Rewrite parse_name
[openssl.git] / apps / apps.c
2015-04-29 Rich SalzRewrite parse_name
2015-04-29 Rich Salzuse isxdigit and apps_tohex
2015-04-29 Rich SalzRemove needless bio_err argument
2015-04-28 Rich Salzremove malloc casts
2015-04-27 Rich SalzSimplify parse_yesno; remove local variable
2015-04-24 Rich SalzBig apps cleanup (option-parsing, etc)
2015-04-16 Viktor DukhovniCode style: space after 'if'
2015-04-11 Rich Salzfree NULL cleanup 9
2015-03-25 Rich Salzfree NULL cleanup
2015-03-05 Matt CaswellUnchecked malloc fixes
2015-02-25 Matt CaswellAdd -no_alt_chains option to apps to implement the new
2015-02-10 Emilia KasperFix hostname validation in the command-line tool to...
2015-01-23 Rich Salzifdef cleanup part 3: OPENSSL_SYSNAME
2015-01-22 Rich Salzifdef cleanup, 2 remove OPENSSL_NO_SETVBUF_IONBF
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellMove more comments that confuse indent
2015-01-12 Rich SalzRT3548: Remove unsupported platforms
2015-01-06 Matt CaswellFurther comment amendments to preserve formatting prior...
2014-07-07 Viktor DukhovniUpdate API to use (char *) for email addresses and...
2014-07-05 Viktor DukhovniSet optional peername when X509_check_host() succeeds.
2014-06-27 Dr. Stephen HensonMemory leak and NULL dereference fixes.
2014-05-23 Martin KaiserAdd an NSS output format to sess_id to export to export...
2014-04-04 Dr. Stephen HensonUse correct length when prompting for password.
2014-02-25 Dr. Stephen HensonAvoid Windows 8 Getversion deprecated errors.
2013-11-14 Piotr SikoraFix compilation with no-nextprotoneg.
2013-01-19 Andy PolyakovImprove WINCE support.
2012-12-29 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake JPAKE work again, fix memory leaks
2012-12-13 Dr. Stephen HensonNew verify flag to return success if we have any certif...
2012-12-06 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd code to download CRLs based on CRLDP extension.
2012-12-05 Dr. Stephen HensonIntegrate host, email and IP address checks into X509_v...
2012-12-04 Dr. Stephen Hensoncheck mval for NULL too
2012-12-03 Dr. Stephen Hensonfix leak
2012-12-02 Dr. Stephen HensonNew option to add CRLs for s_client and s_server.
2012-12-02 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd option to get a certificate or CRL from a URL
2012-10-08 Dr. Stephen HensonNew functions to check a hostname email or IP address...
2012-08-03 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd suite B chain validation flags and associated verif...
2012-06-03 Ben LaurieVersion skew reduction: trivia (I hope).
2012-02-11 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2717
2012-02-10 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2710
2011-12-10 Dr. Stephen Hensonimplement -attime option as a verify parameter then...
2011-03-19 Richard LevitteAfter some adjustments, apply the changes OpenSSL 1...
2010-11-11 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2366
2010-09-05 Ben LaurieFixes to NPN from Adam Langley.
2010-07-28 Ben LaurieAdd Next Protocol Negotiation.
2010-06-12 Ben LaurieFix warnings.
2010-05-27 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2262
2010-04-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2220
2010-02-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd -trusted_first option and verify flag
2010-02-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonallow setting of verify names in command line utilities...
2009-10-31 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd option to allow in-band CRL loading in verify utili...
2009-07-27 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 1.0.0-stable
2009-06-29 Dr. Stephen HensonAllow setting of verify depth in verify parameters...
2009-06-26 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 1.0.0-stable.
2009-06-17 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1956
2009-05-13 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2009-04-26 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 1.0.0-stable.
2009-04-04 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdates from 1.0.0-stable
2009-03-12 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2008-11-24 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable-branch.
2008-11-16 Ben LaurieIntegrate J-PAKE and TLS-PSK. Increase PSK buffer size...
2008-11-12 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2008-11-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix warnings about mismatched prototypes, undefined...
2008-10-27 Dr. Stephen HensonFix warnings and various issues.
2008-10-26 Ben LaurieAdd JPAKE.
2008-09-01 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for delta CRLs. If "use deltas" flag...
2008-08-13 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for CRL path validation. This supports...
2008-08-12 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport for policy mappings extension.
2008-07-30 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for alternative CRL issuing certificates.
2008-05-31 Dr. Stephen HensonStop const mismatch warning in VC++.
2008-05-26 Ben LaurieLHASH revamp. make depend.
2008-04-17 Lutz JänickeFix incorrect return value in apps/apps.c:parse_yesno()
2008-03-16 Geoff ThorpeFix a nasty cast issue that my compiler was choking on.
2008-01-14 Dr. Stephen Henson<strings.h> does not exist under WIN32.
2008-01-12 Ben LaurieMissing headers.
2008-01-03 Dr. Stephen HensonNetware support.
2007-09-08 Ben LaurieTypo? Why did this work, anyway?
2006-05-12 Dr. Stephen HensonIn interactive mode only config OpenSSL once.
2006-04-12 Ulf Möllerdeclare as in prototype
2006-04-09 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd RSA ctrl for padding mode, add ctrl support in...
2006-04-09 Dr. Stephen HensonFix typo. Add EVP_PKEY_CTX control function for later...
2006-04-08 Dr. Stephen HensonReformat pkeyutl.c, add support for verify operation...
2006-03-15 Nils Larschfix problems found by coverity: remove useless code
2005-11-27 Richard LevitteWhen using POSIXly functions, we need to define _POSIX_...
2005-11-06 Andy PolyakovEliminate VC compiler warning.
2005-11-06 Andy PolyakovRevive app_tminterval for Netware.
2005-11-06 Andy PolyakovRevive app_tminterval for vxworks.
2005-11-06 Andy PolyakovRevive app_tminterval for VMS.
2005-11-06 Andy PolyakovThe typos never stop. Fix one in apps/apps.c.
2005-11-06 Andy PolyakovFix newly introduced typos and warnings in ./apps.
2005-11-06 Andy PolyakovCollect timing procedures in apps/apps.c. It's a bit...
2005-11-04 Andy PolyakovEliminate remaining calls to stat in apps/apps.c and...
2005-11-04 Andy PolyakovEliminate dependency on read/write/stat in apps under...
2005-11-03 Andy PolyakovDisable BIO_s_fd on CE and disable fd:N as password...
2005-08-31 Dr. Stephen HensonIntegrated support for PVK files.
2005-08-21 Dr. Stephen HensonCommand line support for RSAPublicKey format.
2005-08-20 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove ASN1_METHOD code replace with new ASN1 alternative.
2005-07-16 Nils Larschmake
2005-07-01 Nils Larschinitialize newly allocated data
2005-06-27 Andy PolyakovFix typos in apps/apps.c
2005-04-19 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious Win32 and other fixes for warnings and compilat...