2017-01-10 Matt CaswellTeach TLSProxy how to re-encrypt a TLSv1.3 message...
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellExtend ServerKeyExchange parsing to work with a signature
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellTeach TLSProxy about the CertificateVerify message
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellTeach SSL_trace about the new sigalgs
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellAdd a sigalg test to check we only allow sigalgs we...
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellExtend PSS signature support to TLSv1.2
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellFix test_sslversions to know that TLSv1.3 sets record...
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellAlways use TLSv1.0 for record layer version in TLSv1.3
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellAdd a TLS1.3 TODO for setting of sig algs
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellAdd some sig algs tests
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellIgnore PKCS1 based sig algs in TLSv1.3
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellVerify that the sig algs extension has been sent for...
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellFix client application traffic secret
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellTemporarily ignore NewSessionTickets for TLS1.3
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellUse the correct size for TLSv1.3 finished keys
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellEnsure the record sequence number gets incremented
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellRemove some unneeded functions
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellUse NIDs instead of the old TLSv1.2 sigalgs hash and...
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellRemove a redundant function
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellConvert Sigalgs processing to use ints
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellSign CertificateVerify messages using PSS padding
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellMake CertificateVerify TLS1.3 aware
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellMove Certificate Verify construction and processing...
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellAdd a TODO(TLS1.3) around certificate selection
2017-01-10 Rich SalzFix typo in Blake2 function names
2017-01-10 Kurt RoeckxPrint the X509 version signed, and convert to unsigned...
2017-01-10 Richard LevitteOnly enable CRYPTO_3DES_ECB if that name is an existing...
2017-01-10 Richard LevitteSmall fixes of cryptodev engine
2017-01-10 Matt CaswellMark a HelloRequest record as read if we ignore it
2017-01-10 Iaroslav Gridinuse EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ functions instead of accessing...
2017-01-10 Iaroslav Gridinfix for BSD cryptodev
2017-01-10 Iaroslav GridinRemove commented-out HMAC code
2017-01-10 Iaroslav GridinStyle the code
2017-01-10 Iaroslav GridinRemove unused ret variable
2017-01-10 Iaroslav GridinRemove non-functional CRYPTO_AES_CTR ifdef disabling...
2017-01-10 Iaroslav GridinAdd AES-ECB and 3DES-ECB to cryptodev
2017-01-10 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscryptodev: allow copying EVP contexts
2017-01-10 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscryptodev: Fix issue with signature generation
2017-01-10 Rich SalzReview comments
2017-01-10 Rich SalzUse typedefs for PSK, NPN, ALPN callback functions
2017-01-10 Rich SalzMove extension data into sub-structs
2017-01-09 Richard LevitteFix build issues with no-dh, no-dsa and no-ec
2017-01-09 Bernd EdlingerFix a memory leak in RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_OAEP_mgf1
2017-01-09 Rich SalzRename "verify_cb" to SSL_verify_cb
2017-01-09 Rich SalzDoc nits: callback function typedefs
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Add server temp key type checks
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Add new ssl_test option.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... fix a few more style issues
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Documentation clarification and fixes.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Remove unnecessary frees and style fixes.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... fix typo and remove duplicate macro
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Add documentation for PSS control operations.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Use more desciptive macro name rsa_pss_restricted()
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... style issues
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... free str on error
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... clarify comment
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... fix various style issues
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... make update
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... add test for invalid key parameters
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... document RSA-PSS algorithm options
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... add PSS key tests
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... print errors in pkey utility
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... make errors
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... add parameter error
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Set EVP_PKEY_CTX in SignerInfo
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Only allow PSS padding for PSS keys.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Decode parameters properly.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Return errors PKCS#7/CMS enveloped data ctrls and PSS
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Add PSS parameter restrictions.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Initial parameter restrictions.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Add rsa_pss_get_param.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Don't allow PKCS#7/CMS encrypt with PSS.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Add macros to determine if key or ctx is PSS.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Support pad mode get/set for PSS keys.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Key gen param support.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Set PSS padding mode for PSS keys.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Digest string helper function.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Support RSA operations in PSS.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... PSS EVP_PKEY method
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... RSA-PSS key printing.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... PSS parameter encode and decode.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Split PSS parameter creation.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Use method key type instead of EVP_PKEY_RSA
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... PSS ASN.1 method
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... add EVP_PKEY_RSA_PSS
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Add pss field to RSA structure and free it.
2017-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Cache maskHash parameter
2017-01-06 Kurt RoeckxUpdate fuzz corpora
2017-01-06 Kurt RoeckxMake client and server fuzzer reproducible
2017-01-06 Kurt RoeckxMake the bignum fuzzer reproducible
2017-01-06 Kurt RoeckxUpdate fuzz documentation
2017-01-06 Kurt RoeckxMake rand_add predictable when fuzzing
2017-01-06 Kurt Roeckxserver fuzzer: add support for DSA and ECDSA
2017-01-06 Matt CaswellFix various style issues following feedback
2017-01-06 Matt CaswellRename the chain variable to chainidx
2017-01-06 Matt CaswellFix a double blank line style issue
2017-01-06 Matt CaswellInitialise the al variable
2017-01-06 Matt CaswellUpdate SSL_trace to understand TLSv1.3 Certificates
2017-01-06 Matt CaswellImplement TLSv1.3 style CertificateStatus
2017-01-06 Matt CaswellCreate Certificate messages in TLS1.3 format