More indent fixes for STACK_OF
[openssl.git] / apps / cms.c
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellMore indent fixes for STACK_OF
2014-06-19 Hubert KarioDocument -trusted_first option in man pages and help.
2014-02-13 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd suppot for ASCII with CRLF canonicalisation.
2013-07-17 Dr. Stephen HensonCustom key wrap option for cms utility.
2013-06-21 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd -keyopt option to cms utility.
2012-06-19 Dr. Stephen Hensonoops, add -debug_decrypt option which was accidenatally...
2012-01-05 Bodo MöllerFix usage indentation
2011-09-23 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2347
2009-11-26 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental CMS password based recipient Info support.
2009-10-18 Dr. Stephen HensonUse new X509_STORE_set_verify_cb function instead of...
2009-07-27 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 1.0.0-stable
2009-04-20 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdates from 1.0.0-stable branch.
2008-07-13 Dr. Stephen HensonX509 verification fixes.
2008-06-04 Ben LaurieMore type-checking.
2008-05-01 Dr. Stephen HensonUse "cont" consistently in
2008-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonRevert argument swap change... oops CMS_uncompress...
2008-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonMake CMS_uncompress() argument order consistent with...
2008-04-10 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd additional parameter to CMS_final() to handle detac...
2008-04-09 Dr. Stephen HensonCorrect references to smime in cms app.
2008-03-28 Dr. Stephen HensonSigned receipt generation code.
2008-03-28 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport for verification of signed receipts.
2008-03-26 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd support for signed receipt request printout and...
2008-03-26 Dr. Stephen HensonSigned Receipt Request utility functions and option...
2008-03-24 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd support for CMS structure printing in cms utility.
2008-03-19 Dr. Stephen HensonAllow alternate eContentType oids to be set in cms...
2008-03-19 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd support for KEK decrypt in cms utility.
2008-03-19 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd support for KEKRecipientInfo in cms application.
2008-03-18 Dr. Stephen HensonMake 3DES default cipher in cms utility.
2008-03-18 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious tidies/fixes:
2008-03-16 Dr. Stephen HensonFix some warnings.
2008-03-15 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for enveloped data decrypt. Extent...
2008-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for Encrypted Data type generation.
2008-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonTypos.
2008-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonEncrypted Data type processing. Add options to cms...
2008-03-12 Dr. Stephen HensonAnd so it begins...