Update the documentation for SSL_write_early_data()
[openssl.git] / doc / man3 / SSL_read_early_data.pod
2017-12-28 Matt CaswellUpdate the documentation for SSL_write_early_data()
2017-11-07 FdaSilvaYYVarious typo
2017-08-31 Matt CaswellVarious review fixes for PSK early_data support
2017-08-31 Matt CaswellAdd documentation for SSL_SESSION_set_max_early_data()
2017-07-18 Matt CaswellAdd some performance notes about early data
2017-06-11 Josh SorefFix spelling errors in manpages
2017-04-03 Kazuki YamaguchiFix a typo in the SSL_get_max_early_data() declarations
2017-03-02 Matt CaswellMore early data documentation updates following feedback