Reformat/tidy some of the ASN1 code.
[openssl.git] / crypto / asn1 /
2004-04-24 Dr. Stephen HensonReformat/tidy some of the ASN1 code.
2004-04-19 Geoff Thorpemake update
2004-04-19 Geoff Thorpe(oops) Apologies all, that last header-cleanup commit...
2004-03-28 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove obsolete files.
2004-03-27 Dr. Stephen HensonExtend OID config module format.
2004-03-23 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for certificate policy checking and...
2004-03-15 Richard LevitteConstify d2i, s2i, c2i and r2i functions and other...
2004-03-05 Dr. Stephen HensonCleanup ASN1 OID module when it exits.
2004-01-27 Richard LevitteAvoid signed vs. unsigned warnings (which are treated...
2003-12-27 Richard LevitteUse sh explicitely to run
2003-12-27 Richard LevitteUse BUF_strlcpy() instead of strcpy().
2003-11-10 Geoff ThorpeAvoid possible memory leaks in error-handling.
2003-11-10 Dr. Stephen HensonPrint out GeneralizedTime and UTCTime in ASN1_STRING_pr...
2003-10-29 Geoff ThorpeRemove a line that was causing redundant declarations.
2003-10-29 Geoff ThorpeA general spring-cleaning (in autumn) to fix up signed...
2003-09-30 Dr. Stephen HensonASN1 parse fix and release file changes.
2003-08-21 Dr. Stephen Hensonoutlen should be int * in out_utf8.
2003-05-21 Richard LevitteFix sign bugs.
2003-05-07 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd correct DN entry for serialNumber.
2003-04-10 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo.
2003-04-03 Richard LevitteCorrect a lot of printing calls. Remove extra arguments...
2003-03-20 Richard LevitteMake sure we get the definition of OPENSSL_NO_BIO and...
2003-03-20 Dr. Stephen HensonNew ASN1 macros to just implement and declare the new...
2003-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd entry for domainComponent so it is treated correctly.
2003-02-25 Dr. Stephen HensonFix indefinite length encoding so EOC correctly updates
2003-02-21 Bodo MöllerECPublicKey_set_octet_string and ECPublicKey_get_octet_...
2003-02-20 Dr. Stephen HensonOoops forgot to recognise V_ASN1_GENERALSTRING.
2003-02-18 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo.
2003-02-11 Dr. Stephen HensonGeneralString support in mini-ASN1 compiler
2003-01-24 Bodo MöllerFor ecdsa-with-SHA1, as for id-dsa-with-sha1, omit...
2003-01-24 Dr. Stephen HensonCheck return value of gmtime() and add error codes
2003-01-01 Richard LevitteMake sure the last character of the ASN.1 time string...
2002-12-29 Richard Levittemake update
2002-12-06 Andy PolyakovWorkaround for GCC-ia64 compiler bug.
2002-12-04 Bodo MöllerIn ECPKParameters_print, output the private key length...
2002-12-04 Dr. Stephen HensonMake ASN1_TYPE_get() work for V_ASN1_NULL type.
2002-12-03 Dr. Stephen HensonIn asn1_d2i_read_bio, don't assume BIO_read will
2002-11-28 Richard LevitteCleanse memory using the new OPENSSL_cleanse() function.
2002-11-27 Richard LevitteExtra ; removed.
2002-11-18 Richard LevitteAdd the ASN.1 structures and functions for CertificateP...
2002-11-15 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd SETWRAP modifier to ASN1 generate.
2002-11-14 Bodo Mölleruse new BIO_indent() function here as well
2002-11-13 Richard Levittefree() -> OPENSSL_free()
2002-11-13 Richard LevitteThis didn't get to the 0.9.8-dev thread...
2002-11-13 Ben LaurieSecurity fixes brought forward from 0.9.7.
2002-11-13 Ben LaurieFix warnings, makefile cockup.
2002-11-13 Dr. Stephen HensonOnly accept exact match for modifier or tag name
2002-11-12 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial ASN1 generation code. This can construct
2002-11-05 Dr. Stephen HensonCheck for NULL ASN1_ITEM when initializeing
2002-11-04 Bodo Möllerimplement and use new macros BN_get_sign(), BN_set_sign()
2002-10-20 Richard LevitteIn my extreme debug mode, gcc complains that 'static...
2002-10-14 Richard Levittemakedepend complains when a header file is included...
2002-10-09 Richard LevitteUse double dashes so makedepend doesn't misunderstand...
2002-10-06 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious Win32 fixes.
2002-10-06 Dr. Stephen HensonOops, remove old comment out debugging printf...
2002-10-06 Richard LevittePlease do not use C++ comments in C code.
2002-10-03 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious enhancements to PKCS#12 code, new
2002-10-03 Dr. Stephen HensonPreliminary streaming ASN1 encode support.
2002-08-30 Dr. Stephen HensonFix ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8: remove non sensical !*out...
2002-08-26 Bodo Möllerless specific interface for EC_GROUP_get_basis_type
2002-08-26 Bodo MöllerASN1 for binary curves
2002-08-23 Dr. Stephen HensonReinstate the check for invalid length BIT STRINGS,
2002-08-22 Dr. Stephen HensonMake -nameopt work in req and add support for -reqopt
2002-08-09 Bodo Möllermake update
2002-08-09 Bodo Mölleradd field type to text output
2002-08-09 Bodo MöllerAdd ECDH support.
2002-08-07 Bodo Mölleruse a generic EC_KEY structure (EC keys are not ECDSA...
2002-08-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix typo
2002-08-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix the ASN1 sanity check: correct header length
2002-07-30 Lutz JänickeOpenSSL Security Advisory [30 July 2002]
2002-07-30 Lutz Jänicke"make update"
2002-07-14 Bodo MöllerReplace 'ecdsaparam' commandline utility by 'ecparam'
2002-07-04 Bodo MöllerAES cipher suites are now official (RFC3268)
2002-06-27 Richard LevittePass CFLAG to dependency makers, so non-standard system...
2002-06-26 Bodo MöllerMake sure buffers are large enough even for weird param...
2002-06-18 Bodo MöllerImplement handling of EC parameter seeds (new functions
2002-06-14 Lutz JänickeSome more prototype fixes.
2002-06-13 Richard LevitteAdd support for DJGPP.
2002-06-13 Lutz JänickeAdd missing prototypes.
2002-06-12 Bodo Möllersimplify asn1_flag
2002-06-11 Ben LaurieFix warnings.
2002-06-10 Bodo Möllermove ECC ASN1 that is not specific to ECDSA into crypto...
2002-06-05 Richard LevitteIt's not good to have a pointer point at something...
2002-05-30 Richard LevitteCheck the return values where memory allocation failure...
2002-05-30 Bodo MöllerNew functions EC_POINT_point2bn(), EC_POINT_bn2point...
2002-05-29 Dr. Stephen HensonMake i2c_ASN1_BIT_STRING return the correct length.
2002-05-18 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd missing EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init call.
2002-04-26 Bodo MöllerFix crypto/asn1/a_sign.c so that 'parameters' is omitte...
2002-04-20 Richard LevitteDo not free p if it hasn't been used yet.
2002-04-12 Bodo MöllerECDSA representation bugfixes
2002-04-09 Bodo Möllerfix ECDSA handling
2002-03-14 Bodo MöllerFixes for 'no-hw' combined with 'no-SOME_CIPHER'.
2002-03-12 Dr. Stephen HensonFix various warnings when compiling with KRB5 code.
2002-03-08 Bodo MöllerEC curve stuff
2002-02-22 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake errors
2002-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2002-02-13 Bodo MöllerECDSA support
2002-02-03 Richard LevitteASN1_BIT_STRING_set_bit() didn't clear previously set...
2002-01-29 Lutz JänickeShut up compiler warnings for inconsistent declarations.
2002-01-18 Ben LaurieConstification, add config to /dev/crypto.