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2020-06-24 Paulievp_rand: documentation
2020-06-24 Dmitry BelyavskiyCMS print should support string conversion: docs
2020-06-19 haykam821Remove whitespace from 'white space'
2020-06-18 Sebastian Andrzej... DOC: Spelling fixes
2020-06-13 Dr. David von OheimbImprove description of CMP untrusted certs and msg...
2020-06-13 Dr. David von OheimbAllow subject of CMP -oldcert as sender unless protecti...
2020-06-13 Dr. David von OheimbCheck expected sender not only for signature-protected...
2020-06-13 Dr. David von OheimbImprove description of -trusted, -srvcert, -recipient...
2020-06-11 PauliThe EVP_MAC functions have been renamed for consistency...
2020-06-11 Paulikdf: make function naming consistent.
2020-06-09 Shane LontisUpdate RSA keygen to use sp800-56b by default
2020-06-05 Richard LevitteAPPS: Drop interactive mode in the 'openssl' program
2020-06-04 Otto HollmannAdd cipher list ciphersuites which using encryption...
2020-05-27 FdaSilvaYYcrypto/cms: add CAdES-BES signed attributes validation
2020-05-26 Dr. Matthias St... doc: fix trace category names
2020-05-21 mettacrawlerThere is no -signreq option in CA.pl
2020-05-19 Dmitry BelyavskiyIntroducing option SSL_OP_IGNORE_UNEXPECTED_EOF
2020-05-19 Rich SalzRevise fips_install.pod
2020-05-15 Dr. David von OheimbUse OSSL_STORE for load_{,pub}key() and load_cert(...
2020-05-15 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-05-13 Dr. David von OheimbAdd -reqin_new_tid option to apps/cmp.c and OSSL_CMP_MS...
2020-05-13 Dr. David von OheimbImprove CMP documentation regarding use of untrusted...
2020-05-13 Dr. David von OheimbChunk 11 of CMP contribution to OpenSSL: CMP command...
2020-05-10 Beat Bollidoc: fix two invalid <B> tags
2020-05-08 Paulidoc: remove deprecation notes for apps that are staying.
2020-05-07 Nikolay MorozovSSL_OP_DISABLE_TLSEXT_CA_NAMES option implementation
2020-04-29 Shourya ShuklaAmend references to "OpenSSL license"
2020-04-27 Sebastian Andrzej... doc: Random spellchecking
2020-04-24 David von OheimbAdd function load_csr(file,format,desc) to apps/lib...
2020-04-24 Rich SalzUpdate some nits around the FIPS module
2020-04-23 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-04-20 Dr. David von OheimbFix descriptions of credentials and verification option...
2020-04-15 Shane LontisAdd DSA keygen to provider
2020-04-02 Nikolay MorozovTLS Cipher Suite 0xC102 Support
2020-04-01 Tianjia Zhangapps: support sendfile in s_server when ktls enabled
2020-03-23 Rich SalzUpdate CA.pl podpage, and script
2020-03-15 Richard LevitteAPPS: Remove all traces of special SM2 treatment.
2020-03-11 Rich SalzDOCS: Use "command" not "tool" or "utility"
2020-03-08 Dr. Matthias St... doc: slightly reformulate 'openssl(1)/Random State...
2020-03-07 Rich SalzAdd -section option to 'req' command
2020-03-07 Paulicmdline app: add provider commandline options.
2020-03-07 Pauliman1: make all openssl command line tool documentation...
2020-03-06 Rich SalzUse .cnf for config files, not .conf
2020-03-04 Rich SalzAdd some missing env var documentation
2020-03-03 Tomas MrazCorrect two small documentation issues
2020-03-03 Dmitry BelyavskiyDocumenting newly added CMS modification
2020-03-03 Dr. Matthias St... doc: document that 'openssl rand' is cryptographically...
2020-02-29 Dr. Matthias St... man: openssl-ocsp: separate client and server options
2020-02-26 Bastian Germannapps x509: restrict CAkeyform option to OPT_FMT_PDE
2020-02-21 Paulipkey: additional EC related options
2020-02-21 Paulipkey: update command line tool examples in light of...
2020-02-20 Paulirsa: document deprecated RSA command line apps
2020-02-18 Alex BobocDOC:Fix typos in openssl-enc.pod.in + openssl.pod
2020-02-18 PauliDeprecate EC command line apps.
2020-02-14 Bastian Germannapps x509: passing PKCS#11 URL as -signkey
2020-02-11 Paulidsa: deprecate applications that depend on the low...
2020-02-06 Dr. Matthias St... Fix misspelling errors and typos reported by codespell
2020-02-06 Rich SalzMore accurate doc of -ssl_config option
2020-02-06 Rich SalzUpdate command list
2020-02-06 Rich SalzAdd cmd-nits to travis build
2020-02-06 Rich SalzThe -hmac option to speed is now #ifdef'd
2020-02-06 Rich SalzAdd missing s_client options
2020-01-31 Rich SalzFix "ts" no-XXX options, document two TLS options
2020-01-31 Rich SalzUpdate the SSL/TLS connection options
2020-01-29 Rich SalzAdd -issuer_checks to verify options
2020-01-29 Rich SalzDocument most missing options
2020-01-29 Rich SalzAdd more generated man1 doc files
2020-01-23 Rich SalzUpdate man3/verify documentation, error text
2020-01-22 Rich SalzAdd missing files to generated
2020-01-22 Rich SalzFix some missing doc links.
2020-01-15 Shane LontisAdd FIPS Self test kats for digests
2020-01-13 Rich SalzBetter documentation of -www,-WWW,-HTTP flags
2020-01-13 Rich SalzRefactor the tls/dlts version options
2020-01-07 Rich SalzRefactor -engine documentation
2020-01-06 Shane LontisFix KMAC docs
2020-01-06 kaysondAdd `-passin` arg to `ocsp`
2020-01-06 Rich SalzMove -nameopt to openssl.pod
2020-01-02 Ibrahim M. GhazalAdd -iter option to pkcs12 command
2019-12-21 Richard Levittedoc/man1/openssl-cmds.pod: Add invisble name 'openssl...
2019-12-19 Jussi KeranenFix regression on x509 keyform argument
2019-12-19 Rich SalzUse a function to generate do-not-edit comment
2019-12-12 Rich SalzVarious missing-link fixes
2019-12-11 Veres LajosFix some typos
2019-11-28 Rich SalzUse option/parameter consistently.
2019-11-28 Rich SalzDocument more env var stuff, fix some typo's
2019-11-24 Dr. Matthias St... Remove RANDFILE settings from configuration files
2019-11-21 Matt CaswellDocumentation updates due to naming tweaks
2019-11-20 Rich SalzDocument command parameters.
2019-11-15 Rich SalzFix some broken doc links
2019-11-10 Rich SalzFix L<xxx(1)> links to be L<openssl-xxx(1)>
2019-11-03 Richard LevitteAdd -CAstore and similar to all openssl commands that...
2019-10-31 Rich SalzFix L<> entries without sections
2019-10-31 Rich SalzInfrastructure for templated doc in POD files
2019-10-23 Rich SalzDocument the -inform, etc., in openssl.pod
2019-10-18 agnosticdevUpdate dgst.c to show a list of message digests
2019-10-17 Richard Levitte'openssl list' and 'openssl provider': adapt display...
2019-10-15 Rich SalzRefactor many common flags into openssl.pod
2019-10-14 Kurt RoeckxAdd BN_check_prime()
2019-10-14 Rich SalzReplace '=for comment ifdef' with '=for openssl'
2019-10-11 Richard LevittePOD: stop abusing comment