2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... update remaining documentation to move from EDH to DHE
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... Replace EDH-RSA-DES-CBC-SHA, etc. with DHE-RSA-DES...
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... change SSL3_CK_EDH_* to SSL_CK_DHE_* (with backward...
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... documentation should use "DHE" instead of "EDH"
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... use SSL_kDHE throughout instead of SSL_kEDH
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... emit "DHE" instead of "edh" for kX packet trace output
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... Allow "DHE" and "kDHE" as synonyms of "EDH" and "kEDH...
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... use SSL_kECDHE throughout instead of SSL_kEECDH
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... emit "ECDHE" instead of "EECDH" for kX packet trace...
2014-01-09 Daniel Kahn... Allow "ECDHE" as a synonym of "EECDH" when specifiying...
2014-01-09 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ fix compilation error on Solaris.
2014-01-08 Dr. Stephen... update FAQ
2014-01-07 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: relax 64-bit requirement for little...
2014-01-07 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/ add little-endian support.
2014-01-07 Dr. Stephen... update NEWS
2014-01-07 Dr. Stephen... Add fix for CVE-2013-4353
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen... Sync NEWS.
2014-01-04 Andy Polyakovsha/asm/ add NEON code path.
2014-01-04 Andy refine Atom-specific optimization.
2014-01-03 Dr. Stephen... Add ServerInfoFile to SSL_CONF, update docs.
2014-01-03 Dr. Stephen... Use algorithm specific chains for certificates.
2014-01-03 Andy Polyakovssl/t1_enc.c: optimize PRF (suggested by Intel).
2014-01-03 Andy add stiched decrypt procedure,
2014-01-02 Dr. Stephen... Don't change version number if session established
2013-12-29 Dr. Stephen... Update curve list size.
2013-12-28 Andy Polyakovsparcv9cap.c: omit random detection.
2013-12-28 Andy PolyakovFAQ: why SIGILL?
2013-12-28 Andy PolyakovARM assembly pack: make it work with older toolchain.
2013-12-22 Dr. Stephen... Canonicalise input in CMS_verify.
2013-12-20 Dr. Stephen... Fix DTLS retransmission from previous session.
2013-12-20 Dr. Stephen... Ignore NULL parameter in EVP_MD_CTX_destroy.
2013-12-18 Andy harmonize Win64 SE handlers for SIMD...
2013-12-18 Andy Polyakovevp/e_[aes|camellia].c: fix typo in CBC subroutine.
2013-12-18 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack update addendum.
2013-12-18 Andy Polyakovsha512.c: fullfull implicit API contract in SHA512_Tran...
2013-12-18 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: improve AIX support (enable vpaes...
2013-12-18 Dr. Stephen... Check EVP errors for handshake digests.
2013-12-18 Dr. Stephen... Update demo.
2013-12-13 Dr. Stephen... Add opaque ID structure.
2013-12-13 Dr. Stephen... Update to pad extension.
2013-12-13 Dr. Stephen... Fix for partial chain notification.
2013-12-13 Dr. Stephen... Verify parameter retrieval functions.
2013-12-13 Dr. Stephen... Don't use rdrand engine as default unless explicitly...
2013-12-10 Dr. Stephen... remove obsolete STATUS file
2013-12-10 Dr. Stephen... Add release dates to NEWS
2013-12-09 Andy minor update.
2013-12-09 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ add MULX/AD*X code path.
2013-12-04 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ add NEON code path.
2013-12-04 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ add support for AltiVec/VMX and...
2013-12-04 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ improve linux64le support.
2013-12-04 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/ comply with ABI.
2013-12-04 Andy PolyakovConfigure: remove vpaes-ppc from aix targets.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ comply with Win64 ABI.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/asm/ make it work on Win64.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/rsaz*: fix licensing note.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ fix prototype.
2013-11-30 Dr. Stephen... Simplify and update openssl.spec
2013-11-29 Andy fix bug in IV handling and comply with...
2013-11-27 Andy eliminate dependency on GPRs' upper...
2013-11-27 Andy PolyakovTake vpaes-ppc module into loop.
2013-11-27 Andy PolyakovAdd Vector Permutation AES for PPC.
2013-11-18 Dr. Stephen... New functions to retrieve certificate from SSL_CTX
2013-11-18 Dr. Stephen... Don't define SSL_select_next_proto if OPENSSL_NO_TLSEXT set
2013-11-17 Dr. Stephen... Use correct header length in ssl3_send_certifcate_request
2013-11-14 Dr. Stephen... Constify.
2013-11-14 Piotr SikoraFix compilation with no-nextprotoneg.
2013-11-13 Dr. Stephen... Flag to disable automatic copying of contexts.
2013-11-13 Dr. Stephen... Allow match selecting of current certificate.
2013-11-13 Rob StradlingAdditional "chain_cert" functions.
2013-11-13 Krzysztof KwiatkowskiDelete duplicate entry.
2013-11-12 Andy PolyakovConfigure: add linux-ppc64le target.
2013-11-12 Andy Polyakovsrp/srp_grps.h: make it Compaq C-friendly.
2013-11-12 Andy Polyakovmodes/asm/ fix typo.
2013-11-12 Andy PolyakovMake Makefiles OSF-make-friendly.
2013-11-11 Dr. Stephen... Fix memory leak.
2013-11-11 Dr. Stephen... Support setting of "no purpose" for trust.
2013-11-11 Dr. Stephen... Update FAQ
2013-11-10 Andy make FIPS build work with BSD make.
2013-11-10 Dr. Stephen... Update FAQ with PGP note.
2013-11-09 Dr. Stephen... Fix for some platforms where "char" is unsigned.
2013-11-09 Dr. Stephen... Document RSAPublicKey_{in,out} options.
2013-11-09 Dr. Stephen... Add CMS_SignerInfo_get0_signature function.
2013-11-09 Dr. Stephen... Check for missing components in RSA_check.
2013-11-09 Andy Polyakovmodes/asm/ make it work with older assem...
2013-11-08 Andy Polyakovengines/ccgost/gost89.h: make word32 defintion uncondit...
2013-11-08 Andy Polyakovmodes/asm/ make it work with older assem...
2013-11-06 Dr. Stephen... Experimental workaround TLS filler (WTF) extension.
2013-11-06 Dr. Stephen... Enable PSK in FIPS mode.
2013-11-06 Dr. Stephen... Sync error codes with 1.0.2-stable
2013-11-06 Dr. Stephen... Initialise context before using it.
2013-11-03 Ben LauriePBKDF2 should be efficient. Contributed by Christian...
2013-11-02 Dr. Stephen... Add brainpool curves to trace output.
2013-11-01 Robin SeggelmannDTLS/SCTP struct authchunks Bug
2013-11-01 Robin SeggelmannDTLS/SCTP Finished Auth Bug
2013-11-01 Piotr SikoraFix SSL_OP_SINGLE_ECDH_USE
2013-11-01 Dr. Stephen... Add -ecdh_single option.
2013-11-01 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning.
2013-11-01 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning.
2013-10-31 Andy Polyakovsha/asm/ fix typo.
2013-10-31 Andy Polyakovperlas/ fix typo.