2001-03-10 Dr. Stephen... In crypto/ec #if 0 out structures which reference ...
2001-03-10 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2001-03-10 Dr. Stephen... Add the 'ec' directory to and
2001-03-09 Richard LevitteUse 32bit longs on Alpha as well, because that's what...
2001-03-09 Bodo MöllerInstead of telling both 'make' and the user that ranlib
2001-03-09 Dr. Stephen... Update docs.
2001-03-09 Bodo MöllerWorkaround for solaris64 linking problem (explicit...
2001-03-09 Bodo MöllerConsistently use 'void *' for SSL read, peek and write...
2001-03-09 Dr. Stephen... Change the EVP_somecipher() and EVP_somedigest()
2001-03-09 Richard LevitteBug fixes.
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerFix ec_GFp_simple_cmp.
2001-03-08 Bodo Möllerssl23_peek
2001-03-08 Bodo Mölleradd ssl23_peek
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerAvoid problems with multi-line NAME sections.
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteToo many dollars...
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerImplement EC_GFp_mont_method.
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerFixes to make 'no-ec' work (it should not turn 'objects...
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerMore method functions for elliptic curves,
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerBugfix: previously the serial number file could turn...
2001-03-08 Lutz JänickeAdd newly learned knowledge from yesterday's discussion.
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteWrite a small comment so we know...
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteBuild ectest too.
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteSome EC function names are really long. Make aliases...
2001-03-08 Ulf Möllernote the rand_win.c change
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerComment
2001-03-08 Ulf Möllerold MSVC versions don't have rdtsc
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerHide BN_CTX structure details.
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteVMS catches up on the EC modifications.
2001-03-08 Dr. Stephen... Make EVP_Digest*() routines return a value.
2001-03-08 Bodo Mölleravoid compiler warning
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerConstify BN_value_one.
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerIntegrate ec_err.[co].
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerThrow out *all* absolute pathnames, not matter what...
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerSort, the configuration file for
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerIntegrate ectest.c (which does not yet do anything).
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerOrder ERR_load_... calls like the stuff in err.h.
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerGet rid of '#define ERR_file_name __FILE__', which...
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerLet EC_POINT_copy do nothing if dest==src
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerMore 'TODO' items.
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerMore method functions for EC_GFp_simple_method.
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerMore method functions.
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerSome actual method functions (not enough yet to use...
2001-03-07 Richard LevitteCode for better build under Darwin (MacOS X).
2001-03-07 Bodo Möller..._init functions are method-specific too
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerOptimized EC_METHODs need specific 'set_curve' and...
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerThe next bunch of vaporware.
2001-03-07 Bodo Möllerextra_data 'mixin'.
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerOops ...
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerIn clear_free, clear the complete structure just in...
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerFix ERR_R_... problems.
2001-03-07 Bodo MöllerImplement dispatcher for EC_GROUP and EC_POINT method...
2001-03-06 Bodo MöllerAdd a few 'const's
2001-03-06 Ulf MöllerForgot a '$'.
2001-03-06 Bodo MöllerChange obj_... generation so that it does not generate...
2001-03-06 Bodo Möller'is_at_infinity' tests don't need a BN_CTX.
2001-03-06 Bodo MöllerNew function declarations.
2001-03-06 Bodo MöllerAdd BN_CTX arguments where appropriate.
2001-03-06 Ulf MöllerDEC
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerAdd EC_GROUP_new_GFp prototype.
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerChange comments.
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerSome declarations that outline what I intend to implement.
2001-03-05 Richard LevitteUpdate the VMS build scripts for EC
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerAnother file I had forgotten to add.
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerAdd yet another (still empty) source code file that...
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerAdd more EC vaporware (empty source code files I missed...
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerMove ec.h to ec2.h because it is not compatible with...
2001-03-05 Richard LevitteDocument the SSLv2 session reuse fix.
2001-03-05 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility for option macros and start using...
2001-03-05 Bodo MöllerNew option '-subj arg' for 'openssl req' and 'openssl...
2001-03-04 Bodo Möllerincrease emailAddress_max
2001-03-03 Bodo MöllerEC_set_half and the 'h' component of struct bn_ec_struc...
2001-03-02 Richard LevitteFor SSLv2, return the SSLv2 method, not the SSLv23...
2001-03-02 Richard LevitteSort platforms lexicographically as well. Also, suppor...
2001-03-02 Richard LevitteSpelling corrected.
2001-03-02 Richard LevitteIntroduce the possibility to access global variables...
2001-03-01 Lutz JänickeTypo, spotted by "Greg Stark" <>.
2001-03-01 Dr. Stephen... Fix bug in copy_email() which would not
2001-02-28 Dr. Stephen... Fix a bug which caused BN_div to produce the
2001-02-27 Ulf Möller%f conversion bug fix
2001-02-27 Ulf Möllerdon't read from tty in test mode
2001-02-27 Ulf Möllerrun self-test with no-krb5
2001-02-27 Richard LevitteMacOSX doesn't have ftime().
2001-02-26 Dr. Stephen... Typo in comment.
2001-02-26 Dr. Stephen... Enhance OCSP_request_verify() so it finds the signers...
2001-02-26 Richard Levittemake update
2001-02-26 Richard LevitteAdd the CCITT pilot directory OIDs.
2001-02-25 Dr. Stephen... Trap an invalid ASN1_ITEM construction and print out
2001-02-24 Dr. Stephen... New function and options to check OCSP response validity.
2001-02-24 Dr. Stephen... Print out OID of unknown signature or public key
2001-02-24 Dr. Stephen... Stop PKCS7_verify() core dumping with unknown public
2001-02-23 Lutz JänickeDescribe new callback for session id generation.
2001-02-23 Lutz JänickeSSL_get_version() was an easy one :-)
2001-02-23 Ulf MöllerThat statement seems to be not true. In fact, I have...
2001-02-23 Ulf Möllerautoconf would be useful...
2001-02-23 Dr. Stephen... Make OCSP cert id code tolerate a missing issuer certif...
2001-02-23 Dr. Stephen... Oops, forgot CHANGES entry for ASN1_ITEM_FUNCTIONS.
2001-02-23 Dr. Stephen... Get rid of ASN1_ITEM_FUNCTIONS dummy function
2001-02-23 Richard Levittemake depend.
2001-02-23 Dr. Stephen... Initial support for ASN1_ITEM_FUNCTION option to
2001-02-23 Geoff ThorpeI missed one.