remove unnecessary calls to EC_POINT_copy()
[openssl.git] / crypto / ecdsa /
2002-06-10 Bodo Möllerremove unnecessary calls to EC_POINT_copy()
2002-04-20 Richard LevitteNo point constifying an int.
2002-04-17 Bodo Möller'version' is not optional in the encoding
2002-04-17 Bodo Möller'version' is not optional in the encoding
2002-04-12 Bodo MöllerECDSA representation bugfixes
2002-04-09 Bodo Möllerfix ECDSA handling
2002-04-06 Richard Levittemake update (libeay.num has been edited to match 0...
2002-03-25 Bodo Möllerfix warnings
2002-03-19 Bodo MöllerFix typo.
2002-03-18 Bodo MöllerFix bugs and typos.
2002-03-14 Bodo MöllerFixes for 'no-hw' combined with 'no-SOME_CIPHER'.
2002-03-07 Bodo MöllerAdd more curves.
2002-02-20 Richard LevitteInstead of casting a lvalue, let's constify meth.
2002-02-20 Bodo Möllersimplifications
2002-02-20 Richard LevitteComparing a pointer (data) with 0 using > is incorrect...
2002-02-16 Richard LevitteThe macro IMPLEMENT_ASN1_FUNCTIONS_const already contai...
2002-02-16 Richard LevitteLocal `time' shadows the global function `time()'....
2002-02-14 Bodo Möllermake it possible to disable memory checking for timings
2002-02-14 Bodo MöllerEC_GROUP_get_group_by_name() is now called EC_GROUP_new...
2002-02-13 Bodo MöllerECDSA support