Add support for otherName:NAIRealm in output
[openssl.git] / fuzz / oids.txt
2019-12-11 Jan-Frederik RieckersAdd support for otherName:NAIRealm in output
2019-09-24 Dmitry BelyavskiySupport printing out some otherName variants
2019-07-01 PauliAdd OIDs for kmac128, kmac256 and blake2.
2019-05-22 voevFix GOST OID
2019-03-13 杨洋Support SM2 certificate verification
2018-11-04 PauliGMAC implementation
2018-08-01 PauliAdd OIDs for HMAC SHA512/224 and HMAC SHA512/256.
2018-06-08 Dmitry BelyavskiyNew GOST identificators
2018-03-19 Jack LloydAdd SM2 signature and ECIES schemes
2018-03-15 PauliMissings OIDs for XTS added.
2018-03-12 gmileAdd OIDs for DSTU-4145
2018-03-07 Sergey ZhuravlevAdd GOST OIDs for Edwards parameter sets
2018-01-23 PauliSHA512/224 and SHA512/256
2017-11-05 Ronald TseSM3: restructure to EVP internal and update doc to...
2017-10-31 Richard Levittemake update