Fix wrong numbers being passed as string lengths
[openssl.git] / crypto / bio /
2015-03-05 Matt CaswellUnchecked malloc fixes
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRe-align some comments after running the reformat script. OpenSSL_1_0_1-post-reformat
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRerun util/openssl-format-source -v -c . OpenSSL_1_0_1-post-auto-reformat
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellMove more comments that confuse indent
2015-01-22 Matt Caswellindent has problems with comments that are on the right...
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellAdditional comment changes for reformat of 1.0.1
2015-01-22 Tim Hudsonmark all block comments that need format preserving...
2015-01-06 Martin BrejchaFix memory leak.
2014-12-20 Michael TuexenFix incorrect OPENSSL_assert() usage.
2014-12-03 Matt CaswellThere are a number of instances throughout the code...
2014-11-17 Jan HykelDon't use msg on error.
2014-07-09 Matt CaswellFix memory leak in BIO_free if there is no destroy...
2014-05-11 Kurt RoeckxSet authkey to NULL and check malloc return value.
2014-05-11 Martin Brejchadgram_sctp_ctrl: authkey memory leak
2014-02-25 Dr. Stephen HensonAvoid Windows 8 Getversion deprecated errors.
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2013-12-08 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2013-11-01 Robin SeggelmannDTLS/SCTP struct authchunks Bug
2012-07-01 Ben LaurieUnused variable.
2012-07-01 Andy Polyakovbss_dgram.c: fix typos in Windows code.
2012-06-19 Andy Polyakovbss_dgram.c: fix bugs [from HEAD].
2012-06-08 Ben LaurieReduce version skew.
2012-04-16 Andy PolyakovOPENSSL_NO_SOCK fixes [from HEAD].
2012-04-16 Andy PolyakovMinor compatibility fixes [from HEAD].
2012-03-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2755
2012-02-25 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2730
2011-12-27 Dr. Stephen Hensonfix error code
2011-12-25 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2535
2011-12-02 Bodo MöllerFix BIO_f_buffer().
2011-10-10 Dr. Stephen HensonBackport ossl_ssize_t type from HEAD.
2011-09-01 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2340
2011-07-20 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2559
2011-05-25 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2512
2011-03-19 Richard LevitteApply all the changes submitted by Steven M. Schweda...
2011-01-03 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2413
2010-12-11 Andy Polyakovbss_file.c: refine UTF8 logic [from HEAD].
2010-06-16 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2010-06-15 Dr. Stephen HensonFix warnings (From HEAD, original patch by Ben).
2010-05-31 Dr. Stephen Hensonfix PR#2261 in a different way
2010-04-28 Andy Polyakovbss_file.c: reserve for option to encode file name...
2010-03-27 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1763
2010-03-22 Andy Polyakovbss_file.c: fix MSC 6.0 warning [from HEAD].
2010-03-15 Andy PolyakovFix UPLINK typo [from HEAD].
2010-01-07 Andy Polyakovb_sock.c: bind/connect are picky about socket address...
2010-01-07 Andy Polyakovsendto is reportedly picky about destination socket...
2010-01-06 Andy PolyakovFix compilation on older Linux [from HEAD].
2009-12-30 Andy Polyakovb_sock.c: correct indirect calls on WinSock platforms...
2009-11-26 Andy Polyakovbss_dgram.c: re-fix BIO_CTRL_DGRAM_GET_PEER (from HEAD).
2009-11-22 Andy Polyakovbio_sock.c and bss_dgram.c: update from HEAD.
2009-11-09 Dr. Stephen HensonCombat gcc 4.4.1 aliasing rules. (from HEAD)
2009-10-15 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2069
2009-10-04 Dr. Stephen HensonPrevent ignored return value warning
2009-09-22 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2050
2009-09-20 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2047
2009-09-04 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2028
2009-08-26 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2005
2009-07-24 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1990
2009-07-24 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 0.9.8-stable.
2009-06-25 Dr. Stephen HensonFix from HEAD.
2009-06-25 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1748
2009-06-05 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1950
2009-06-05 Ben LaurieNot always used.
2009-05-18 Dr. Stephen HensonDelete line which should have gone with PR#1922.
2009-05-17 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1929
2009-05-17 Dr. Stephen HensonRevert previous MTU patch from PR#1929
2009-05-16 Dr. Stephen HensonMake the stuff compile again, fix missing prototype...
2009-05-15 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from HEAD.
2009-05-15 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1922
2009-05-06 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't use -D_CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE, fix bio_lcl...
2009-05-05 Richard LevitteUpdate from HEAD
2009-04-28 Richard LevitteUpdate from HEAD.
2009-04-27 Andy Polyakovb_sock.c: readability update from HEAD.
2009-04-26 Dr. Stephen HensonThis at least break WIN32 which doesn't have sys/time...
2009-04-26 Richard LevitteUpdates from HEAD
2009-04-14 Dr. Stephen HensonFix typo and stop WIN32 warnings.
2009-04-14 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1829
2009-04-03 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1888
2009-03-31 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2009-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2009-03-07 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2008-12-25 Richard LevitteIn BIO_write(), update the write statistics, not the...
2008-12-22 Andy PolyakovThis _WIN32-specific patch makes it possible to "wrap...
2008-11-12 Geoff ThorpeRevert the size_t modifications from HEAD that had...
2008-11-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix warnings: printf format mismatches on 64 bit platforms.
2008-11-01 Andy PolyakovFix bss_log.c on Windows.
2008-11-01 Ben Lauriesize_tification.
2008-09-15 Andy PolyakovFix yesterday typos in bss_dgram.c.
2008-09-14 Andy PolyakovWinsock handles SO_RCVTIMEO in unique manner...
2008-03-16 Geoff ThorpeFix a variety of warnings generated by some elevated...
2008-03-12 Dr. Stephen HensonAnd so it begins...
2008-01-03 Dr. Stephen HensonNetware support.
2007-12-03 Richard LevitteChange submitted by Doug Kaufman. He writes:
2007-10-13 Andy PolyakovBunch of constifications.
2007-10-09 Andy PolyakovAddendum to commit #16654.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovRemove excessive whitespaces from bio.h
2007-09-16 Andy PolyakovIt's inappropraite to override application signal,...
2007-09-15 Andy PolyakovMake bn2dec work on "SIXTY_FOUR_BIT" platforms.
2007-02-08 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd -hmac option to dgst from 0.9.7 stable branch.
2006-12-24 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental streaming PKCS#7 support.