putting the missing static
[openssl.git] / engines / e_afalg.c
2017-12-08 JitendraLullaputting the missing static
2017-12-08 JitendraLullamake get_cipher_handle static
2017-12-08 JitendraLullafix --strict-warnings
2017-12-08 JitendraLullaextending afalg with aes-cbc-192/256, afalgtest.c also...
2017-11-12 Josh SorefMany spelling fixes/typo's corrected.
2017-10-31 Baptiste Jonglezafalg: Fix kernel version check
2017-10-31 Baptiste Jonglezafalg: Use eventfd2 syscall instead of eventfd
2017-06-07 Rich Salzmake error tables const and separate header file
2017-05-20 Rich SalzMove engines/afalg to engines