Set flag BN_FLG_CONSTTIME earlier
[openssl.git] / crypto / dsa / dsa_ossl.c
2016-06-07 Cesar PereidaSet flag BN_FLG_CONSTTIME earlier
2016-06-07 Cesar PereidaRemove kq and set BN_FLG_CONSTTIME in k for BN_mod_inverse
2016-06-06 Matt CaswellDeprecate the flags that switch off constant time
2016-06-06 Matt CaswellSimplify dsa_ossl.c
2016-06-06 Cesar PereidaFix DSA, preserve BN_FLG_CONSTTIME
2016-05-17 Rich SalzCopyright consolidation 07/10
2016-04-29 Matt CaswellRemove some dead code
2016-04-02 Matt CaswellMake the DSA structure opaque
2016-03-08 Dr. Stephen HensonMake DSA_SIG opaque.
2016-03-08 Alessandro GhediniConvert CRYPTO_LOCK_{DH,DSA,RSA} to new multi-threading API
2016-03-07 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove kinv/r fields from DSA structure.
2016-01-26 Rich SalzRemove /* foo.c */ comments
2015-12-22 David BenjaminFix memory leak in DSA redo case.
2015-11-09 Matt CaswellContinue standardising malloc style for libcrypto
2015-05-14 Richard LevitteIdentify and move common internal libcrypto header...
2015-05-01 Rich Salzfree NULL cleanup 7
2015-04-16 Viktor DukhovniCode style: space after 'if'
2015-01-27 Rich SalzOPENSSL_NO_xxx cleanup: SHA
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2014-12-30 Tim Hudsonmark all block comments that need format preserving...
2014-12-08 Matt CaswellImplement internally opaque bn access from dsa
2014-12-08 Dr. Stephen Hensonremove OPENSSL_FIPSAPI
2014-12-08 Dr. Stephen Hensonremove FIPS module code from crypto/dsa
2014-09-09 Matt CaswellRT3192: spurious error in DSA verify
2013-07-17 Dr. Stephen HensonAvoid need to change function code.
2013-07-15 Adam LangleyMake `safe' (EC)DSA nonces the default.
2013-06-13 Adam LangleyAdd secure DSA nonce flag.
2012-06-03 Ben LaurieVersion skew reduction: trivia (I hope).
2011-05-11 Dr. Stephen HensonRename FIPS_mode_set and FIPS_mode. Theses symbols...
2011-04-23 Dr. Stephen HensonMore fixes for DSA FIPS overrides.
2011-04-23 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd PRNG security strength checking.
2011-02-13 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove dependency of dsa_sign.o and dsa_vrf.o: new...
2011-02-03 Dr. Stephen HensonTransfer error redirection to fips.h, add OPENSSL_FIPSA...
2011-02-01 Dr. Stephen HensonSince FIPS 186-3 specifies we use the leftmost bits...
2011-01-26 Dr. Stephen HensonFIPS mode DSA changes:
2011-01-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonrecalculate DSA signature if r or s is zero (FIPS 186...
2010-10-11 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2295
2007-03-28 Bodo MöllerChange to mitigate branch prediction attacks
2007-02-11 Nils Larschavoid shifting input
2007-02-07 Nils Larschremove unused variable
2007-02-03 Nils Larschadd support for DSA with SHA2
2006-11-08 Ben LaurieFix various warnings.
2006-09-28 Bodo MöllerIntroduce limits to prevent malicious keys being able to
2006-03-18 Nils Larschremove unnecessary code
2006-03-15 Nils Larschfix problems found by coverity: remove useless code
2005-05-26 Bodo Möllermake sure DSA signing exponentiations really are consta...
2005-05-16 Bodo MöllerImplement fixed-window exponentiation to mitigate hyper...
2005-05-09 Bodo Möllerimprove comment readability
2005-04-27 Dr. Stephen HensonChange method_mont_p from (char *) to (BN_MONT_CTX...
2005-04-26 Dr. Stephen HensonPort BN_MONT_CTX_set_locked() from stable branch.
2005-04-23 Ben LaurieAdd debug target, remove cast, note possible bug.
2005-04-22 Nils Larsch- use BN_set_negative and BN_is_negative instead of...
2003-04-08 Richard LevitteWe seem to carry some rests of the 0.9.6 [engine] ENGIN...
2003-03-11 Geoff ThorpeThe default implementation of DSA_METHOD has an interde...
2003-01-30 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to build without the ENGINE framework.
2003-01-15 Lutz JänickeFix initialization sequence to prevent freeing of uniti...
2003-01-15 Geoff ThorpeAs with RSA, which was modified recently, this change...
2002-11-04 Bodo Möllerimplement and use new macros BN_get_sign(), BN_set_sign()
2001-09-25 Geoff ThorpeThis commits changes to various parts of libcrypto...
2001-06-26 Bodo MöllerDSA verification should insist that r and s are in...
2001-04-21 Dr. Stephen HensonFix ASN1 bug when decoding OTHER type.
2001-02-10 Bodo MöllerSimplify BN_rand_range
2001-02-08 Bodo MöllerIntegrate my implementation of a countermeasure against
2001-02-07 Ulf MöllerBleichenbacher's DSA attack
2000-11-07 Richard LevitteConstify DSA-related code.
2000-10-26 Richard LevitteMerge the engine branch into the main trunk. All confl...
2000-09-13 Ulf MöllerDon't set the two top bits to one when generating a...
1999-11-04 Dr. Stephen HensonAllow additional information to be attached to a
1999-08-23 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for DH_METHOD. Also added a DH lock...
1999-08-22 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for DSA_METHOD...