Include openssl/e_os.h so OPENSSL_SYSNAME_ULTRASPARC and other configuration
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2003-05-23 Richard LevitteBrackets are now allowed, after a small hack in the...
2003-05-19 Dr. Stephen HensonThe square brackets in BIO_s_bio.pod for some
2003-05-18 Dr. Stephen HensonFix docs.
2003-03-31 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2003-02-27 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo.
2003-02-15 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs.
2003-02-11 Dr. Stephen HensonGeneralString support in mini-ASN1 compiler
2003-01-26 Dr. Stephen HensonCorrect EVP_SealInit() documentation, iv is an output
2003-01-13 Bodo MöllerTypo.
2002-12-12 Richard LevitteBIO_new_bio_pair() was unnecessarily described in it...
2002-12-12 Richard LevitteBIO_set_nbio() is enumerated, but not explained. Remov...
2002-11-29 Richard LevitteCorrect some names.
2002-11-15 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd SETWRAP modifier to ASN1 generate.
2002-11-14 Lutz JänickeUse =back to finish =over (found using pod2latex).
2002-11-14 Dr. Stephen HensonFix documentation of i2d_X509_fp and i2d_X509_bio.
2002-11-13 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo
2002-11-13 Dr. Stephen HensonPut NAME in right place, fix typo
2002-11-13 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs
2002-11-12 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial ASN1 generation documentation.
2002-11-11 Lutz JänickeTypo.
2002-10-29 Richard LevitteRevert, that was an incorrect change.
2002-10-29 Richard LevitteA small detail: since 0.9.7, DH_new_method() and DSA_ne...
2002-10-20 Dr. Stephen HensonNew docs.
2002-10-18 Geoff ThorpeMake pod2man happier.
2002-10-18 Lutz JänickeCorrected exchanged parameters in example for EVP_Encry...
2002-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonMore docs.
2002-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo.
2002-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs.
2002-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonPKCS12_parse manual page.
2002-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonPKCS12_create manual page
2002-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonMore man pages.
2002-10-08 Dr. Stephen HensonPKCS7_verify() docs.
2002-10-07 Dr. Stephen HensonMore docs.
2002-10-07 Dr. Stephen HensonMore d2i/i2d manual pages.
2002-10-06 Dr. Stephen HensonDocument "0" and "1" naming convention.
2002-10-06 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs.
2002-10-06 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs.
2002-10-06 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate DH parameter docs.
2002-10-06 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate RSAPublicKey manual page...
2002-10-05 Dr. Stephen HensonSome docs relating to X509 ASN1 functions.
2002-09-25 Richard LevitteIt makes more sense to refer to specific function manua...
2002-09-25 Richard LevitteRemove *all* references to RSA_PKCS1_RSAref, since...
2002-09-25 Richard LevitteRemove reference to RSA_PKCS1_RSAref, since it doesn...
2002-09-25 Richard LevitteIt makes more sense to refer to specific function manua...
2002-08-15 Bodo Möllerfix manpage
2002-08-05 Geoff ThorpeThese are updates/fixes to DH/DSA/RAND docs based on...
2002-08-05 Geoff Thorpetypo fix
2002-08-04 Geoff ThorpeVarious parts of the RSA documentation were inaccurate...
2002-08-04 Geoff ThorpeA single monolithic man page for the ENGINE stuff....
2002-07-18 Geoff ThorpeThis documentation change was being written at the...
2002-07-18 Richard LevitteExplain why RSA_check_key() doesn't work with hard...
2002-07-18 Richard LevitteAdd history for documented new functions.
2002-07-10 Lutz JänickeTypos in links between manual pages
2002-06-05 Richard LevitteDocumentation bug corrected.
2002-05-30 Richard Levittea B< that wasn't properly ended.
2002-05-08 Richard LevitteSmall documentation fix for EVP_CipherFinal or EVP_Ciph...
2002-04-13 Ulf Mölleranother error discovered by Karsten Braaten. The number...
2002-04-07 Ulf Möllererror reported by Karsten Braaten
2002-03-05 Bodo MöllerRephrase statement on the security of two-key 3DES.
2002-01-24 Bodo MöllerNew functions
2002-01-21 Lutz JänickeTypos (jsyn <>).
2002-01-04 Bodo Mölleradd a sentence previously deleted by accident
2002-01-04 Bodo Mölleradd documentation for SSLeay_version(SSLEAY_DIR) and
2002-01-04 Lutz JänickeTsss, SSLeay_version() was already documented, it just...
2002-01-04 Lutz JänickeAdd information as provided by Richard Levitte on opens...
2002-01-04 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate PEM docs
2001-12-09 Ben LaurieImprove back compatibility.
2001-12-03 Dr. Stephen HensonEVP_BytesToKey documentation.
2001-11-08 Bodo Möllerclarify
2001-10-25 Ulf Möllerremove compatibility notes that no longer apply
2001-10-25 Richard LevitteCorrect some links...
2001-10-25 Richard LevitteChange the DES documentation to reflect the current...
2001-10-25 Bodo Möllermention des_old.h
2001-10-25 Richard LevitteRemove DES_random_seed() but retain des_random_seed...
2001-10-24 Richard LevitteDue to an increasing number of clashes between modern...
2001-10-17 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs.
2001-10-16 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs.
2001-09-07 Ulf Möllerispell
2001-09-03 Bodo MöllerUse uniformly chosen witnesses for Miller-Rabin test
2001-07-31 Ben LaurieDocument DES changes better.
2001-07-27 Bodo MöllerUndo DH_generate_key() change: s3_srvr.c was using...
2001-07-25 Bodo MöllerDon't preserve existing keys in DH_generate_key.
2001-07-10 Bodo MöllerFix PRNG.
2001-05-17 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd examples to EVP_EncryptInit manual page.
2001-04-12 Lutz JänickeMissing link ("Greg Stark" <>)
2001-03-21 Bodo MöllerUpdate docs.
2001-03-11 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial docs for PEM routines.
2001-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonChange the EVP_somecipher() and EVP_somedigest()
2001-03-08 Bodo MöllerConstify BN_value_one.
2001-02-20 Ulf MöllerBN_rand_range() needs a BN_rand() variant that doesn...
2001-02-14 Dr. Stephen HensonOption to disable standard block padding with EVP API.
2001-02-10 Lutz JänickeInclude information that automatic query is a new feature.
2001-02-10 Bodo MöllerSimplify BN_rand_range
2001-02-08 Ulf MöllerNote that EGD is used automatically.
2001-02-08 Ulf Möllercleanup
2001-02-08 Bodo MöllerIntegrate my implementation of a countermeasure against
2001-02-08 Lutz JänickeUpdate documentation to match the state at 0.9.6 _and_...
2001-02-07 Ulf MöllerBleichenbacher's DSA attack
2001-01-21 Ulf MöllerUse the correct number of arguments in the example.
2001-01-14 Geoff ThorpeUpdate the LHASH man page.