2020-01-19 Richard LevitteAPPS & TEST: Eliminate as much use of EVP_PKEY_size...
2020-01-19 Paulimdc2: use evp_test instead of a separate test application.
2020-01-19 Pauliapps: Fix deprecation conditional in speed.c
2020-01-19 PauliDeprecate the low level IDEA functions.
2020-01-19 Pauliidea: fix preprocessor indention
2020-01-19 Pauliparam_bld: add a padded BN call.
2020-01-19 PauliTODO: undo md5.h and sha.h changes temporarily
2020-01-19 PauliDeprecate the low level MD5 functions.
2020-01-19 PauliDeprecate the low level SHA functions.
2020-01-19 Paulisha: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-18 Richard LevitteAdd GNU properties note for Intel CET in
2020-01-18 Richard LevitteEVP: Add evp_pkey_make_provided() and refactor around it
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteCORE: renumber OSSL_FUNC_KEYMGMT macros
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteDSA: Move DSA_security_bits() and DSA_bits()
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteAdd CHANGES entry regarding the documentation of EVP_PK...
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteDOC: Make EVP_SignInit.pod conform with man-pages(7)
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteDOC: New file for EVP_PKEY_size(), EVP_PKEY_bits()...
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteTEST: Adapt test/evp_pkey_provided_test.c to check...
2020-01-17 Richard LevittePROV: Adapt the RSA, DSA and DH KEYMGMT implementations
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteEVP: make EVP_PKEY_{bits,security_bits,size} work with...
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteModify EVP_CIPHER_is_a() and EVP_MD_is_a() to handle...
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteFor all assembler scripts where it matters, recognise...
2020-01-17 Richard LevitteBuild file templates: Use explicit files instead of...
2020-01-17 Paulinews: combined NEWS entry for deprecated low level...
2020-01-17 Paulichanges: combined CHANGES entry for deprecated low...
2020-01-17 Paul YangAdd duplication APIs to ASN1_TIME and related types
2020-01-16 PauliDigest function deprecation CHANGES.
2020-01-16 Benjamin KadukUpdate SSL_CTX_sess_set_new_cb(3) docs for refcounts
2020-01-16 Richard LevitteMove the stored namemap pre-population to namemap const...
2020-01-16 Paul YangAdd doc for TS_VERIFY_CTX_set_certs()
2020-01-15 Richard LevittePROV: Adapt the DSA keymgmt implementation to no ex_fields
2020-01-15 Richard LevitteCRYPTO: Remove support for ex_data fields when building...
2020-01-15 PauliDeprecate the low level RC5 functions
2020-01-15 Paulirc5: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-15 PauliDeprecate the low level RC4 functions
2020-01-15 Paulirc4: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-15 PauliDeprecate the low level RC2 functions
2020-01-15 Paulirc2: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-15 PauliDeprecate the low level SEED functions
2020-01-15 Pauliseed: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-15 Dmitry BelyavskiyRestoring correct check for legacy PKEY
2020-01-15 Shane LontisAdd FIPS Self test kats for digests
2020-01-15 Richard LevitteChange returned -2 to 0 in EVP_Digest{Sign,Verify}Init()
2020-01-14 kinichiroAvoid leak in error path of asn1_parse2
2020-01-14 Richard LevittePROV: Fix mixup between general and specialized GCM...
2020-01-14 Richard LevitteFix EVP_Digest{Sign,Verify}Final() and EVP_Digest{Sign...
2020-01-14 PauliThe MD2 test uses the EVP APIs not the low level ones.
2020-01-13 Rich SalzRemove duplicates
2020-01-13 Rich SalzBetter documentation of -www,-WWW,-HTTP flags
2020-01-13 Rich SalzRefactor the tls/dlts version options
2020-01-13 Matt CaswellAdd a test for HMAC via EVP_DigestSign*
2020-01-13 Matt CaswellAlways go the legacy route if EVP_MD_CTX_FLAG_NO_INIT...
2020-01-13 Matt CaswellDeprecate the Low Level CAST APIs
2020-01-13 Matt CaswellDeprecate Low Level Camellia APIs
2020-01-13 Dr. David von... handle new findings of find-doc-nits on fn typedefs...
2020-01-13 Dr. David von... make find-doc-nits report function typedef w/ space...
2020-01-13 Dr. David von... handle new findings of find-doc-nits for certain typedefs
2020-01-13 Dr. David von... improve 'typedef' patterns of find-doc-nits
2020-01-13 Richard LevitteConfigure: use $list_separator_re only for defines...
2020-01-12 Richard LevitteWhen deprecated symbols are removed, ensure liblegacy...
2020-01-12 PauliDeprecate the low level Whirlpool functions.
2020-01-12 Pauliwhirlpool: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-12 PauliDeprecate the low level MDC2 functions.
2020-01-12 Paulimdc2: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-12 PauliDeprecate the low level MD4 functions.
2020-01-12 Paulimd4: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-12 PauliDeprecate the low level MD2 functions.
2020-01-12 Paulimd2: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-12 PauliDeprecate the low level RIPEMD160 functions.
2020-01-12 Pauliripemd: fix preprocessor indentation
2020-01-12 Shane LontisAdd dsa signature alg to fips provider
2020-01-10 Rich SalzTweak option error messages
2020-01-10 Dr. Matthias... testutil_init.c: fix compilation error with enable...
2020-01-10 Shane LontisAdd GCM support for EVP_CTRL_GCM_IV_GEN and EVP_CTRL_GC...
2020-01-09 Nicola TuveriAdd test/bio_prefix_text to .gitignore
2020-01-09 Richard LevittePROV: Adjust the KEYMGMT name specs to include all...
2020-01-09 Richard LevitteEVP: Adapt KEYEXCH, SIGNATURE and ASYM_CIPHER to handle...
2020-01-09 Richard LevitteCORE & EVP: Specify OP_query_operation_name() for KEYMGMT
2020-01-09 Richard LevitteDOCS: The interpretation of OPENSSL_API_COMPAT has...
2020-01-09 Dr. David von... add missing load_pkimsg() in test/cmp_testlib.c
2020-01-09 Dr. David von... fix obsolete error codes in test/cmp_msg_test.c
2020-01-09 Dr. David von... fix dependencies of cmp_{msg,protect}_test.c in test...
2020-01-08 Richard LevitteAdd the DSA serializers to the default provider tools
2020-01-08 Richard LevitteEVP: If a key can't be exported to provider, fallback...
2020-01-08 Dr. Matthias... nmake: fix install_html_docs target
2020-01-08 Matt CaswellDeprecate Low Level Blowfish APIs
2020-01-07 Rich SalzMake generated copyright year be "now"
2020-01-07 Rich SalzRefactor -engine documentation
2020-01-07 Dr. Matthias... Modify the add_seeds_stringlist() macro to fix a prepro...
2020-01-07 Dr. Matthias... Move random-related defines to "crypto/rand.h"
2020-01-07 Richard LevitteConfiguration: synchronise the variables on the build...
2020-01-07 Shane LontisMake ECDSA_size() use consistent asn1 encoder.
2020-01-07 Paulicoverity 1201462: check error returns
2020-01-07 Paulicoverity 1201478: check BIO_indent returns
2020-01-06 Shane LontisFix KMAC docs
2020-01-06 Richard LevitteAdd missing inclusion of "internal/deprecated.h"
2020-01-06 kaysondAdd `-passin` arg to `ocsp`
2020-01-06 Matt CaswellDeprecate the low level AES functions
2020-01-06 Matt CaswellDon't use the low level AES key wrap APIs in CMS
2020-01-06 Matt CaswellDon't store an HMAC key for longer than we need