CORE: Add an internal function to distinguish the global default context
[openssl.git] / crypto / context.c
2020-06-28 Richard LevitteCORE: Add an internal function to distinguish the globa...
2020-06-28 Richard LevitteCORE: Add OPENSSL_CTX_set0_default(), to set a default...
2020-04-28 Richard LevitteRename FIPS_MODE to FIPS_MODULE
2020-04-23 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-03-27 Matt CaswellPut an error on the stack in the event of a fetch failure
2020-03-20 Shane LontisAdd support for passing the libctx to the config loader
2019-09-28 Dr. Matthias St... Reorganize private crypto header files
2019-08-29 Matt CaswellMake sure we pre-initialise properties
2019-08-29 Matt CaswellFix context locking
2019-06-17 Matt CaswellTell the FIPS provider about thread stop events
2019-06-17 Matt CaswellAdd the function openssl_ctx_get_concrete()
2019-05-23 Matt CaswellMake core code available within the FIPS module
2019-05-02 Matt CaswellInstead of global data store it in an OPENSSL_CTX
2019-05-02 Matt CaswellAdd support for openssl_ctx_run_once and openssl_ctx_onfree
2019-02-15 Richard LevitteAdd an OpenSSL library context