GH614: Use memcpy()/strdup() when possible
[openssl.git] / crypto / dso /
2016-02-03 Dmitry-MeGH614: Use memcpy()/strdup() when possible
2016-02-01 Richard Levitteunified build scheme: add files
2016-01-29 Rich SalzTemplatize util/domd
2016-01-26 Rich SalzRemove /* foo.c */ comments
2016-01-23 FdaSilvaYYFix two possible leaks.
2016-01-20 Rich SalzRemove update tags
2016-01-17 Rich SalzRemove some old makefile targets
2016-01-12 Rich SalzMove Makefiles to
2015-12-30 Richard LevitteFix some missing or faulty header file inclusions
2015-12-18 Richard LevitteRemove the "eay" c-file-style indicators
2015-12-16 Rich SalzRename some BUF_xxx to OPENSSL_xxx
2015-11-09 Matt CaswellContinue standardising malloc style for libcrypto
2015-11-05 Dr. Stephen HensonRebuild error source files.
2015-09-29 Andy PolyakovFix pedantic warnings in mingw builds.
2015-09-03 Rich SalzAdd and use OPENSSL_zalloc
2015-05-22 Richard LevitteFix the update target and remove duplicate file updates
2015-05-14 Richard Levittemake depend
2015-05-14 Richard LevitteIdentify and move common internal libcrypto header...
2015-05-06 Rich Salzmemset, memcpy, sizeof consistency fixes
2015-05-04 Rich SalzUse safer sizeof variant in malloc
2015-05-01 Rich Salzfree NULL cleanup 11
2015-05-01 Rich Salzfree null cleanup finale
2015-04-28 Rich Salzremove malloc casts
2015-04-16 Viktor DukhovniCode style: space after 'if'
2015-03-31 Richard LevitteRemove EXHEADER, TEST, APPS, links:, install: and unins...
2015-03-31 Richard LevitteStop symlinking, move files to intended directory
2015-03-17 Matt CaswellRemove dead code from crypto
2015-03-05 Matt CaswellUnchecked malloc fixes
2015-01-30 Rich SalzDead code removal: #if 0 conf, dso, pqueue, threads
2015-01-30 Richard Levittedso_vms needs to add the .EXE extension if there is...
2015-01-27 Rich Salz"#if 0" removal: header files
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRe-align some comments after running the reformat script.
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellMore comments
2015-01-12 Matt CaswellRemove redundant DSO_METHOD_beos declaration in dso...
2014-12-30 Tim Hudsonmark all block comments that need format preserving...
2014-12-30 Kurt Roeckxdlfcn: always define _GNU_SOURCE
2014-12-22 Rich SalzRT3548: Remvoe unsupported platforms
2014-12-17 Rich SalzRT3548: Remove some obsolete platforms
2014-12-08 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove fipscanister build functionality from makefiles.
2014-11-28 Rich SalzRemove all .cvsignore files
2014-05-19 JanpopanFix a wrong parameter count ERR_add_error_data
2014-05-02 Geoff Thorpedso: eliminate VMS code on non-VMS systems
2013-09-05 Veres Lajosmisspellings fixes by
2012-12-18 Andy Polyakovdso/dso_win32.c: fix compiler warning.
2011-09-05 Bodo Möllermake update
2011-09-01 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2589
2011-03-25 Dr. Stephen HensonMake some Unix builds work again.
2011-03-23 Richard Levittemake update (1.1.0-dev)
2011-03-19 Richard LevitteAfter some adjustments, apply the changes OpenSSL 1...
2011-02-12 Andy Polyakovdso_dlfcn.c: make it work on Tru64 4.0.
2011-02-02 Dr. Stephen HensonMake no-asm work in fips mode. Add android platform.
2011-01-26 Dr. Stephen HensonChange AR to ARX to allow exclusion of fips object...
2010-03-29 Andy Polyakovdso_dlfcn.c: fix compile failure on Tru64.
2009-10-04 Dr. Stephen HensonPrevent aliasing warning
2009-07-16 Dr. Stephen HensonUse correct extension and OSX detection.
2009-07-15 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdates from 1.0.0-stable
2009-07-15 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdates from 1.0.0-stable
2008-12-29 Andy PolyakovFix "possible loss of data" Win64 compiler warnings.
2008-12-27 Ben LaurieRemove dead code. (Coverity ID 2)
2008-12-16 Richard LevitteStack changes made dso_vms.c not compile properly.
2008-06-04 Dr. Stephen HensonMake DSO WIN32 compile again.
2008-06-04 Ben LaurieMore type-checking.
2008-01-04 Andy PolyakovLast dso_dlfcn.c check-in said "Use Dl_info only on...
2007-04-02 Nils Larschcheck if pointer is != NULL before dereferencing it...
2006-11-21 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 0.9.8 stable. Eliminate duplicate error...
2006-10-23 Andy PolyakovFix mingw warnings.
2006-05-12 Richard LevitteSomeone made a mistake, and some function and reason...
2006-04-13 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate dependencies.
2006-04-12 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd file dso_beos.c missing from original commit.
2006-04-11 Ulf MöllerAdd BeOS support.
2006-04-11 Ulf MöllerUse Dl_info only on systems where it is known to exist...
2006-04-11 Ulf Mölleruncomment; that one slipped through
2006-04-11 Ulf Möllerimprove make dclean to remove files generated during...
2006-03-15 Nils Larschfix problems found by coverity: remove useless code
2006-03-11 Nils Larschfix "missing initializer" warning
2006-02-04 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate filenames in makefiles.
2006-01-15 Dr. Stephen HensonFix from stable branch.
2006-01-08 Bodo MöllerSome error code cleanups (SSL lib. used SSL_R_... codes...
2006-01-02 Andy PolyakovTypo in win32_globallookup.
2006-01-02 Andy Polyakov"Relax" prototype and rename DSO_global_lookup_func...
2006-01-01 Andy PolyakovFix mapping "leak" in newly introduced win32_globallookup.
2005-12-31 Andy PolyakovOops! Remove junk...
2005-12-30 Andy PolyakovAdd DSO_global_lookup_func implementation. See commenta...
2005-12-18 Ulf Möllercomments
2005-12-18 Andy PolyakovEliminate possible mapping leak.
2005-11-01 Richard LevitteFix numerous bugs in the Win32 path splitter
2005-11-01 Richard LevitteA slight change in documentation that makes it so much...
2005-08-28 Nils Larschfix warnings when building openssl with the following...
2005-08-03 Andy PolyakovWCE update, mostly typos.
2005-08-02 Andy PolyakovImplement complementary LoadLibraryA shim under WCE.
2005-07-24 Andy PolyakovEliminate gcc warning in dso_win32.c.
2005-06-27 Andy PolyakovEliminate dependency on UNICODE macro.
2005-06-09 Andy PolyakovEliminate gcc -pedantic warnings.
2005-06-09 Andy PolyakovAllow for dso load by explicit path on HP-UX.
2005-06-09 Richard LevitteWhen the return type of the function is int, it's bette...
2005-06-06 Richard Levitte_GNU_SOURCE needs to be defined before any standard...
2005-06-05 Andy PolyakovNew function, DSO_pathbyaddr, to find pathname for...
2005-05-19 Nils Larschfix "dereferencing type-punned pointer will break stric...
2005-05-16 Andy PolyakovFurther BUILDENV refinement, further fool-proofing...