Ugh, BIO_find_type() cannot be passed a NULL.
[openssl.git] / crypto / pkcs7 / pk7_smime.c
2000-09-07 Dr. Stephen HensonUgh, BIO_find_type() cannot be passed a NULL.
2000-09-05 Dr. Stephen HensonKeep a not of original encoding in certificate requests.
2000-05-16 Ben LaurieTypesafe Thought Police part 4.
2000-05-15 Ulf MöllerGet rid of more non-ANSI declarations.
2000-02-28 Dr. Stephen HensonOuch! PKCS7_encrypt() was heading MIME text headers...
2000-02-26 Dr. Stephen HensonRename functions for new convention.
1999-12-15 Dr. Stephen HensonDelete an unused variable and make the PKCS#12 keygen...
1999-12-15 Dr. Stephen HensonFix the S/MIME code to use canonical MIME format for
1999-12-11 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious S/MIME fixes.
1999-12-09 Dr. Stephen HensonMake the PKCS#7 S/MIME functions check for passed NULL...
1999-12-07 Dr. Stephen HensonModify S/MIME application so the -signer option writes...
1999-12-05 Dr. Stephen HensonMerge in my S/MIME library and utility.