS version supplied by client when fingerprinting...
2013-09-16 Rob StradlingFix compilation with no-ec and/or no-tlsext.
2013-09-16 Rob StradlingDon't prefer ECDHE-ECDSA ciphers when the client appear...
2013-09-16 Ben LaurieRemove AVX and VIS3 support.
2013-09-16 Andy Polyakovgcm128.c: update from master (add AVX and VIS3 support).
2013-09-16 Andy Polyakovcrypto/modes: even more strict aliasing fixes [and...
2013-09-16 Andy Polyakovcbc128.c: fix strict aliasing warning.
2013-09-16 Bodo MoellerSync CHANGES and NEWS files.
2013-09-16 Bodo Moeller Fix overly lenient comparisons:
2013-09-15 Andy Polyakovcrypto/armcap.c: fix typo in rdtsc subroutine.
2013-08-20 Dr. Stephen... Correct ECDSA example.
2013-08-13 Michael TuexenDTLS message_sequence number wrong in rehandshake Serve...
2013-08-08 Michael TuexenDTLS handshake fix.
2013-08-06 Dr. Stephen... Fix verify loop with CRL checking.
2013-08-06 Kaspar BrandFix for PEM_X509_INFO_read_bio.
2013-08-03 Andy Polyakovcrypto/evp/e_aes.c: fix logical pre-processor bug and...
2013-07-31 Andy Polyakovcrypto/sha/asm/ comply with Win64 ABI.
2013-06-30 Andy Polyakovconfig: fix executable format detection on latest FreeBSD.
2013-06-30 Andy PolyakovPA-RISC assembler pack: switch to bve in 64-bit builds.
2013-06-12 Dr. Stephen... Typo: don't call RAND_cleanup during app startup.
2013-05-30 Dr. Stephen... Don't use RC2 with PKCS#12 files in FIPS mode.
2013-05-05 Dr. Stephen... Fix PSS signature printing.
2013-05-03 Dr. Stephen... Reencode with X509_CRL_ctx_sign too.
2013-05-02 Dr. Stephen... Reencode certificates in X509_sign_ctx.
2013-04-13 Andy Polyakovcrypto/modes/modes_lcl.h: let STRICT_ALIGNMENT be on...
2013-04-08 Dr. Stephen... Set s->d1 to NULL after freeing it.
2013-03-31 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2013-03-28 Dr. Stephen... Call RAND_cleanup in openssl application.
2013-03-26 Matt CaswellMake binary curve ASN.1 work in FIPS mode.
2013-03-19 Dr. Stephen... Disable compression for DTLS.
2013-03-18 Andy make it work with older CPUs.
2013-03-18 Andy Polyakove_aes_cbc_hmac_sha1.c: fix rare bad record mac on AES...
2013-03-18 Michael TuexenAvoid unnecessary fragmentation.
2013-03-18 Dr. Stephen... Encode INTEGER correctly.
2013-03-18 Dr. Stephen... Merge branch 'OpenSSL_1_0_1-stable' of ../openssl into...
2013-03-18 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2013-03-01 Andy fix typo.
2013-03-01 Andy add missing Windows build fix for ...
2013-02-16 Andy Polyakovbn_nist.c: cumulative update from master.
2013-02-15 Nick AlcockFix POD errors to stop make install_docs dying with...
2013-02-14 Andy make it work with not-so-latest perl.
2013-02-12 David WoodhouseCheck DTLS_BAD_VER for version number.
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen... Fix for SSL_get_certificate
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen... Fix in ssltest is no-ssl2 configured
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen... update CHANGES
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen... prepare for next version
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen... use 10240 for record size OpenSSL_1_0_1e
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen... prepare for release
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen... Update NEWS
2013-02-11 Lutz JaenickeFAQ/README: we are now using Git instead of CVS
2013-02-11 Andy Polyakovsparccpuid.S: work around emulator bug on T1.
2013-02-09 Andy Polyakovssl/*: fix linking errors with no-srtp.
2013-02-09 Andy Polyakovssl/s3_[clnt|srvr].c: fix warnings.
2013-02-08 Andy Polyakovs3_cbc.c: make CBC_MAC_ROTATE_IN_PLACE universal.
2013-02-08 Andy Polyakovs3_cbc.c: get rid of expensive divisions [from master].
2013-02-08 Andy Polyakove_aes_cbc_hmac_sha1.c: fine-tune cache line alignment.
2013-02-08 Ben LaurieAdd clang target.
2013-02-08 Ben LaurieRemove extraneous brackets (clang doesn't like them).
2013-02-07 Andy Polyakove_aes_cbc_hmac_sha1.c: align calculated MAC at cache...
2013-02-07 Andy Polyakovssl/[d1|s3]_pkt.c: harmomize orig_len handling.
2013-02-07 Dr. Stephen... Fix IV check and padding removal.
2013-02-06 Adam LangleyFix for EXP-RC2-CBC-MD5
2013-02-06 Dr. Stephen... prepare for next version
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... typo OpenSSL_1_0_1d
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Prepare for release.
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... typo
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... make update
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix error codes.
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Reword NEWS entry.
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Update NEWS
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Add CHANGES entries.
2013-02-03 Andy Polyakove_aes_cbc_hmac_sha1.c: cleanse temporary copy of HMAC...
2013-02-02 Andy Polyakovbn_word.c: fix overflow bug in BN_add_word.
2013-02-02 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: keep making Windows build more...
2013-02-02 Andy Polyakove_aes_cbc_hmac_sha1.c: address the CBC decrypt timing...
2013-02-01 Ben LaurieMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/OpenSSL_1_0_1...
2013-02-01 Andy Polyakovssl/*: remove SSL3_RECORD->orig_len to restore binary...
2013-02-01 Andy Polyakovssl/*: remove SSL3_RECORD->orig_len to restore binary...
2013-02-01 Dr. Stephen... Don't access EVP_MD_CTX internals directly.
2013-02-01 Andy Polyakovs3/s3_cbc.c: allow for compilations with NO_SHA256...
2013-02-01 Andy Polyakovssl/s3_cbc.c: md_state alignment portability fix.
2013-02-01 Andy Polyakovssl/s3_cbc.c: uint64_t portability fix.
2013-01-31 Dr. Stephen... typo.