Fix wrong fipsinstall key used in test
[openssl.git] / include / internal / ktls.h
2020-06-25 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-06-08 Vadim FedorenkokTLS: add Linux-specific kTLS helpers
2020-06-08 Vadim FedorenkokTLS: add new algo definitions
2020-06-08 Vadim FedorenkokTLS: make ktls_start type independed
2019-10-31 Andrew GallatinAdd support for in-kernel TLS (KTLS) on FreeBSD.
2019-05-07 Boris PismennyLinux ktls sendfile
2019-04-25 Matt CaswellFix KTLS compilation error
2019-04-01 Boris PismennyLinux ktls Rx infrastructure
2019-03-29 PauliEnsure that the struct msghdr is properly zeroed.
2018-12-07 Boris PismennyLinux ktls infrastructure