When using the native tools on Solaris, make damn sure the native ld
[openssl.git] / test /
2001-03-17 Bodo MöllerExplicitly ignore the exit code of ./bctest. Usually...
2001-03-16 Richard LevitteAn enhanced bctest submitted by Tim Rice <tim@multitale...
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteToo many dollars...
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteWrite a small comment so we know...
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteBuild ectest too.
2001-03-08 Richard LevitteVMS catches up on the EC modifications.
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerIntegrate ec_err.[co].
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerIntegrate ectest.c (which does not yet do anything).
2001-02-26 Richard Levittemake update
2001-02-22 Richard Levittee_os.h does not belong with the exported headers. ...
2001-02-20 Richard LevitteOpenVMS catches up.
2001-02-19 Richard LevitteMake all configuration macros available for application...
2001-02-04 Ben LaurieMake depend.
2001-01-29 Bodo MöllerRemove serial number file during 'make clean'.
2000-12-29 Richard Levitte"make update" plus a rewrite of both .num files.
2000-12-28 Richard LevitteUpdate VMS build procedures to match the current status.
2000-12-11 Bodo MöllerChange/add comments
2000-12-10 Ulf MöllerStop on bntest error.
2000-12-10 Ulf Möller*** empty log message ***
2000-12-09 Bodo MöllerUse continuation lines in test/bctest as far as it...
2000-12-09 Bodo MöllerDon't throw away bctest's error messages.
2000-12-09 Ulf MöllerTest for SCO bc bug
2000-12-08 Bodo MöllerPlaceholder for SCO bc bug detection
2000-12-06 Bodo MöllerPrinting "verify ..." should not be counted as a test...
2000-12-06 Bodo MöllerUse bc's "print" feature whenever it is available,
2000-12-06 Bodo MöllerAdd a comment.
2000-12-06 Bodo MöllerWorkaround for broken (or missing) bc.
2000-12-02 Ulf MöllerMove the rijndael "test" to the bf and cast tests.
2000-12-01 Bodo Möller"make depend"
2000-11-30 Richard LevitteFirst tentative impementation of Kerberos 5 cryptos...
2000-11-30 Richard LevitteMake it possible to test SSL compression
2000-11-22 Richard LevitteAddapt the VMS scripts to the changes in the Makefiles.
2000-11-12 Ulf Möllerin some new file names the first 8 characters were...
2000-11-12 Richard LevitteFor a long time, I've wanted to be able to easily run...
2000-11-08 Richard LevitteRemove references to RSAref. The glue library is but...
2000-10-26 Richard LevitteMerge the engine branch into the main trunk. All confl...
2000-10-14 Richard LevitteThe experimental Rijndael code moved to the main trunk.
2000-09-08 Richard LevitteSynchronise the VMS build with the Unix one.
2000-09-07 Richard Levitte'make update'
2000-08-25 Dr. Stephen HensonChange PKCS#7 test data to take account of removal of
2000-08-14 Richard LevitteMD4 implemented. Assar Westerlund provided the digest...
2000-07-05 Richard LevitteI got sick and tired of having to keep track of NIDs...
2000-06-13 Geoff ThorpeEnable DSO support on alpha (OSF1), cc and gcc.
2000-03-18 Richard LevitteSmall bugs in the test scripts removed.
2000-03-16 Richard LevitteTypo corrected.
2000-03-13 Bodo Mölleranother typo
2000-03-13 Bodo Möllertypo
2000-03-13 Richard LevitteSynchronise with Unixly tests
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerRun test_ssl last -- it's the only test that really...
2000-03-13 Bodo Möller"openssl no-..." commands for avoiding the need to...
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerInclude a timing test that works without RSA.
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerCorrections.
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerUpdate test suite so that 'make test' succeeds in ...
2000-03-13 Richard LevitteSynchronise with Unix.
2000-03-13 Richard LevitteCorrect a potential bug.
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerDon't try to test the RSA command if it is not available.
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerConnection timings (using ISO C function clock()).
2000-03-10 Bodo MöllerAlways use fixed DH parameters created with 'dhparam...
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteNew logical names to skip algorithms are now supported.
2000-02-26 Richard LevitteMake sure that all test files are gone before starting...
2000-02-26 Richard LevitteMove to using the same perl code as Makefile.ssl
2000-02-26 Richard LevitteJust as in Unix, make sure to generate some kind of...
2000-02-26 Richard LevitteTypo corrected.
2000-02-25 Richard LevitteChanges to synchronise with Unix.
2000-02-06 Ulf MöllerImprove bntest slightly, and fix another bug in the...
2000-01-30 Richard LevitteSynchronise
2000-01-30 Bodo MöllerMake DSA_generate_parameters, and fix a couple of bug
2000-01-23 Dr. Stephen HensonTidy up CRYPTO_EX_DATA structures.
2000-01-20 Dr. Stephen HensonFinish off the X509_ATTRIBUTE string stuff.
2000-01-18 Ulf MöllerRename rsa_oaep_test to the more appropriate name rsa_t...
2000-01-16 Richard LevitteSynchronise with the makefiles.
2000-01-14 Bodo MöllerDelete "random" file .rnd in "make clean".
2000-01-14 Bodo MöllerLet "make test" survive without DEVRANDOM
1999-12-08 Bodo MöllerUseless files deleted -- they were just copies of files...
1999-11-12 Richard LevitteDIFFERENCE doesn't handle long (>255 chars) lines well...
1999-11-12 Richard Levitteadjust to changes in test/Makefile.ssl
1999-11-12 Richard Levitteadjust to changes in test/testssl
1999-09-24 Bodo MöllerUse a temporary file, not a pipe, for BN test because...
1999-09-10 Bodo MöllerRepair another bug in s23_get_client_hello:
1999-09-03 Bodo Möller-no_dhe option for ssltest.c
1999-08-28 Andy PolyakovRIPEMD160 shape-up. Final touch.
1999-08-05 Bodo MöllerNew function DSA_dup_DH, and fixes for bugs that were...
1999-08-02 Bodo Mölleravoid some NO_<cipher> problems
1999-07-28 Ulf MöllerVMS updates.
1999-06-17 Bodo MöllerDon't access configuration files outside the source...
1999-06-12 Bodo MöllerBIO pairs.
1999-05-21 Bodo MöllerIt was a very bad idea to use #include "../e_os.h"...
1999-05-20 Bodo MöllerDon't install e_os.h in include/openssl, use it only...
1999-05-15 Bodo MöllerUpdate dependencies.
1999-05-15 Ben LaurieGet rid of the cast.
1999-05-13 Ben LaurieUpdate dependencies.
1999-05-13 Ulf MöllerVMS support.
1999-05-01 Ben LaurieUpdate dependencies.
1999-04-29 Bodo MöllerSupport INSTALL_PREFIX for packagers.
1999-04-29 Ulf MöllerIgnore Makefile.save
1999-04-23 Bodo Möller"make depend"
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerChange #include filenames from <foo.h> to <openssl.h>.
1999-04-12 Ben LaurieAdd type-safe STACKs and SETs.
1999-04-11 Bodo MöllerObsoleted by new openssl command "list-cipher-commands".
1999-04-11 Bodo MöllerSubmitted by: