2016-08-15 Dr. Stephen... Check for errors in BN_bn2dec()
2016-08-15 Dr. Stephen... Check for errors in a2d_ASN1_OBJECT()
2016-08-05 Dr. Stephen... Sanity check input length in OPENSSL_uni2asc().
2016-08-05 Dr. Stephen... Leak fixes.
2016-08-04 Kurt RoeckxReturn error when trying to print invalid ASN1 integer
2016-08-04 Dr. Stephen... Limit recursion depth in old d2i_ASN1_bytes function
2016-08-04 Dr. Stephen... Check for overflows in i2d_ASN1_SET()
2016-08-03 Dr. Stephen... Calculate sequence length properly.
2016-08-02 Dr. Stephen... include <limits.h>
2016-08-02 Dr. Stephen... Check for overflows in ASN1_object_size().
2016-08-02 Dr. Stephen... Check for overlows and error return from ASN1_object_size()
2016-07-22 Dr. Stephen... Fix OOB read in TS_OBJ_print_bio().
2016-06-30 Matt CaswellConvert memset calls to OPENSSL_cleanse
2016-06-29 Richard LevitteAllow proxy certs to be present when verifying a chain
2016-06-29 Richard LevitteFix proxy certificate pathlength verification
2016-06-29 Richard LevitteCheck that the subject name in a proxy cert complies...
2016-06-27 Matt CaswellChange usage of RAND_pseudo_bytes to RAND_bytes
2016-06-07 Matt CaswellMore fix DSA, preserve BN_FLG_CONSTTIME
2016-06-06 Cesar PereidaFix DSA, preserve BN_FLG_CONSTTIME
2016-06-03 Matt CaswellUpdate CONTRIBUTING
2016-06-01 Matt CaswellAvoid some undefined pointer arithmetic
2016-05-26 Viktor DukhovniEnsure verify error is set when X509_verify_cert()...
2016-05-26 Viktor DukhovniClarify negative return from X509_verify_cert()
2016-05-23 Matt CaswellFix error return value in SRP functions
2016-05-19 Matt CaswellCheck that the obtained public key is valid
2016-05-11 Rich SalzRecommend GH over RT, per team vote.
2016-05-11 Dr. Stephen... Update S/MIME certificates.
2016-05-09 Dr. Stephen... Only call FIPS_update, FIPS_final in FIPS mode.
2016-05-06 Dr. Stephen... Constify PKCS12_newpass()
2016-05-06 Dr. Stephen... Tidy up PKCS12_newpass() fix memory leaks.
2016-05-06 Dr. Stephen... Only set CMS parameter when encrypting
2016-05-05 Dr. Stephen... Use default ASN.1 for SEED.
2016-05-05 Dr. Stephen... Always try to set ASN.1 parameters for CMS.
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix name length limit check.
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix double free in d2i_PrivateKey().
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... add documentation
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1u-dev
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1t release OpenSSL_1_0_1t
2016-05-03 Matt Caswellmake update
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for the new release
2016-05-03 Dr. Stephen... Fix ASN1_INTEGER handling.
2016-05-03 Kurt RoeckxCheck that we have enough padding characters.
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellRemove some documentation for functions not in 1.0.x
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellAdd documentation for EVP_EncodeInit() and similar...
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellEnsure EVP_EncodeUpdate handles an output length that...
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellAvoid overflow in EVP_EncodeUpdate
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellPrevent EBCDIC overread for very long strings
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellFix encrypt overflow
2016-05-02 Dr. Stephen... Fix i2d_X509_AUX: pp can be NULL.
2016-04-29 Dr. Stephen... Don't free ret->data if malloc fails.
2016-04-29 Dr. Stephen... Add checks to X509_NAME_oneline()
2016-04-29 Dr. Stephen... Sanity check buffer length.
2016-04-29 Dr. Stephen... Add size limit to X509_NAME structure.
2016-04-27 Dr. Stephen... Reject inappropriate private key encryption ciphers.
2016-04-26 Matt CaswellEnsure we check i2d_X509 return val
2016-04-25 Matt CaswellFix a signed/unsigned warning
2016-04-25 Rich SalzFix NULL deref in apps/pkcs7
2016-04-23 Viktor DukhovniFix buffer overrun in ASN1_parse().
2016-04-22 Dr. Stephen... Harden ASN.1 BIO handling of large amounts of data.
2016-04-07 David BenjaminFix memory leak on invalid CertificateRequest.
2016-03-26 Dr. Stephen... Fix FIPS SSLv2 test
2016-03-18 Matt CaswellFix the no-comp option for Windows
2016-03-18 Matt CaswellAdd a check for a failed malloc
2016-03-18 Matt CaswellEnsure that memory allocated for the ticket is freed
2016-03-18 Matt CaswellFix a potential double free in EVP_DigestInit_ex
2016-03-14 Kurt RoeckxAdd no-ssl2-method
2016-03-09 Viktor Dukhovniexpose SSLv2 method prototypes
2016-03-08 Viktor DukhovniRetain SSLv2 methods as functions that return NULL
2016-03-07 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86[_64]-mont*.pl: complement alloca with page...
2016-03-07 Kurt RoeckxRemove LOW from the default
2016-03-07 Dr. Stephen... Don't shift serial number into sign bit
2016-03-04 Dr. Stephen... Sanity check PVK file fields.
2016-03-01 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1t-dev
2016-03-01 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1s release OpenSSL_1_0_1s
2016-03-01 Matt Caswellmake update
2016-03-01 Matt CaswellEnsure is aware of no-weak-ssl-ciphers option
2016-03-01 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for new release
2016-03-01 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ handle inter-bank movd.
2016-03-01 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/ constant-time gather procedure.
2016-03-01 Andy Polyakovbn/bn_exp.c: constant-time MOD_EXP_CTIME_COPY_FROM_PREBUF.
2016-03-01 Viktor DukhovniDisable EXPORT and LOW SSLv3+ ciphers by default
2016-03-01 Viktor DukhovniBring SSL method documentation up to date
2016-03-01 Viktor DukhovniDisable SSLv2 default build, default negotiation and...
2016-02-29 Matt CaswellFix BN_hex2bn/BN_dec2bn NULL ptr/heap corruption
2016-02-27 Kurt RoeckxRevert "Don't check RSA_FLAG_SIGN_VER."
2016-02-25 Matt CaswellFix memory issues in BIO_*printf functions
2016-02-25 Emilia KasperCVE-2016-0798: avoid memory leak in SRP
2016-02-23 FdaSilvaYYGH714: missing field initialisation
2016-02-19 Dr. Stephen... Fix double free in DSA private key parsing.
2016-02-12 Andy Polyakovmodes/ctr128.c: pay attention to ecount_buf alignment...
2016-02-11 Andy Polyakovutil/ use LINK_CMD instead of LINK variable.
2016-02-10 Andy Polyakovms/ make it work.
2016-01-28 Kurt RoeckxFix CHANGES entry about DSA_generate_parameters_ex
2016-01-28 Richard LevitteCorrect number of arguments in BIO_get_conn_int_port...
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1s-dev
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1r release OpenSSL_1_0_1r
2016-01-28 Richard LevitteTARFILE wasn't correctly set
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellFurther updates to CHANGES and NEWS
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS ready for release
2016-01-28 Viktor DukhovniBetter SSLv2 cipher-suite enforcement