Add support for memory leak checking in fips_algvs.
[openssl.git] / fips / fipssyms.h
2011-10-20 Andy Polyakovfips/fips_[canister|premain].c: make it work with VC6...
2011-10-18 Andy Polyakovfipssyms.h: assign alias to newly introduced bn_gather5.
2011-10-18 Andy Polyakovfips/*: extend fipsro segmenting to all _MSC_VER builds...
2011-09-14 Andy PolyakovAllow for dynamic base in Win64 FIPS module.
2011-09-02 Dr. Stephen HensonRename some more symbols for fips module.
2011-08-23 Dr. Stephen HensonRename sparc symbols.
2011-07-22 Dr. Stephen HensonMore symbol renaming.
2011-07-21 Dr. Stephen HensonRename another symbol.
2011-07-05 Dr. Stephen HensonRename symbol.
2011-06-22 Dr. Stephen HensonNow the FIPS capable OpenSSL is available simplify...
2011-06-22 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd symbol rename
2011-06-20 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2011-06-20 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd null cipher to FIPS module
2011-06-01 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd DSA and ECDSA "clone digests" to module for compati...
2011-05-27 Dr. Stephen HensonRename many internal only module functions from FIPS_...
2011-05-25 Dr. Stephen HensonMore symbol renaming.
2011-05-05 Dr. Stephen HensonHide more symbols.
2011-05-04 Dr. Stephen HensonInclude fipssyms.h for ARM builds to translate symbols.
2011-05-01 Dr. Stephen HensonTwo more symbol renames.
2011-05-01 Dr. Stephen HensonRename some more symbols.
2011-05-01 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate symbol translation table.
2011-04-12 Dr. Stephen HensonUse consistent FIPS tarball name.
2011-04-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate fipssyms.h to keep all symbols in FIPS,fips...
2011-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd a few more symbol renames.
2011-02-23 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd DllMain to fips symbols: will need to call this...
2011-02-23 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd new symbols to fipssyms.h
2011-02-17 Dr. Stephen HensonCorrect fipssyms.h for more assembly language symbols.
2011-02-17 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove debugging command.
2011-02-16 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental FIPS symbol renaming.