2016-10-25 Richard LevitteAdd some notes on shared library names on different...
2016-10-24 Andy Polyakovppccap.c: engage new multipplication and squaring subro...
2016-10-24 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ add optimized multiplication and...
2016-10-24 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ prepare for extension.
2016-10-24 Andy Polyakovsha/asm/ adapt for kernel use.
2016-10-24 Rich SalzAdd NPN to an SSL3 build
2016-10-24 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: add Goldmont performance results.
2016-10-24 Andy Polyakovsha/keccak1600.c: add known answer and verify result...
2016-10-24 Andy Polyakovcrypto/sha: add Keccak1600 primitives to build SHA...
2016-10-22 Kurt RoeckxAdd a github pull request template
2016-10-22 jrmarinoFix support for DragonFly BSD
2016-10-21 Richard LevitteEfence is antiquated, remove all traces of using it
2016-10-21 Richard LevitteCorrect installation test in appveyor
2016-10-21 Claus AssmannFix grammar error in SSL_CTX_set_min_proto_version
2016-10-21 Rich SalzGH1546: Fix old names in cryptodev code.
2016-10-19 Richard Levitteapps: remove some #ifndef clutter
2016-10-19 Richard Levitteapps: instead of varying implementation, make setup_eng...
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteIf an engine comes up explicitely, it must also come...
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteOpenSSL::Test - small fixup
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteOpenSSL::Test cleanup - no forward declarations needed
2016-10-19 Richard Levitteappveyor: make tests verbose
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteAdd documentation of internal OpenSSL::Test functions
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteMake OpenSSL::Test a bit more flexible
2016-10-19 Andrea GrandiFix broken link to ASYNC_get_wait_ctx and rewrap the...
2016-10-19 MatDo not set load_crypto_strings_inited when OPENSSL_NO_E...
2016-10-19 FdaSilvaYYAdd error checking, small nit on ouput
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteFix config option 'no-deprecated'
2016-10-19 Andrea GrandiAdd missing .pod extension to EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_tls1_prf_md
2016-10-18 FdaSilvaYYFix not-c code
2016-10-18 Patrick SteuerFix strict-warnings build
2016-10-18 Patrick SteuerFix strict-warnings build
2016-10-18 Patrick SteuerFix strict-warnings build
2016-10-17 David WoodhouseAdd SSL_OP_NO_ENCRYPT_THEN_MAC
2016-10-17 David WoodhouseFix encrypt-then-mac implementation for DTLS
2016-10-17 Valentin VidicAdd Postgres support to -starttls
2016-10-17 Dr. Stephen... Fix embedded string handling.
2016-10-17 chouryfix invalid use of incomplete type X509_STORE_CTX
2016-10-17 Matt CaswellAllow older versions in the *.num files
2016-10-15 Steven FacklerFix signatures of EVP_Digest{Sign,Verify}Update
2016-10-15 Matt CaswellEnsure we handle len == 0 in ERR_err_string_n
2016-10-15 Matt CaswellUse clang++ for C++ for the linux-x86_64-clang target
2016-10-14 Tomas MrazEngine afalg: properly set operation type also on big...
2016-10-14 FdaSilvaYYFix style issue
2016-10-14 FdaSilvaYYConstify command options
2016-10-14 Richard LevitteFix C++ support: set $target{cxx} correctly
2016-10-14 Xiaoyin LiuFix typo
2016-10-13 Vitezslav CizekConfigure: remove superfluous 0x
2016-10-13 Dr. Stephen... Add memory leak detection to d2i_test
2016-10-13 FdaSilvaYYFix copy-paste test labels
2016-10-13 Richard LevitteRemove automatic RPATH - Add a CHANGES entry
2016-10-13 Richard LevitteRemove automatic RPATH - adapt
2016-10-13 Richard LevitteRemove automatic RPATH - add user rpath support
2016-10-13 Richard LevitteRemove automatic RPATH
2016-10-12 Rich SalzRT is put out to pasture
2016-10-12 Richard LevitteAdd C++ settings in the Linux config targets
2016-10-12 Richard LevitteAdd support for C++ in Configurations/unix-Makefile...
2016-10-12 Richard LevitteAdd support for C++ in Configure
2016-10-11 Dr. Stephen... Fix X509_NAME decode for malloc failures.
2016-10-11 Andy Polyakovdoc/crypto/OPENSSL_ia32cap.pod: update assembler requir...
2016-10-11 Andy Polyakov.travis.yml: minor optimizations:
2016-10-11 Andy Polyakov.travis.yml: install wine on demand.
2016-10-10 David BenjaminFix up formatting.
2016-10-10 David BenjaminRemove trailing whitespace from some files.
2016-10-10 FdaSilvaYYAdd some missing types to
2016-10-10 Kurt RoeckxUpdate fuzz corpora
2016-10-03 Matt CaswellFix linebreaks in the tls_construct_client_certificate...
2016-10-03 Matt CaswellAdd a typedef for the construction function
2016-10-03 Matt CaswellMove setting of the handshake header up one more level
2016-10-03 Matt CaswellRemove the special case processing for finished constru...
2016-10-03 Matt CaswellHarmonise setting the header and closing construction
2016-10-03 Matt CaswellDon't set the handshake header in every message
2016-10-03 Matt CaswellMove init of the WPACKET into write_state_machine()
2016-10-02 Ben LaurieRemove untrue comment.
2016-10-02 Ben LaurieMake dependencies if Makefile is new.
2016-10-02 Matt CaswellRename ssl_set_handshake_header2()
2016-10-02 Matt CaswellRemove ssl_set_handshake_header()
2016-10-02 Matt CaswellRemove the tls12_get_sigandhash_old() function
2016-10-02 Dr. Stephen... fix memory leak
2016-10-02 Ben LaurieDon't use DES when disabled.
2016-10-01 Dr. Stephen... fix memory leak
2016-10-01 Dr. Stephen... Add SRP test vectors from RFC5054
2016-10-01 Dr. Stephen... SRP code tidy.
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellConvert NewSessionTicket construction to WPACKET
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellFix an error in packet_locl.h
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellConvert CertStatus message construction to WPACKET
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellFix mis-named macro in packet_locl.h
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellConvert SeverDone construction to WPACKET
2016-09-29 Dr. Stephen... make update
2016-09-29 Dr. Stephen... Print <ABSENT> if a STACK is NULL.
2016-09-29 Dr. Stephen... add item list support to d2i_test
2016-09-29 Dr. Stephen... ASN1_ITEM should use type name not structure name.
2016-09-29 Dr. Stephen... Add -item option to asn1parse
2016-09-29 Dr. Stephen... Add ASN1_ITEM lookup and enumerate functions.
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellFix missing NULL checks in NewSessionTicket construction
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellFix an mis-matched function code so that "make update...
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellAdd an example of usage to the WPACKET_reserve_bytes...
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellAddress style feedback comments
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellFix a bug in CKE construction for PSK
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellConvert ServerKeyExchange construction to WPACKET
2016-09-29 Matt CaswellAdd the WPACKET_reserve_bytes() function