2019-08-18 Rich SalzFix some pod-page ordering nits
2019-08-18 Patrick SteuerFix --strict-warnings build
2019-08-18 Patrick SteuerTest for out-of-bounds write when requesting zero bytes...
2019-08-18 Patrick SteuerDirectly return from final sha3/keccak_final if no...
2019-08-18 Rich Salz.travis.yml: Use travis_terminate on failure
2019-08-17 Bernd EdlingerFix error handling in X509_chain_up_ref
2019-08-17 Richard LevitteWindows UWP builds: determine automatically if asm...
2019-08-16 Patrick SteuerFix 9bf682f which broke nistp224_method
2019-08-16 Richard LevitteRename ctx_{get,set}_params to {get,set}_ctx_params
2019-08-16 Rich SalzIgnore function code collisions
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteRe-implement 'openssl list -mac-algorithms'
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteImplement EVP_MAC_do_all_ex()
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdd EVP_MAC_provider()
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteRename the hash implementations KMAC{128,256} to KECCAK...
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteOSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text(): handle non-hex octet...
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdjust some provider reason codes
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdapt the MAC tests, and tests for other things that...
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdapt diverse code to provider based MACs.
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdapt apps/mac.c to use provider based MACs
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteRemove init of MACs from EVP
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteMove Poly1305 to providers
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteMove SipHash to providers
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteMove KMAC to providers
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteMove HMAC to providers
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteMove GMAC to providers
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteMove CMAC to providers
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteMove BLAKE2 MACs to the providers
2019-08-15 Richard LevittePrepare EVP_MAC infrastructure for moving all MACs...
2019-08-15 Patrick SteuerOPENSSL_s390xcap.pod: list msa9 facility bit (155)
2019-08-15 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: accelerate ECDSA
2019-08-15 Patrick SteuerEnable curve-spefific ECDSA implementations via EC_METHOD
2019-08-15 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: accelerate scalar multiplication
2019-08-15 Patrick fix comment
2019-08-15 raja-ashokTest SSL_set_ciphersuites
2019-08-15 raja-ashokFix SSL_set_ciphersuites to set even if no call to...
2019-08-15 Dr. Matthias... INSTALL: clarify documentation of the --api=x.y.z depre...
2019-08-15 Omid NajafiFix syntax error for the armv4 assembler
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteRename provider and core get_param_types functions
2019-08-15 Richard Levittecrypto/engine/eng_openssl.c: define TEST_ENG_OPENSSL_RC...
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdd {get,set}table_params() functions for provider...
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteModify 'openssl list' to give more verbose descriptions
2019-08-15 Richard LevitteAdd missing EVP param utility functions
2019-08-12 PauliAccess data after obtaining the lock not before.
2019-08-14 Matt CaswellIf we are multiblock capable make sure we use it
2019-08-14 opensslonzos... Add missing EBCDIC strings
2019-08-14 Paul YangAdd description in X509_STORE manipulation
2019-08-13 Tomas MrazBIO_lookup_ex: Do not retry on EAI_MEMORY
2019-08-13 Tomas MrazBIO_lookup_ex: Always retry the lookup on failure with...
2019-08-13 Richard Levitte30-test_evp.t: make the tested configs depend on what...
2019-08-12 Rich SalzFix doc example code to follow coding style
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteHMAC: use EVP_MD_flags(), not EVP_MD_meth_get_flags()
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteAdapt the provider digests for more use of OSSL_PARAM
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteRework the provider digest constructor to provide imple...
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteAdapt diverse EVP_MD functions to use get_params and...
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteMake more use of OSSL_PARAM for digests
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteAdd OSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text() and OSSL_PARAM_all...
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteAdd OPENSSL_hexstr2buf_ex() and OPENSSL_buf2hexstr_ex()
2019-08-12 Vladimir Kotalenable DECLARE_DEPRECATED macro for Oracle Developer...
2019-08-12 Richard LevitteConfigurations/unit-Makefile.tmpl: Don't clean away...
2019-08-12 Denis OvsienkoRemove some duplicate words from the documentation
2019-08-12 Shane LontisFix windows compile errors in params.c
2019-08-11 Bernd EdlingerAdd a clang-7 build target with --strict-warnings
2019-08-09 Matt CaswellExtend tests of SSL_check_chain()
2019-08-09 Matt CaswellFix SSL_check_chain()
2019-08-09 Matt CaswellFix test_key_exchange with no_tlsv1_2
2019-08-09 Matt CaswellFix test_sslextension if TLSv1.2 has been disabled
2019-08-09 Matt CaswellAdd TLS tests for RSA-PSS Restricted certificates
2019-08-09 Matt CaswellAdd Restricted PSS certificate and key
2019-08-09 Matt CaswellEnsure RSA PSS correctly returns the right default...
2019-08-09 Vladimir Kotaluse native atomic increment function on Solaris
2019-08-09 Shane LontisAdd missing SIZE_MAX define for windows
2019-08-09 Bernd EdlingerAdd a CHANGES entry for BN_generate_prime_ex
2019-08-09 Bernd EdlingerUpdate documentation of BN_generate_prime_ex
2019-08-09 Bernd EdlingerMerge probable_prime_dh_safe with bn_probable_prime_dh
2019-08-09 Bernd EdlingerAdd a parameter to probable_prime if we look for a...
2019-08-09 Vladimir Kotalmention what happens if OPENSSL_NO_RC2 is defined
2019-08-09 raja-ashokRestrict usage of bio_dgram_sctp_data only to DGRAM...
2019-08-09 Vladimir Kotalmake ecp_nistz256_point_add_vis3() local
2019-08-08 Martin UkropFix reversed meaning of error codes
2019-08-08 Matt CaswellClarify the INSTALL instructions
2019-08-08 Matt CaswellAvoid holding a lock when calling OPENSSL_init_crypto
2019-08-08 Matt CaswellFix no-filenames
2019-08-08 Matt CaswellFix no-ec
2019-08-08 Shane LontisFix document nit in EVP_MAC.pod
2019-08-08 Shane LontisChange EVP_CIPHER_CTX_iv_length() to return current...
2019-08-07 Matt CaswellFix enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128
2019-08-07 Matt CaswellFix BN error reporting
2019-08-07 Matt CaswellRun evp_test in FIPS mode
2019-08-07 Matt CaswellDon't set ctx->cipher until after a successful fetch
2019-08-07 Shane LontisGCM cipher in provider now fails if passed bad keylength
2019-08-06 raja-ashokUpdate man page for new API SSL_get_negotiated_group()
2019-08-06 raja-ashokTest SSL_get_negotiated_group() API
2019-08-06 raja-ashokAPI to get negotiated key exchange algorithm in TLS1.3
2019-08-06 Matt CaswellFix ECDSA_SIG docs
2019-08-06 Matt CaswellAdd documentation for new EC functions
2019-08-06 Matt CaswellInsert a dummy call to EC code in the FIPS provider
2019-08-06 Matt CaswellMake the EC code available from inside the FIPS provider
2019-08-06 Matt CaswellCorrect the Extended Master Secret string for EBCDIC
2019-08-05 Matt CaswellFix SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS functionality
2019-08-05 Matt CaswellDocumentation for the provider Key Exchange operation